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As stated, for sale is my TOJ QDR. Black lamb with black hardware. I'm shipping from Korea, and the shipping price is included in the asking price. Asking price is based on cost to ship to the States. If you would like it shipped elsewhere, let me know. Jacket is basically a size 48 with some length added. Jacket measurements: Shoulders: 17.3" Pit to pit: 20.5" Mid: 18.5" Waist: 19" Body length, front: 23" Body length, back: 25" Sleeve length: 27" Check the fit pics...
Just got my 4-zip MDR this afternoon, snapped a couple quick pics in the bathroom, sorry for shitty quality. The lamb is significantly thinner than my QDR which I'm a little disappointed about, but hey. I think it fits pretty well.
Looks good to me too, is there something I'm missing? Edit: I read your posts too, obviously. But in the photographs you posted, I honestly think the jacket looks fine. You might have to get someone else to take photos from behind in order to show is what you mean... ...I hate to say this because I really feel for you, but maybe you think it's a lot worse than it really is? Obviously how you feel about the jacket is very important too.
You're a good kid, Cole.
Shit yes, I ordered mine on June 18th -which means its probably not far off either!!...or is it?
Wow, shit got heated up in here. I can sympathise with you, migsy999. Placing an order then seeing other people who ordered the same jacket in the same colour way as you after you did post fits without having a tracking number would be pretty shit. I don't think TOJ has terrible customer service. Have you ever emailed them and been ignored? Or have you received a reply to every email? Charly doesn't mince words, he's straight to the point. I don't see this as rude,...
Thanks for the pics. No cracks in the leather I'm assuming? Looking at the inside right toe in the photo where they are boxed, can't make it out fully. How are the soles holding up? Also quick question on sizing... what do you wear in other shoes? I'm usually a 42 but can size up or down depending...
Are these the 'work boot' in black, with the wooden sole? Any chance of some better pictures?
What are your measurements? Height and weight?
There's been nothing said to indicate otherwise so far.
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