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Probably best to email the guys at TOJ and ask them.
Has anyone heard anything about the lunar terra arktos being re-released in black at some point?
Justo, is that the black lamb? I'm waiting on mine in anticipation (although have been drooling over the recent dark brown goat pics too...) Fit is spot on, looks great.
Everything is better when you lift.
Looks like the imageshack server is down at the moment or something, try again in a bit I guess. I'll check tomorrow.
Sure, everyone's gutted about the end of days. TOJ jackets are amazing, and I know that everyone in this thread is disappointed about it, myself included.Having said that, why would I not want the tote if its supposed to come with the full leathers? It's a dope wee bag.
Yeah, I got an MDR. I thought they must've run out of totes or something, I'll email them.
You got a TOJ tote with your jacket? Jelly, mine didn't come with one.Also, nice fit.
Still have my blacked out QDR listed here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/361226/toj-qdr-temple-of-jawnz-quilted-double-rider-48 Will trade for something in dark brown goat or whiskey calf (+ cash my end) around size 47-48.
More pics up here: http://imageshack.us/g/1/10308763/ Was supposed to borrow a DSLR and take pics, but my friends forgot to bring it over, so unfortunately stuck with my cellphone for the moment... anyway, included some of the jacket open, and tried to take some of the jacket itself to show some grain, etc. Some of the pics of the jacket on the ground have a greenish hue, from light reflected off the ground. Don't worry, the jacket isn't green at all, it's black as black.
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