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Thanks so much for your ninja searching! Would've definitely copped the one on Rakuten but it's sold out. XS is way too small for me... I saw the all black colorway but I don't like the branding on the back.Far too many soft-shell options, agreed...The search continues...
Great thread. I'm very new to techwear, and am looking to pick up a softshell. After looking through this thread for a while I can't find any (current) suggestions for decent mid-range ones. Can anyone recommend anything that runs about $200-300? I discovered this beauty (pic related) while reading up, but am gutted to find out that I'm a year late to the party for it... As an aside, if anyone has a lead on where to get one please PM me! (And apologies if this isn't the...
Wanted: Reigning Champ Softshell. I believe it's called the 'Alpine Parka' and is from 2012. Sorry I don't have more info, but here is a picture of what I'm after. I'm after a medium, might consider a large. Either color (black / blue) is fine. Let me know if you have one for sale!
Does anyone know what the fill is in the MA-1? I emailed the guys at TOJ to ask but they must be super busy because they haven't gotten back to me. Contemplating it, that jacket is seriously growing on me...
Honestly, it varies from jacket to jacket. My last lamb TOJ was incredibly thick and heavy, it could take a beating. My new one is a lot thinner and I find myself consciously taking a lot more care of it for fear that it will damage easily. I was actually pretty disappointed when I first opened the package and felt how light the jacket was compared to my last one. I'm really hoping I get thicker leather for the moto I'm waiting on currently. I think the black lamb for a...
Probably best to email the guys at TOJ and ask them.
Has anyone heard anything about the lunar terra arktos being re-released in black at some point?
Justo, is that the black lamb? I'm waiting on mine in anticipation (although have been drooling over the recent dark brown goat pics too...) Fit is spot on, looks great.
Everything is better when you lift.
Looks like the imageshack server is down at the moment or something, try again in a bit I guess. I'll check tomorrow.
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