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Out of curiosity, when was the last time someone actually received a jacket?
Me too dude, I have such a boner for this...that's why I asked about the wallet menu. God it's sexy.Edit: it would be great in black, too. The coin pocket in any wallet is pretty non-functional for and notes only.
+ another for wallet measurements
Man, wallets would be pretty killer. Would you offer a choice of leather and the option to have more card slots instead of the coin purse on the zip wallet like when they were in production? Or would it be standardised? Probably doesn't matter tbh, would cop regardless. Fishtail would also be sick.
Any chance of getting the measurements of the actual jeans? I know they can vary a lot
@Potsnu -valid points, man. I totally get why you were hesitant to post box fresh pics now after seeing the MDR before and after breaking in that you posted. That jacket looks fucking great, man. I assume the suede BCDR will break in similarly. Fuck the haters. Also, for what it's worth, I have 5" cuffs on both my jackets and it is perfect IMO -just enough room for a watch when zipped up, but very snug. I usually unzip my cuffs about halfway though, but I don't really...
Goddammit man, so many people would insta-cop this if it was up for sale.
He mentioned earlier that he bought two to make sure he could size properly, I believe he's selling the other one.
Yeah I got the $215 retail ones. It's really strange that the $285 ones are sized so differently...they have the same size chart on the Isaora website. Maybe the sizes do fluctuate quite a bit, like Tigerprawn mentioned. Could it be just your pair? Just curious, what are your height and waist measurements that the large is too big and you need a medium? Trying to suss if the two models are actually sized differently (which would seem odd), or if Caveat's pair were just an...
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