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The huge gap between the June / July orders last year is strange, and a little worrying imo. I placed two orders last year in those two months (or maybe it was two June orders, I can't remember exact dates) and both jackets arrived late last year. I sent one back earlier this year for repairs and have been waiting on that for around 4 months now I guess. But the discrepancy shouldn't be that large...something had to happen there. Even with the increased orders slowing...
Yeah, all I asked for was an approximate eta and if my jacket had been bumped to the back of the queue just for a simple repair job. Been 3 months since I sent it back and didn't think it was unreasonable to check up on it, but emailed him a couple weeks ago with no reply. Through the ordering process he was always really prompt, so I guess I assumed he just wasn't replying to the majority of stuff these days. I guess he probably gets swamped with mail, but it's still a...
He is? News to me.
Damn, this doesn't bode well for me. I received my MDR a while back but there was an issue with the sleeve so I sent it back for repairs. That was just over 3 months ago now and I'm getting antsy. Didn't realise I'd have to wait so long just for a repair job. I know yours is a new jacket but I thought in situations like this you'd jump the queue.
Must've missed those posts, good to know the jackets are still trickling out though. Thanks.
Seriously, though. I mean, it seems like it's been months of people speculating but I can't actually remember the last time I saw someone post about receiving anything.
Out of curiosity, when was the last time someone actually received a jacket?
Me too dude, I have such a boner for this...that's why I asked about the wallet menu. God it's sexy.Edit: it would be great in black, too. The coin pocket in any wallet is pretty non-functional for me...cards and notes only.
+ another for wallet measurements
Man, wallets would be pretty killer. Would you offer a choice of leather and the option to have more card slots instead of the coin purse on the zip wallet like when they were in production? Or would it be standardised? Probably doesn't matter tbh, would cop regardless. Fishtail would also be sick.
New Posts  All Forums: