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I ordered an MDR in June 2013, must've been before whatever happened to delay production because it arrived later that year (around November if I remember correctly). Unfortunately I had to send it back for repairs, and this clusterfuck has had me waiting over a year to have it fixed. Obviously Charly hasn't replied to my email asking if he has an estimation of a time frame for it (I read here that he's working for free so don't blame him -props to you Charly if you're...
The huge gap between the June / July orders last year is strange, and a little worrying imo. I placed two orders last year in those two months (or maybe it was two June orders, I can't remember exact dates) and both jackets arrived late last year. I sent one back earlier this year for repairs and have been waiting on that for around 4 months now I guess. But the discrepancy shouldn't be that large...something had to happen there. Even with the increased orders slowing...
Yeah, all I asked for was an approximate eta and if my jacket had been bumped to the back of the queue just for a simple repair job. Been 3 months since I sent it back and didn't think it was unreasonable to check up on it, but emailed him a couple weeks ago with no reply. Through the ordering process he was always really prompt, so I guess I assumed he just wasn't replying to the majority of stuff these days. I guess he probably gets swamped with mail, but it's still a...
He is? News to me.
Damn, this doesn't bode well for me. I received my MDR a while back but there was an issue with the sleeve so I sent it back for repairs. That was just over 3 months ago now and I'm getting antsy. Didn't realise I'd have to wait so long just for a repair job. I know yours is a new jacket but I thought in situations like this you'd jump the queue.
Must've missed those posts, good to know the jackets are still trickling out though. Thanks.
Seriously, though. I mean, it seems like it's been months of people speculating but I can't actually remember the last time I saw someone post about receiving anything.
Out of curiosity, when was the last time someone actually received a jacket?
Me too dude, I have such a boner for this...that's why I asked about the wallet menu. God it's sexy.Edit: it would be great in black, too. The coin pocket in any wallet is pretty non-functional for me...cards and notes only.
+ another for wallet measurements
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