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Self Edge x Strike Gold - Wavy Standard - Slim Tapered - SEXSG24-09 Size 31 $330 shipped   These are in brand new condition - only tried on and cuffed briefly. I'm too fat for them and past the exchange period.   Will sell for $330 shipped or trade for the Straight Tapered version in size 32.
Got them off of eBay.i
Thank you all for your input, it has been really insightful.   More information about these shoes: -there are no markings besides the LINE 14 depressed into the insole and the stamp on the leather sole -there are no stamps that you typically see inside the shoe with information on size, brand, product line, or where the shoes were mad   There are no markings or indications that these shoes are MMM besides the insole. The quality and construction on these...
bump!     Nobody has experience with MMM dress shoes?
Does anybody have more information on MMM dress shoes? What about Line 14 shoes? These don't look like the other MMM dress shoes that I have seen online and I have been unable to find any Line 14 shoes online either.   Anybody have experience with similar MMM shoes or have more information for me?  
I am looking for more information about Maison Martin Margiela shoes and more specifically about this pair of shoes from MMM's Line 14. This is my first MMM product and I haven't seen any Line 14 shoes that look like this pair anywhere else online. Does anybody have more information regarding this pair of shoes? Experiences with MMM in general?              
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