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 Thanks for the reply! I figure it would be a good layering piece, as a knit, I do not think it stands up to winter temperature, more of autumn or spring transition
Great look and combination Anyway how warm is the GRP? Been eyeing one of those, but seems like the blue is sold out
Hi Mike   Any clue on when will the FF Rivets and pre order speckled chambray shirts be in??   Looking forward to receiving them as the temperature keeps on dropping.
I wear a 36 and III for SS Rock Coat for those asking.   Rock as mentioned have narrow shoulders, so some might want to size up.   At first I thought mine were abit tight, but after wearing for the last 2 weeks, I am very comfortable with it. Its a Great Coat. Get it at the FC price and its a steal.     BTW does that means that Grey S and IM S is too big for me? = (
NMWA has truly amazing selection of items, top notch customer service.   I think for those that is not in the US of A is even more important, as we can enjoy the retail experience which we can't in our place of residence.   Just gotten the SS Rock Coat, and SS scarf. The Rock Coat is amazing, even my wife is singing compliments and when she tries on, it looks great on her as well! Scarf is the nicest one I have so far, and I cant wait to rock the rock and the...
Kopped the Oxblood   And now trying to forget it ever happen, so I do not have to spend the next 5 months pinning for a shoe! (very unbecoming)   V nice make up btw. The Blue looks awesome, and those still waiting on the sideline should not!
Congrats Jason!   Your ties are wonderful and your family beautiful.   Its a pity I wear less tie now with my new job. But your new collection is really really tempting!
My wallet is so glad that you do not stock any womens wear........
Just a shout out to the wonderful NMWA team, esp to Kyle.   I got my package in less than a week, fuss free and I stay in Shanghai! This is by far the fastest package from my online indulgence.   The Oliver Spencer Alpha Jacket is SICK. Anyone still on the fence, do not wait. Just a cautionary note, the sleeves are long, but I suppose its a casual jacket, rolling up the sleeves will up the SWD creed.
 I got on late, but managed to get two Carminas for my wife during the final sales, Too bad there was not any more sizes left for clothings and stuff  Thanks for the reply! Will try to bring it on next few days, but a month onwards, its going to hit 39 degrees C here, boots is for the real brave =p
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