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Congrats Jason!   Your ties are wonderful and your family beautiful.   Its a pity I wear less tie now with my new job. But your new collection is really really tempting!
My wallet is so glad that you do not stock any womens wear........
Just a shout out to the wonderful NMWA team, esp to Kyle.   I got my package in less than a week, fuss free and I stay in Shanghai! This is by far the fastest package from my online indulgence.   The Oliver Spencer Alpha Jacket is SICK. Anyone still on the fence, do not wait. Just a cautionary note, the sleeves are long, but I suppose its a casual jacket, rolling up the sleeves will up the SWD creed.
 I got on late, but managed to get two Carminas for my wife during the final sales, Too bad there was not any more sizes left for clothings and stuff  Thanks for the reply! Will try to bring it on next few days, but a month onwards, its going to hit 39 degrees C here, boots is for the real brave =p
Just received the Carmina Jodhpur Boots few days ago. They rock!!   Really not sure when to wear them though, in the current hot and humid weather I guess it will need to wait a few months before seeing some decent wear.   My Epaulet wardrobe is expanding real fast, even if they have to ship halfway across the world to me, well done Epaulet team!! I really miss the ladies section, a pity as I do not know where to shop online for my wife's wardrobe, really hope they...
 I have the same as well. Love the looks of it and its actually much breezier than most of my other polos due to the open weave. Making it great for warmer weather wear. Wearing it with Bareana on weekends is totally cool
  Hi CC   Welcome back to the forum! Always looking forward to your enlightening posts.   Can you elaborate slightly your fondness for Zeiss, there are other lens companies like Hoya and Seiko, how do they compare to Zeiss for glasses??   Thanks!
Hi Kent   I am looking forward to purchase some more polos from you. But the previous batch one of the polos (burnt orange) is piling heavily, the two other, purple and teal is going on fine. Any other colors are experiencing the same issue?   This is the second summer I am using. Though I love the color, but I have a good number of polos, so its not an issue of overused or improper wash.   Kelwatches  
The Python for my wife arrived yesterday and its AMAZING!   Thanks EP team. Considering getting other pieces for her =p   Would consider a picture, but I think my wife would look at me weird if I start taking pictures of her shoes....  
Lol how did you know I bought the pythons?   Any advice for maintenance seeing that you have that amazing carmina in burgundy python
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