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As a father (kid is 4 years old) DO NOT EVER let them come close to your Eidos! Kids are magical really, and they also do have magical destructive powers on clothes, watches, documents AND handphones ..............
Thanks, I will do that on my next trip to HK, hopefully in a week or so. Hope to dial in my sizing so that my options are open. Its a pity though I love Eidos outerwear, but I might be moving back to Singapore soon, and my outerwear selection sadly needs no more addition.
Hi Nick!   I am pleasantly surprised to come across Eidos in Lane Crawford in Shanghai of all places!   Finally have a chance to try on some of your wears and is still deliberating over the Ragosta Jacket (field jacket?)   Is the sizing for Asia market consistent to the ones in NMWA? I have tried size 48 for sport suit and size M (Ragosta) according to the SA and they seem even a tad small, whereas according to NMWA sizing I should be a 46?   There is a 50% or so...
Its sad to see the Wilshire go   I have been wearing the Kaihara one for over a year, one of my most worn and well fitted/made pair! Picked up the grey one (still in store to be sent with my EFF Driggs) at the last sales.   Bummed to see that there will be no more incoming, and darn should have waited abit longer when pulling the trigger on the grey =p     Nevertheless I am going to stock up and order another blue (hopefully getting ring ring or cone mills)
        This is my selection that will last me through 10xwinters   Document fishtail parker, GRP Shawl Sweater, Begg and Co scarf , Buttero
Was afraid of that, there are so many nice Eidos models, My wallet is singing relief though =p
Can I know your height? Looking hard at some Eidos stuff, but worried that my 1.68m height would not be able to pull of a 46R
Hi Roman   I had missed out the first kickstarter for guys and had shown my wife your upcoming selection   She is very impressed and I would like to pledge 2 items, the cross body purse and the soft tote.   But I never used the kickstarter program before, I cant seems to choose 2 of them together?   Wish you all the best for this new collection! =p   Kelvin
Just gotten my Loden Tennis Trainer and Cone Mills Doyle. Too warm to wear the Doyle now, but the Loden Trainer is crazy good.   Slight foot pinching when worn initially, but it soften after some wears.   Mocha and Saddle are soooo common, I am glad I have gotten the Loden, Go team Loden!!!
Just want to give Kudos to Epaulet and Mike regarding the Shell Sneakers issue.   I had a preorder on the the burgundy and now is struggling to see if a Loden sneakers would have a place for my shoe rotation (v small rotation)   Anyway, the one thing that stood out to me is that Mike took the effort and cost to fly to Portugal to check out the factory, material, actual construction line. Alot of times, retailers do not make that effort, even big names might just place...
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