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As if 💩 https://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/sep/17/consignment-stores-upscale-designer-clothes-resale-trend
Yay! A little late, but these are my additions...
Everyone who was worried about Playdice, I messaged him and got a reply! I copied his reply below: Im fine, I just don't have time for the thread yet, business ramped up, and my kids are taking more time out of me than i ever anticipate. whenever i have had the free time i just don't feel like taking pictures of stuff because im simply too exhausted! feel free to share this message with the thread if you want lol @PLaydice
Found this!
This was at a completely different store! Reversible with a leather collar! Yay for me again! On my phone so I can't spoiler, or at least I do t know how to.
Haven't posted any finds in a while, but I found this recently. Yay for me!
BMW's here are only $7.99!
Two incredibly rare finds!
Seems she was doing the same thing at her job PRIOR to Goodwill too?http://www.citynews.ca/2011/03/17/tchc-ceo-keiko-nakamura-fired/
Totally! We all are on board with those ideas. Waiting at the terminal to board now. Gonna go up to the mall first to shop for some retail trainers since one of the soles of my Nikes is totally peeling off, just like what happened to the Nikes I was wearing on my Middle East trip last year! Dumped those there and a porter scooped them up and asked if he could keep them. New trainers today will NOT be Nikes!
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