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Been a minute, but I'm stumped as to what skin these are. Any idea anyone? TIA!
Yay, now that I'm finally over being poisoned for the Holidays, I opened my Secret Santa gift from FUTUREMYTH! Thank you for all of the items and sorry for the delay in posting them, but the last two Holiday Seasons have not really worked out for me! Drugged in 2013 and poisoned in 2014! This is what happens when you eat out everyday! Yay, looking forward to 2015!   2 cool SCs (1 traditional and 1 trendy, perfect for those times when I feel like a nut and when I don't),...
Yay! I finally had time to pick up my Secret Santa present! I'll open it this weekend and post what's in the Large Box!
"The name of Josiah France has been connected with cloth making at Honley, Huddersfield, since 1880 when he rented one of the original mills in the village.  Cloth making at Honley goes back to 1344 and Josiah France himself came from a family already well-established in the days of handloom and cottage weaving. Over the years the company prospered and expanded, changing first of all from water power and hand loom weaving to steam, and later to all-electric power.  A...
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