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A little Ralph Lauren Polo history 😊: "The biggest logos became a semaphore for social status: the cross flag, the crown. The skiier jacket became the most sought-after Polo piece. It accrued a nickname – the suicide jacket – partly because of the nature of off-piste skiing but also because people would kill for it." https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/shortcuts/2016/oct/17/how-polo-became-one-of-the-most-shoplifted-labels-in-history
Yay! YouTube to the rescue! 😊https://youtu.be/Jod0_cqfan8
As if 💩 https://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/sep/17/consignment-stores-upscale-designer-clothes-resale-trend
Yay! A little late, but these are my additions...
Everyone who was worried about Playdice, I messaged him and got a reply! I copied his reply below: Im fine, I just don't have time for the thread yet, business ramped up, and my kids are taking more time out of me than i ever anticipate. whenever i have had the free time i just don't feel like taking pictures of stuff because im simply too exhausted! feel free to share this message with the thread if you want lol @PLaydice
Found this!
This was at a completely different store! Reversible with a leather collar! Yay for me again! On my phone so I can't spoiler, or at least I do t know how to.
Haven't posted any finds in a while, but I found this recently. Yay for me!
BMW's here are only $7.99!
Two incredibly rare finds!
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