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didnt know purple label was at goodwill, and whats a goodwill?
ha! no, i forgot about this site and when i noticed it the most recent thread i decided to check up on it, glad i kept you kids entertained and busy. anyways back on track. i decided to go with wool grey flannel. and my room is much cleaner now thanks.
thats what you bitches are give advice. ill swipe the card mane
First of all children, i recently just moved so everything was thrown around and being put back. second of all those are pjs not freaking underwear. third of all who cares if im messy when im wearing 3k worth of  custom clothing. 
Dedicated to the highest level of quality, Ralph Lauren Purple Label is the ultimate expression of luxury for today's modern gentleman. Rappers  quote the brand in there songs, that's how important it is. The shirts fit and feel perfectly, nothing compares. I highly recommend everything in the line. 
Alright thanks dudes, now I have that tough decision of returning them or keeping them:foo:
Hey guys   I have a Polo Ralph Lauren double breasted blazer blue and i wanted to get blue pants to go with it so i ordered some Ralph Lauren Purple Label linen trousers. The pants arent the same that okay?    
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