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Thank you. Any others for Rome? =}
Thank you. Anybody else?
Hi, all. I will be in both cities and wanted advice on a tailor (in either Rome or Florence) where prices are reasonable. I realize I will be ridiculed for this statement, but I'd like something like a 2/120s (good, but not top of the line) fabric for 200 euros. Is this realistic? If not, should I buy something there off the rack and get it altered? Which brands/stores come to mind?
actually, that is a good idea. or i guess i could buy a thin down jacket and they could stitch the entire thing in? but wouldn't there be a noticeable line/partition between where the bottom of the jacket/vest ended and the rest of the coat?
Hi, all. I can't really find exactly what I want already made and was thinking of buying something like this: and having a tailor line it with goose down. Are there tailors that can actually do this or is this not really feasible? Thank you.
Hi, all. For the collar shown here: http://propercloth.com/collar-styles/president-spread-collar -1- They say the front collar band is 1.25". How does this compare with the typical mens dress shirt? About the same or a bit taller? -2- If one uses a front collar band height of 1.5", would two buttons be necessary? Thank you.
Hi, all. I am looking to buy some very high-quality plain white (solid poplin) men's shirting fabric for use in bedding (making pillowcases, if it matters). I called one fabric store in NYC that claimed to have stuff from Switzerland for $70/yard, but could/would not tell me the manufacturer. They also offered to order Thomas Mason, but that would be $120/yd -- out of my price range. For a similar price, I can get Acorn's top-of-the-line white shirting, which they say...
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