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Hi, all. For those looking to spend no more than 100E per shirt, what would you say is the best option for off the rack dress shirts now? I would need something with a fairly tall collar. So far, it seems like Boggi (at 94E) is one good lead. Thank you.
Thank you. Anything specifically in Rome?
Heading back to Rome this summer. Any new recs for a tailor to make a man's shirt? I think I might try Caleffi again (assuming the price in Euros hasn't changed, it might actually be affordable this time around). Thank you.
Thank you. Any others for Rome? =}
Thank you. Anybody else?
Hi, all. I will be in both cities and wanted advice on a tailor (in either Rome or Florence) where prices are reasonable. I realize I will be ridiculed for this statement, but I'd like something like a 2/120s (good, but not top of the line) fabric for 200 euros. Is this realistic? If not, should I buy something there off the rack and get it altered? Which brands/stores come to mind?
actually, that is a good idea. or i guess i could buy a thin down jacket and they could stitch the entire thing in? but wouldn't there be a noticeable line/partition between where the bottom of the jacket/vest ended and the rest of the coat?
Hi, all. I can't really find exactly what I want already made and was thinking of buying something like this: and having a tailor line it with goose down. Are there tailors that can actually do this or is this not really feasible? Thank you.
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