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This just in... Jaja starts at 220E per shirt, three-shirt minimum. Siviglia starts at 240E, six-shirt minimum.
Caleffi (in Rome) is either 220E or 230E now, with a two-shirt minimum first order. I'm just wondering if there's anyone comparable in Naples (or Rome) that's also a bit cheaper.
Hi, all. I will be in Rome and Naples next week. My maximum budget is about 200E. I know Caleffi in Rome is around this price-point, but who else comes to mind when it comes to shirts in either city? Will Naples be a better value, or not really? Thank you.
My foot is slightly wider than normal. Overall, are Carmina's shoes a good option? (I realize they only come in one width). Thank you.
My foot is slightly wider than normal, with a somewhat flat arch. Do you think Carmina shoes would work for me? I am looking for a formal black one. Thank you.
Hi, all. I'm new to the world of shoes and would appreciate someone explaining something to me. In this photo from Edward Green, note the profile view of this shoe, especially as it goes from toe to center: Now, look at a very similar one from Carmina, The angle from toe to the center seems to be much steeper (unless I'm seeing things) in the Carmina -- i.e., the center portion appears taller? Or perhaps the Carmina having a taller heel, and thus to compensate it... They claim to be the exclusive retailer of Testa fabrics. Has anyone ever bought anything from them or heard of them before? Thank you.
For the Presidential Spread collar, may I ask the rear (i.e. outer) collar height? I think the site says 1 5/8", but I can't tell if that refers to the rear collar inner band, which tends to be a bit shorter than the outer one. Thank you.
I guess what I'm asking is: The 2/160s has MORE cotton threads in it, right? In other words, higher thread count = more cotton, no? If so, how could the weight of a 2/160s fabric be LESS than the weight of a 2/140s fabric? (Both apparently use Giza 45 cotton - i.e., same grade)
Assuming the same grade of cotton is used, how can one fabric be Weight: 100gms/ Yarn: 2/140's x 2/140's and then another fabric be Weight: 85gms/ Yarn: 2/160's x 2/160's Wouldn't the higher thread count (assuming all else is equal) result in a heavier fabric, or what am I missing/forgetting?
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