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I am looking to get a tuxedo for my upcoming wedding and then use thereafter maybe two-three times a year. I have a well recommended tailor from a friend in NYC that can do a MTM half-canvas super 110's for $545 or I can go with the Benjamin Sartorial, which is full-canvas super 140's for $575. I am wondering if that additional step up in quality is going to be worth it for something I plan to use for the long-term? I am assuming I will have some further alterations on the...
Thank you for the extremely fast response Jackie/Gdot. Taking your advice, I will just use a light polish for now and keep the color the same for the summer and see how they grow on me, then when late fall/winter rolls around if I still want to darken them I can, knowing that it won't cause any irreparable damage.  
I finally decided to join the forum and this is my first post and after realizing how depressing my current shoe situation was, I went out just bought a couple pairs of Allen Edmonds, one of which was the Finch in tan/leather. I was sort of surprised at the color when they arrived.   This is the shoe that I ordered off the AE site, I was expecting a brown, burnished look all the way through:           The shoes I received looked more like this, which...
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