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    ^ Nataku - picked up that number at Unique in Burnsville. Yeah, actually had a convo with a Nordstrom sales rep about Kuhlman stores back in the day... sounds like it was a decent place. Now that you mention it, I can see Etro.
"Tell PETA my mink is dragging on the floor..."       If you've got the cash, and feel you can pull off the look, go for it! More power to you.   As for "normal" winter jackets? Here's a good few that I like personally... I might just have to snag up that BR jacket...:       ^ That's the Banana Republic jacket I mentioned, the source is below - there's a good bunch at all sorts of price points in the...
Here's my .02 -    Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off Fifth, Neiman Marcus Last Call.   You can get killer deals and cheap tailoring if you're in the right store at the right time - case and point, my go-to Burberry (she's pictured in my avatar):   Italian-made, 100% Virgin Wool, navy, two button, side vent, lined trou, $1,995.00 retail. Happened to be in a Rack when I was looking for something cheaper to pick up, ended up grabbing her up. The tailor - 12 years of...
Gentlemen,   Though my time here has been short, I am posting my final find for the next two years.   Looking around a local thrift, I spotted a pattern in the SC section that sorta "popped," and I decided to pick it up. It was a full suit - pick stitching, ticket pocket, bright under collar melton, fully canvassed (90% positive), kissing buttons, lined trou, made in Italy, the whole nine yards - even the pockets were still stitched up. Heck, she fit me like a...
    ^ True professional right there!
    ^ Oh. My. GERSH. Real or not, if it's silk, I'd jump on it in a heartbeat.
    ^ I like that.    I do this purely out of habit (no idea why or where the habit was formed) - when ever I am standing or moving my jacket remains buttoned, when seated I unbutton. When seated, should the need to stand arise, no matter how short the amount of time or the reason (i.e.- shaking hands, woman leaves the table, etc.,) I automatically button back up.
  ^ Hahahah! Love it, +1.
  ^ Second tie and PS rock. Great pickups, in my mind!
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