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Just took my Kent Wang MTM suit to a tailor for some minor final adjustments (shorten sleeve a touch and take in the sides a little) and the tailor mentioned that it was one of the best online MTM fits she's ever seen!
   I'm about 5'6" 130 lbs
Here's a fit pic in the charcoal trial suit (size 34, standard 3.5" lapel). Since I'm a smaller guy, should I be opting for the narrow 2.75" lapels instead? The standard lapels look a bit wide on me. Thoughts?    
Can anyone comment on what the shrinkage is like on the slim fit OCBDs? I tried on a XS and it's just slightly too tight around the chest. The S is okay in the chest but way too blousey, might be better after a wash/dry...
I have a pair of APC NS in size 26 and am looking for something a little bit more relaxed up top, but with some taper. Would the Japan Blue Tapered 0401 in size 28 be a good choice? Thanks for the help.
I currently wear a size 26 in APC NS that fit me well, but I think they look a bit awkward with boots (I have skinny legs) and I was thinking about getting a pair of SL-100x in size 28. I'm basically looking for something that won't make my legs look super skinny, but I'm worried that they might be too big after stretched. Any comments? Or would I be better off just sizing up to a 27 in the NS?
Are the shirts new or used?
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