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Authenticity check please I'd appreciate any knowledge
Anyone shed some light on Derber? Found this coat w/ back pockets. J Press 3 Roll 2 Herringbone Tweed Dolce Gabbana Cotton/Linen 3 piece suit Is this the Caruso I'm looking for? Both linen, dual vented.
The Marinella was a separate stop, not wool though.These I got the day before
Tie game strong
A few things from today Winter is coming Varvatos Baller Shirts
In the words of Cube at the Rock n Roll HOF induction - Eazy Motherfuckin E!
Little Post O'alls haul
Few stops today
Trafalgar haul
Someone got rid of their Filson shirt collection x7 Gustin Goodness waxed Couple Nom De Guerre MacNeils Kicking Mule Workshop Selvedge Etro Lubium Double Vented Some Ties Remove before sex ..... Or knot
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