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Harry Lebow Paisley Blazer
5X Phineas Cole shirts           Breuer Tie       Doble RL Wool Tie  
Plaid Oshkosh Sportwear NWT       Hilditch & Key Donegal Tweed       
Found this awesome striped linen J Press Blazer- double vented, ticket pocket, surgeon cuffs, 3 roll 2,etc. But what is up with the sleeves? Has anybody seen this before? Made in 1960.
I saw a LUBIUM Double breasted suit w/ Loro Piana fabric. Made in Italy. Unvented however. Worth picking up - Yay or Nay?
Anybody aus Österreich know what's up with this? Is it a thing? Regardless, for $3.00 I wasn't leaving it.      
Some pants finds today:   Hermes Wool Pinstripe Flat Front       More Hermes       Hermes Flat Front Chalk Stripe         Little help with these- the pant legs zip.       Brioni Sport pleated     Hermes Cashmere Flat Front       Dolce Gabana     Gucci   Jitrois soft leather     Michael Tapia     Hermes Velvet Flat Front     All pants are Size 36
New Posts  All Forums: