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Can I get an authenticity check- real?      
Harry Lebow Paisley Blazer
5X Phineas Cole shirts           Breuer Tie       Doble RL Wool Tie  
Plaid Oshkosh Sportwear NWT       Hilditch & Key Donegal Tweed       
Found this awesome striped linen J Press Blazer- double vented, ticket pocket, surgeon cuffs, 3 roll 2,etc. But what is up with the sleeves? Has anybody seen this before? Made in 1960.
I saw a LUBIUM Double breasted suit w/ Loro Piana fabric. Made in Italy. Unvented however. Worth picking up - Yay or Nay?
Anybody aus Österreich know what's up with this? Is it a thing? Regardless, for $3.00 I wasn't leaving it.      
New Posts  All Forums: