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Couple of finds: I would rock this if it was my size, sadly 42R. Madras.   Allen Edmonds McClains
Is this the Brioni I'm looking for? Or this one? Real or fake?
What sucks more? Going out and finding nothing or finding this-     only to find this-
Thanks Capn!
Do Tweed sportcoats sell all year round? I have many to sell but wondering if I need to wait till next fall?
Found this Samuelsohn suit at SA. I can find no visible signs of wear ie. inside the pantsare pristine. Small check pattern, Why couldn't I be a 48 Tall?? ( Available)
Is this bad boy anything? I do feel like putting it on and yodeling. Beautiful loden green.
Some brand new AE MacNeil Black Shell Cordovan I believe ...   Oh yeah, there should be a dot between the 3 and the 9 on the price tag. No comments about the dirty carpet either- it's at work.
Rogers Peet Tweed Herringbone SC Sz 39
Couple of things today......   Paul Stuart White smoking jacket   Orvis Made in England Harris Tweed   Zanella Flat Front Benny Pants   Ferragamo Tie   L.L. Bean Parka
New Posts  All Forums: