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A few things from today Winter is coming Varvatos Baller Shirts
In the words of Cube at the Rock n Roll HOF induction - Eazy Motherfuckin E!
Little Post O'alls haul
Few stops today
Trafalgar haul
Someone got rid of their Filson shirt collection x7 Gustin Goodness waxed Couple Nom De Guerre MacNeils Kicking Mule Workshop Selvedge Etro Lubium Double Vented Some Ties Remove before sex ..... Or knot
Some ties   Quindici, Wool Gucci, Pink     Borrelli,Zegna, Swaine Adeney     Hermesx2, Zegna , Breuer     Lands End Seven Fold     Ricci , Zegnax2, Vitaliano     Some RL Polo     Trafalgar Braces     SuitSupply x 2, Duchamp     T & A     Maybe not brag worthy but I'll always pick up seersucker   Also not bragging but love the patterns   Any ballers out there- limited edition All-Star warm ups     And some Zegna...
Thread goes silent in anticipation
I was wondering who won that EBTH auction
Found one of these today as well. NWT.
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