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Has anyone seen any shops in the states with the Blue Chambray Shop Coat worn by Marcial in Look #3 of the "Don't Hold Me Close" Feature? http://nepenthesny.com/dhmc/ It's a beautiful piece that reminds me of the Duster Jacket from last season (SS14) but with a simpler design which I find more attractive. 
Some great pieces up for sale. Keep up the great work Mr. Robot!
Worn for 2 years with 4-5 washes.  Crotch blowout happened last winter (FW13) and it was professionally repaired by a local seamstress. Pictures of the repair have been pictured below.  Slim fitting jeans that no longer fit me. Purchased from The Curatory in Raleigh, NC for $275. Beautifully faded denim. 
Lightly used perennial classic from Post O'alls in a lightweight fabric in Olive Drab. Size Small - fits relatively true to size Made in New York City, NY Sleeves have been professionally shortened by 1" - Raglan sleeves - therefore difficult to provide accurate measurement of the sleeve length. Purchased from End Clothing for $345 in SS14 Message me if you would like any more information
Worn 5 times for a few hours at a time. Purchased for $370 from Gentry NYC in SS14 Highly quality suede material Handmade in New Zealand for Nepenthes Goes great with anything under the Nepenthes umbrella (Engineered Garments, Needles, Rough & Tumble etc.), Post O'alls, OrSlow, and others.   $225 USD + Shipping
His name is Marcial and he's a set builder for the TV show "Boardwalk Empire". I don't believe he is a model, it's just something he does for fun and a little money. Oddly enough, this photo set was styled by Michael Baquerizo who formerly did the majority of the styling and modeling for Gentry.Also, does anyone know of JP stores that stock EG and ship to the U.S? Got some stuff I'm tryna cop without paying a high fee to proxy, ya feel?
Those aren't the same. In the picture that was posted the model is actually wearing the "Combo suit" which is all one piece (Short sleeve w/ shorts sewn together). I have yet to see it anywhere yet but I am keeping an eye out for it. The Bureau received a rendition of the "Dayton Shirt" but it sold out pretty quickly. That can be seen here: https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/3431/khaki-paisley-india-print-dayton-shirtNepenthes NY also received a very similar if not the...
Check out this article if you would like to see the Vans x EG collab: http://four-pins.com/style/engineered-garments-vans-are-back-nepenthes/
 The lookbook shows it on the tie you posted, as well as a combi suit and the fisherman pants (super baggy men's capris that I unashamedly love). Aside from the tie, both those pieces are semi-hard to pull off. Hopefully it will show up on a simpler piece like a shirt or ghurka short or something.
Needles has that super laid back swag that my wardrobe can't accommodate very well. S/S15 is look pretty nice from E.G, let's hope the prices are as well.
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