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On that note, I would love you guys so much if you started ordering more size 28's in pants! 
Daiki has gone rather bold this season (and S/S 14) on the patterns. I must say I enjoyed his A/W '12 collection more than this one. However, I really hope that blue salmon vest will go on sale, but it's EG so probably won't.
Hmm.. Interesting. I'm typically a small in mens. Is the jacket feminine or could it easily be unisex? A picture of the whole jacket would be very helpful.
What is the name of the jacket with the tree branch / fruit lining pictured with the Engineered Garments blue chambray scarf?
Raleigh Denim makes some great jeans. They've really improved and expanded over the last few years as well. I own a pair of Original Raw Thin's and they're great jeans. I have a rather small waist (27 3/4 inches) and I purchased a size 28. They fit rather snug upon initial purchase, and I'd estimate they've stretched about 1/2-1" in the 4 months I've had them. I'd say the waist measure around 29" inches now. My only complaint with the jeans is that I wear a belt and...
I knew this. Just wanted to make sure you didn't take any heat for false advertising. Thanks for clarifying though.
Chris, I believe you made a mistake under the description for one of the Gitman x Hillside shirts. http://needsupply.com/mens/brands/gitman-brothers-vintage/natural-navy-selvedge-tick.html, you put that it is exclusive to Need Supply, but Hickorees carries it too.   Here is the link to it on Hickorees site: http://www.hickorees.com/brand/gitman-brothers-vintage/product/th-s--co-shirt-natural--navy-selvedge-ticking-stripe-twill
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