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Has anyone purchased the Black Cotton Batik Print Baker in Black? How's the fabric? It looks like it wrinkles very easily and it might have an awkward fit. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
I bought a pair of 403's in the Spring of 2012 and the top two speed hooks feel loose. I am worried that they might eventually fall out. Has anybody else had this problem before? Is there any way to prevent this from happening?
You guys carry some great stuff, although not particularly my style. Those Patrick Ervell sweaters in turquoise are fire. Best of luck boys!
On that note, I would love you guys so much if you started ordering more size 28's in pants! 
Daiki has gone rather bold this season (and S/S 14) on the patterns. I must say I enjoyed his A/W '12 collection more than this one. However, I really hope that blue salmon vest will go on sale, but it's EG so probably won't.
Hmm.. Interesting. I'm typically a small in mens. Is the jacket feminine or could it easily be unisex? A picture of the whole jacket would be very helpful.
What is the name of the jacket with the tree branch / fruit lining pictured with the Engineered Garments blue chambray scarf?
Raleigh Denim makes some great jeans. They've really improved and expanded over the last few years as well. I own a pair of Original Raw Thin's and they're great jeans. I have a rather small waist (27 3/4 inches) and I purchased a size 28. They fit rather snug upon initial purchase, and I'd estimate they've stretched about 1/2-1" in the 4 months I've had them. I'd say the waist measure around 29" inches now. My only complaint with the jeans is that I wear a belt and...
I knew this. Just wanted to make sure you didn't take any heat for false advertising. Thanks for clarifying though.
Chris, I believe you made a mistake under the description for one of the Gitman x Hillside shirts. http://needsupply.com/mens/brands/gitman-brothers-vintage/natural-navy-selvedge-tick.html, you put that it is exclusive to Need Supply, but Hickorees carries it too.   Here is the link to it on Hickorees site: http://www.hickorees.com/brand/gitman-brothers-vintage/product/th-s--co-shirt-natural--navy-selvedge-ticking-stripe-twill
New Posts  All Forums: