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^ I bought the Natural Linen Shop Coat as well. I'm very glad I waited until sales hit to buy it. For the longest time they only had 1 XS left in stock and I kept thinking it would sell out.For those of you who are curious, if you download the Forward iPhone app and use the code 'Iforward15'in the app you will receive the additional 15% off.
 Maybe try some different shoes? The GATs seem a little out of place in my book.
 I would call Nepenthes and see what stores purchased them in an XS. If you are a size 30" waist, an XS will probably fit you nicely. They may be slightly snug at first, but typically will stretch a little.
Correction: I am now a 31" waist (I suppose those squats and deadlifts have been working) and the current season Fatigue shorts in size S fit me nicely. I can't remember if I tied the drawstring or not. I think you'll be okay with a size S with a 30" waist.
Y'all give Classified such a hard time. The guy is just curious, give him a break.
Stop feeding the troll.
Have you tried sizing down at all? I wear a size Small in just about every brand, but the proportions of EG work the best for me on size XS.
I thought you just got back from a friends house? You left your flip flops there? LIE DETECTED. The jig is up, boy. Hands up!
This a great piece that's easy to wear, but doesn't it retail for $220? I bought mine last Spring from Nepenthes for $220.
While I do agree that clothes look better on people who are in better shape, there are numerous StyleForum regulars who have guts that still look great.  Cola, in most of your fits my eyes are immediately drawn to your upper body. I'm not sure if you are simply top heavy or have a longer torso, but I think your fits would be much improved if you found a way to emphasize your waist and legs. I'm not exactly sure how to remedy this, but you always look disproportional. Maybe...
New Posts  All Forums: