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I've had my Original Thin Fit jeans for about 20 months now. They've held up pretty well, I had a pretty significant crotch blow out during the winter when I was frolicking in the snow. I had my seamstress repair it, and they've done fine since then, but the crotch does have considerably more wear than the other parts of the jeans. They have faded very nicely over the months, I have worn them pretty consistently and washed them 4-5 times now. The jeans are quite slim...
Orslow, The Real McCoys, Yaeca, anything made by Nepenthes brands, Warehouse, Kapital, Blue Blue Japan, Beams Plus, Sassafras, MHL Margaret Howell It really depends what kind of look you are going for. Do you want to look preppy / laid back / work wear inspired / super Japanese etc. Engineered Garments is a pretty versatile brand which is why it is so desirable. Personally, I love Engineered Garments, Orslow, Post Overalls, The Real McCoys, and Beams Plus. 
 I'm not really a fan of this look. I agree with the others who have said the jacket looks odd with such slim fitting pants.I don't thinking wearing some bulky work boots with slim pants helps either. I would definitely recommend wearing sneakers instead. I'd get some slightly looser fitting pants in general. You seem to be afraid of making your legs look bigger than they already are by wearing looser fitting pants, however, wearing such tight pants draws attention it...
As mentioned above, its the same fabric as the Fatigue Pants so it's relatively lightweight. I sized down on mine and I think it fits me quite nicely (Typically S, took XS). It has the boxy fit that is common in a lot of EG pieces. It can be worn as either a lightweight jacket or a layering piece depending on where you live. I'd recommend it!
Has anyone purchased the Black Cotton Batik Print Baker in Black? How's the fabric? It looks like it wrinkles very easily and it might have an awkward fit. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
I bought a pair of 403's in the Spring of 2012 and the top two speed hooks feel loose. I am worried that they might eventually fall out. Has anybody else had this problem before? Is there any way to prevent this from happening?
You guys carry some great stuff, although not particularly my style. Those Patrick Ervell sweaters in turquoise are fire. Best of luck boys!
On that note, I would love you guys so much if you started ordering more size 28's in pants! 
Daiki has gone rather bold this season (and S/S 14) on the patterns. I must say I enjoyed his A/W '12 collection more than this one. However, I really hope that blue salmon vest will go on sale, but it's EG so probably won't.
Hmm.. Interesting. I'm typically a small in mens. Is the jacket feminine or could it easily be unisex? A picture of the whole jacket would be very helpful.
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