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@eluther Woodlands, as in woodlandsshop.com ? I had no idea they stocked EG. Do you know what other pieces they are carrying?
Agreed. In my opinion, GBV doesn't look good with many of the brands that EG does. Wearing a GBV flannel / shirt with EG, Needles, Orslow, Post O'alls, Beams +, Sassafras etc. just seems slightly off to me. I think this is because Gitman isn't necessarily trying to appeal to the typical E.G. crowd. While there are definitely shirts out there of similar quality and price as E.G. I think it ultimately comes down to the style you are attempting to achieve. 
Does anyone know who's stocking this jacket?  
Have you been wondering what's been missing from your wardrobe? It's probably these shoes, fam. These shoes are FIRE! You will look like a certified pimp strutting around your office job like it's nothing. People might stare at you and tell you these aren't "business casual" but forget the haters. You know you're flexing. It might be a sign for you finally to take the leap of faith and move to Japan where people will understand you. I starred at these things for weeks and...
I'm not really a fan of the shoes that your wearing in your fit either. The perfectly rolled sleeves too is also a little too clean in my opinion for an E.G. outfit. I personally think it looks better when it has a more relaxed appearance (e.g. sloppily rolled sleeves, wrinkled, ya know, the good stuff).
You can buy a pair of EG Workaday fatigues on sale and get them tapered to your liking as an alternative. The baggy fit of the Workaday fatigues isn't for everyone (myself included) so I have opted to taper both pairs I own, however the fabrics are always nice and feature good construction so its worth looking in to. 
I have the Grey Reversed Sateen Utility Jacket - it's a nice color. Let me know what you think of them.   FWIW: Nepenthes is going to start taking phone orders on Monday for the Vans collab and I think since they're very similar to last year they won't sell out extremely quickly. Hold tight non-New Yorkians and you'll get a pair.
Mohawk General Store sale is live online and EG and EG Workaday fatigues are both on sale.
Workday fatigues are best described as having a "full" fit through the leg. Which essentially means from your butt down it doesn't taper. The mainline fatigue pants have a more modern straight fit.    You can view the fit of mainline fatigues here: http://gentrynyc.com/collections/engineered-garments/products/eg-ripstop-fatigue-pant   compared to Workday here: http://gentrynyc.com/collections/engineered-garments-workaday/products/eg-workaday-fatigue-pant   I have...
If anyone who isn't getting the white pair of Vans and lives in NYC wants to pick them up for me for a little extra $$ PM me.
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