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Stop feeding the troll.
Have you tried sizing down at all? I wear a size Small in just about every brand, but the proportions of EG work the best for me on size XS.
I thought you just got back from a friends house? You left your flip flops there? LIE DETECTED. The jig is up, boy. Hands up!
This a great piece that's easy to wear, but doesn't it retail for $220? I bought mine last Spring from Nepenthes for $220.
While I do agree that clothes look better on people who are in better shape, there are numerous StyleForum regulars who have guts that still look great.  Cola, in most of your fits my eyes are immediately drawn to your upper body. I'm not sure if you are simply top heavy or have a longer torso, but I think your fits would be much improved if you found a way to emphasize your waist and legs. I'm not exactly sure how to remedy this, but you always look disproportional. Maybe...
Coverchord is a great Japanese store with international shipping for rings / accessories / other cool stuff http://coverchord.com/eshop/?category_root=MEN&category_items=ACCESSORIES
Is it just the way you're standing or is the right sleeve (your right) notably shorter on the bedford and the shirt?
Does anyone remember the approx pricing of the Tiki Bedford from SS14?
The jacket is intended to have a boxy fit. I am 5'7" 145-150 lbs and the XS fits me perfectly. Now when I say perfectly that does not mean that it's a super fitted jacket. I mean that the sleeves hit right at the top of my hand, the hem reaches a couple inches past my waist and the chest is somewhat fitted. Again, it still has a boxy fit though with a slight flair at the hips. If that is something you don't want, it'd suggest a different jacket.
What color is your utility jacket? Is it white or grey?
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