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No doubt stores are placing their orders far before it's actually time for the garments to arrive. However, historically you didn't really see Spring garments begin to show up online and in stores until late January / early February and those were the early arrivals. Lots of retail stores didn't begin to mark down their Autumn / Winter merchandise until around this time as well. That is why I find it so odd you see stores putting their merchandise 50% off before Christmas....
 Love this tie! It's pretty crazy that Spring stuff is arriving in the beginning of January, and A/W stuff went on sale before Christmas this past year. I'm excited to see all the new stuff begin to roll in however!
Indeed it is an Alden policy. If you notice, the only Alden's that go on sale are typically collaborations with the store they being sold from. Alden has successfully crafted a reputation that allows them to not discount their merchandise, which is a very good place to be as a company. It's unfortunate in the short term, but being able to purchase Alden shoes for years to come is more important in my opinion.
 The Workaday fatigues definitely have a "relaxed" straight fit. Which in my opinion is not for everyone. I ended up tapering both pairs that I own; one to a straight fit, and the other to a more slim fit. The ones that are tailored to a straight fit I feel stay truer to the original style without swallowing my body up. The Workaday fatigues can definitely be pulled off without any alterations but it's all a matter of preferences and personal style. If you would like a...
 I'm assuming you had your fatigues tailored? Cool hat. Kinda looks like a fabric that was used on a reversible coat and bucket hat this season from EG.
 Envoy of Belfast is a ladies store mate. I don't think Independence carries it either.
How do these fit? Loose, straight, slim?
PRICE DROP $300 -> $275
This season's field parka doesn't have enough pockets. I wish there was more pockets for storage, that would make it better.
Like Tim said, that's one of the great things about E.G. They adjust the design of their collection based on the demand of their customers. If you and a handful of other people contacted them requesting looser fitting clothing, they would take that in to consideration. Engineered Garments, like every other brand, is evolving and changing as men's fashion changes. If you look at some of their earlier stuff from the early 2000's you'd be hard pressed to find anybody wearing...
New Posts  All Forums: