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Nepenthes Japan has available on their web store black, gray,and navy 'worsted wool flannel' fabric and the 8.5 oz navy chino for the cinch pants.
I don't think what the poster said was very tactful, however, pegging him as 'homophobic' for it seems extreme and inaccurate. I agree, dressing in a particular fashion does not dictate ones sexual preference. However, you cannot overlook the fact that lesbians do wear clothes, therefore you can dress like a lesbian. And I maintain the position there is nothing wrong with thinking a group of people dress poorly. I think most professional athletes dress poorly. Does that...
I absolutely love the styling in the 'Don't Hold Me Close' lookbook Nepenthes put out: This is the Blue Dunagree Shop Coat, but it can give you an idea to style a long blue denim-like coat.The seersucker pants work surprisingly well in the look.
No, the Shop Coat has a hidden placket. His jacket appears to be the Chambray Duster Coat from SS14.
Hyper sensitive liberalism at its finest. The comment was simply revolved around a particular group of people's means of dressing. There were zero judgments regarding their lifestyle (apart from style of dress), values, or morals. You're reading far too much in to an off hand critique of someones clothing choice. Just because someone says something that is not 100% positive regarding a particular group of people does not make them bigoted or in this case 'homophobic'.
Mohawk General Store now has a few pieces left at 60% off. 
SS16 looks like it will be quite exciting! 
The sleeves aren't even short though.. they are hitting right above the models hands. If you don't like the fit, don't buy the jacket. Presto! Problem solved.
Does Unionmade pull items off its website that they don't want to put on sale? I went on this morning at 9 a.m. EST (sale started at 8 a.m.) and two of the items I wanted went from having a full size run to no longer being shown on the website. I assume this means they took it down because they didn't want it on the website, or both sold out in an hour which is surprising.
Same print, but not necessarily the same fabric. The EG fabric is 45% cotton, 55% linen or if you find it on a piece like the Nehru vest its 100% cotton. It's still funny though that you could have got the same general look for $38 instead of $230+
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