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PRICE DROP $300 -> $275
This season's field parka doesn't have enough pockets. I wish there was more pockets for storage, that would make it better.
Like Tim said, that's one of the great things about E.G. They adjust the design of their collection based on the demand of their customers. If you and a handful of other people contacted them requesting looser fitting clothing, they would take that in to consideration. Engineered Garments, like every other brand, is evolving and changing as men's fashion changes. If you look at some of their earlier stuff from the early 2000's you'd be hard pressed to find anybody wearing...
EG is best worn with clothing designed by Japanese designers. So this includes but is not limited to: Post O'alls, Kapital, OrSlow, Needles, Omnigod, Visvim, Sassafras, ts(s), Beams Plus, Battenwear etc. It can also look great with brands like: Margaret Howell, Ten C, Filson, Our Legacy, Steven Alan, Soulland, Norse Projects etc.   Here is a thread you can reference to see how members of the StyleForum community style...
FINAL PRICE DROP  320 -> 300
Alexander,   Those sneakers have a really nice shade of blue.  Nice fits everybody else. Some of y'all are EG fiends :)   Blake
Price drop from $340 to $320
 I'm not sure exactly, however, the shops original owner, Koji, is no longer at the store. I'm not sure if that means the store is closing entirely or if the store is going to take a new direction with new ownership. I'm assuming if Nepenthes said they were a stockist this season that they are still around in some fashion. 
AlexanderTG, Nepenthes posted a picture with 4 variations of those t-shirts on their Instagram 2 weeks ago.. I'm assuming they have them and other U.S. stockist will as well. I've been eyeing those Needles Rebuild flannels for a while. Let me know how it is once you get it!
@eluther Woodlands, as in woodlandsshop.com ? I had no idea they stocked EG. Do you know what other pieces they are carrying?
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