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Does anyone know where I could get my hands on a size Small - 19th Century B/D in the Navy Crest print as seen here: http://www.gentrynyc.com/collections/engineered-garments/products/engineered-garments-navy-crest-short-collar-shirt-navy   I have been searching and cannot find anyone that still has a Small left. Thank you so much for anyone that can help.
The Smocks that dropped at The Bureau look very interesting - potentially might pick one up. I'll probably wait for some styled outfits featuring them before I pull the trigger. What are everybody else's thoughts on them?
This man knows what he's talking about. I suggest any serious student of personal style thoroughly review all the intricate details of his past fit pics and get learned.
Unionmade is making smart plays by 1. Not allowing merchandise to go to 40% off + additional 40% anymore, because when every single season you have this happening you create a culture of expectation and entitlement where the customers no longer buyer sale merchandise because they think it will continue to go in to a steeper discount (which is a problem many stores face) so they 'wait' to buy it. 2. Not allowing their seasonal sale to be indefinite (until everything is...
2nd drop of Engineered Garments live at The Bureau - long shirts, some outerwear, and cinch pants.
The backdrop makes the fits so much better! The denim jacket with the embroidered tiger is great. It's like the jacket Ryan Gosling wore in 'Drive' but 'No Country For Old Men' style.   [[SPOILER]]
Nepenthes Japan has available on their web store black, gray,and navy 'worsted wool flannel' fabric and the 8.5 oz navy chino for the cinch pants.
I don't think what the poster said was very tactful, however, pegging him as 'homophobic' for it seems extreme and inaccurate. I agree, dressing in a particular fashion does not dictate ones sexual preference. However, you cannot overlook the fact that lesbians do wear clothes, therefore you can dress like a lesbian. And I maintain the position there is nothing wrong with thinking a group of people dress poorly. I think most professional athletes dress poorly. Does that...
I absolutely love the styling in the 'Don't Hold Me Close' lookbook Nepenthes put out: http://nepenthesny.com/dhmc/. This is the Blue Dunagree Shop Coat, but it can give you an idea to style a long blue denim-like coat.The seersucker pants work surprisingly well in the look.
No, the Shop Coat has a hidden placket. His jacket appears to be the Chambray Duster Coat from SS14.
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