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Ditto! Haha, thrift synergy.  Also, have a couplee T&A in the same size...
Hi all, just checking in here.  I have been super busy and SF just drifted out of my consciousness for a few months until fall compelled me to break out some tweed.  Any quick highlights since mid-August? Oh, and my deepest apologies to any unseen and unreplied PM's that were sent during that period. I have been thrifting pretty frequently, actually, but mostly for electronics and housewares.  I will try to get photos of my highlights, but they include what I think is a...
I decided not to participate in this round as I'm quite busy doing other things, but I've actually managed to make it out a few times but haven't taken any photos.  A shame, too, because if I had, I'd be only 3 away (missing ebay sign, fedora w/feather, and polaroid).  Oh well.  I've made friends with a few cute employees, too, should've done it.
Everything available.   Mid-century sideboard  (I am moving and *almost* picked this up, pained me to leave it) [[SPOILER]]   1970's (?) North Face goosedown vest, M [[SPOILER]]   2 Made in USA braces (terrible photo, sorry)
Welcome to the thread.  Unfortunately, those suits look to be fake.  The eagle logo on Armani stuff is reserved for Emporio Armani, should not read Giorgio Armani.  As for the other one, the lining has a medusa-head emblem that is definitely knock-off Versace, but then the pants have the Boss name on them -- if the fabrics match, then this is a really puzzling combination of mis-matched brands.  At any rate, Armani, Versace, and Boss are some of the most-faked brands out...
  [I think this did actually make me salivate]
Found this while out on the first scavenger hunt.  ^^Synergy with Brian? Shows how much of a difference lighting and a mannequin can make. Boss 40 R/L Super 120s pinstripe, ticket pocket, FF pants   natural black horn buttons [[SPOILER]]
6887.8 + 6.2 = 6894
Well, if she takes after her mother (behind her), she will turn into one.  Wow, saying that makes me feel terrible.  But generally, I come across lots of reasonably attractive women in their 20's-30's.  Probably to do with college kids and hipsters.   That was not a coincidence Oh, well, as for the tiger-stripe, I have other zebra-striped items but that the apron was more unique and interesting.  Take your pic(k), then: [[SPOILER]]
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