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        Looking good all!     This is my combo all work week , so I only post on weekends.   [[SPOILER]]   I did go out last night however  
  I agree, I wasn't implying that it was hard, just stating that genetics can play a part where your body stores fat and I meant I've trained seriously for 4 years.
        You're all looking really good today guys.
  Shirt is looking great, tempted to order a shirt in that fabric..
  Looking good as usual Mac!
Genetics and body-type play a huge part. I've been lifting consistently for 4+ years too.
5"10 215lbs, top 2 visible, middle 2, just show in the morning, I'm probably around 15% bf.
    I just qualify guys, 30.1
        Great looks all!   Justin, how do you like jeans without a cuff? I just got a new pair and can't decide if I want to hem or cuff.
    Thanks guys!   Looking good Mac!
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