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Hey Mike, is there any chance we'll see the Hawaiian shirts in a normal size run, specifically in the red fabric? I'd really like to snag a small.
Have you tried looking at sites that outfit shops? That's how I found mine, and for well under the price your looking for, though I'm in the UK and the place I got mine from doesn't ship to the US.
Freaking love the wilshire. Just picked up the last pair of naturals.
Pretty much. Weather, occupation, and lifestyle are all reasons people have for dressing one way rather than another. Aesthetics is another big one that you should probably add to that list. Of course whether 'good reasons' in general are subjective or objective in general is an even more bitter debate then whether or not there are rules. If, in theory, there are objectively good reasons for conforming or not conforming to certain social groups, preparing or not preparing...
That is partly what I was saying. Posters like Parker or InStitches who have very wide rage of styles they're comfortable with are a good example. Whatever they choose to wear its obvious that they have a very fine grained Idea of what they are going for and stick pretty closely to it. But even if you've got a look in mind and stick closely to it that doesn't guarantee that the look itself is good. What separates those with style from those without is having a good reason...
The major difference between CM and SWD is not that the former has rules and the latter doesn't. It's that in the world of CM, the world of the professional, of men 'on duty', a certain standard of dress does in fact exist and those who go about in that world must conform to it. Not only that, your reasonably educated CM guy understands why the standards of CM exists. In fewer words than the subject warrants every 'rule' in the CM book is in place to project an overall...
The general consensus around these parts is that you need to put down at least 1k to get a good leather. There are exceptions, but those are for the lucky, not the thrifty. As you can probably tell Styleforum is a place where people don't think twice about dropping serious dough on clothes. If that's what you want to do (and can afford to do) then hang around and lurk for a while before making a big purchase. However, if you just want a leather jacket within your budget SF...
How about this, what's your budget?
I hope he doesn't trip in those shoes.
So I've been eyeing the RO Bauhaus. Can anyone whose familiar with the brand comment on the sizing and leather quality? Also, how hard is it to come Rick's jackets on sale in the elusive smaller sizes? 
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