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A natural linen would be baller too. I'd wear it in an all brown-tan color pallete for Jedi swag.
I half suspect that Miran is the communal sock puppet of SF.
I'd be interested to know if anyone has any 275's
I really liked the cognac leather on the first Wyatt and while a leather isn't in the wallet at the moment it'd be cool to see some lighter brighter shades of brown on hand in the future.
White please.
I've really been digging your last few fits Frank.
About how much does it cost to MTO Vass through NMWA? 
Sizing question:   I'm looking to get a pair of the Japan Heather Greys when they come back. Based on the size chart alone I'd say I'm a 29 slim, for reference Epaulet's 29 in the Wilshire cut fits me perfectly. Does that sound about right?
I know you're not serious but I care more about making the right decision given my circumstances than pants.
New Posts  All Forums: