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I would not wear those, if you want white bucks then get plain white bucks.
It looks like it runs a little large...
I like the field jacket Sufarbuth, but I'd use a differnt scarf. Also I read Dr. Huh's comment as a joke not an insult...
I would but no one seems to sell them in anything but black.
Mike has mentioned an upcoming line of Goodyear welted footwear for the epaulet house brand. And while we're talking about it I'd like to a side-zips boots to the my wish list for that line. I've been looking for a good pair but they are really hard to find at a reasonable price.
I went on the site to check and say th dark brown ones. But the only way I could tell on my monitor that they weren't black is because the product name insisted they were brown. In any case I guess I should rephrase my question. do you think you'll stock any mid or light brown sidezzips in the future?
Hey Greg, do you think thsat you'll ever stock buttero side zips in any colors besides black?
You'll be fine, in my experience the hip stretches slightly but not as dramatically as jeans.
The search continues...
Reedo, where'd you grab those buttero side-zips, I've been looking for a non-black pair but can't find any.
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