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So I've been eyeing the RO Bauhaus. Can anyone whose familiar with the brand comment on the sizing and leather quality? Also, how hard is it to come Rick's jackets on sale in the elusive smaller sizes? 
I agree with superb0bo on the sneakers. White trainers are a real good swiss army knife. Also not digging the cap. I like flat caps but the age of head gear was gone before most of us on this forum were born. Hats always seem to stand out a little to much in my opinion.
Why'd you choose a button down collar for the Hawaiian? That seems pretty non-standard. Both fabrics look great.
Wow, I hope the deal with LBM goes through. By any chance will stone be returning for the rivet MTO?
Seconded, any non-sneaker projects coming down the pipeline?
Indigo Asuka pics please.
Ah, so he did.
That looks nice. Is it still possible to custom order sidezips?
Thanks for the feedback. Personally I rotate a pair of GATs with some cigar Red Wings. I think I might add a pair of tan side-zips and call it a day. Can anyone recommend something for a non-baller budget?
What shoes do you guys all find yourself most contented with? I've been looking to diversify my footwear rotation while adding as few pairs of shoes as possible.
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