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The shadow on your right leg has a good effect.
I'll withhold judgment until I try the product for myself, but I'm surprised to see epaulet changing their bread and butter fit that had already proven a success. While the reinforced seat is a much needed improvement and the slightly larger rise is welcome, I'm sad to see the legs tapered, especially since the larger waist may lead me to try one size lower next time I buy. Can't say I'm a big fan of the zipper either. I've always preferred buttons. Correct me if I'm wrong...
The fit on the jacket looks good, but I'd avoid khakis with a black tie.
Hey Mike, I'm stoked to hear about the EPLA sportcoat. Any chance you could tell us a little more about the weight and hand of the fabric you plan on using?
Welp, this is what banning is for.
Yeah, I've been following this thread in the hopes of getting some decent side zips for a fraction of the price of MMM. Here's to hoping he brings them back. (And maybe with some more leather options.) 
I would love to see some white and light tan chambrays.
Fair enough.If it helps, I'd fall pretty cleanly into the former category. I'm over-educated, scrawny, have little interest in what men's men are supposed to like, and will most likely work a desk job all my life. That said, so are most of the folk around me within academia. Well, not all of them are scrawny. However I'd say the odds of anyone being interested in clothing in most of the academic settings I've been in, and I mean professionals, grad-students and up, are...
I think your wife needs a new concept of masculinity. When you get down to particular cases, you'll find it very hard to make a consistent and meaningful distinction of the kind you are trying to make.
I do not own a car and am not a nudist, one more for yes.
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