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 I agree for the most part, but I'm going to use what you said as a spring board to get a little philosophical. I would add that while almost all colors are good for almost all seasons, some tones and shades certainly suit some seasons more than others. This isn't because of some English custom traceable back to Victorian royalty, but because of the varying amount of natural light that accompanies each season. A good rule of thumb which most people understand intuitively,...
Yeah 36's sell out way too fast.
Oh,I didn't mean for the sweaters, I meant for regular full price merch. Europrep's comment seems to imply that there is an SF discount separate from the discount already on the sweaters which may or may not stack with them. 
There's an SF discount?
Thanks for writing up this article, it was a fascinating read.
We'll boys, it looks like we've got ourselves a Mexican stand off...
The fatigue highlands shirt is absolutely perfect. If you are on the fence (and your size is still available) get two.  My only gripe, and this is with TS in general as opposed to just this shirt, is that the shirts could be just an inch or even half an inch longer. In my experience TS shirts don't stay tucked in. I think even a modicum of length could help increase the versatility of each shirt while not ruining TS already successful attempt to make shirts that look good...
I received one of the CPO jackets the other day, it looks wonderful and fits great. I'm slightly concerned if I'm going to be able to fit the bulk of a sweater as well as a shirt into the sleeves, but no matter. For the sale price the CPO was a steal. On a side note how on earth has no one posted pics of the new product yet? 
Can anyone comment on the quality of the sweaters. The look alot like certain Scott and Charters models I've seen. Do they make HY's sweaters?
I got my FF sportscoat the other day, navy wool-cotton-cash. The fabric has a good hand, light but not flimsy. The fit is perfect everywhere except the sleeves which need minor shortening. I am consistently satisfied with my purchases from Epaulet.
New Posts  All Forums: