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What I meant by seasonal colors was more the colors look good in a given season, as opposed to the colors people actually wear in that season. As you observe black is not summer color, even if everyone in Dubai wears it during their perpetual summer.
Another SD native here. I would say that seasonal colors are still seasonal in places like SD and Dubai, it's just that it's always the same season. A full on autumnal palette of forrest greens, dark browns, and rust oranges looks entirely out of place between the faded asphalt and bright blue sky. A piece here or there works well, but you can't turn it up to eleven like you can in Places that actual have an autumn.
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C'mon, have a sense of humor. 
I don't know who writes Epaulet's copy... "Photographers and film directors have long known that a dark base color will tend to look even darker when contrasted with a lighter accent color. That must be why this new sport trainer features the deepest black we've yet encountered. It reflects the permanent midnight in the souls of men who have given up everything to save the one thing that truly matters. They go really well with denim." ...but he needs a raise.
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