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Normally just in jeans/ chinos, sneakers, and a hoodie, though lately I've been wearing my kamigata. Comfort comes first on 5+ hour flights, but I would never wear sweats.
Looks a little short to me, what's your budget?
Wow, I no longer have any excuse to buy regular GAT's once those hit shelves in white.
WvG could definitely give Chup and Anonymism a run for their market share. Socks seem to be an area where excessively bold patterns shine.
 Brilliant. I'll probably end up kopping four pairs. Also I find that mid-blue socks get much more wear than any other color I own, and black socks much less.
Hey Mauro, will we ever see the return of the city short?
@nicelynice, which GoRuck model do you have?
I'm digging th banded collar, was that a one off or is it available MTO?
That jacket is stunning...
New Posts  All Forums: