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Is the banded collar option available on regular MTO or is that only available during special promotions?
Do it. The ashby is my favorite casual jacket.
The iconic car of the hipster is a bike. Ain't no one cleaning off hipster residue for a bike. Do you have any idea how long they go before washing their jeans?
I'm surprised the indigo jack made it to sale, great shirt. Though I can't fault anyone for passing up TS's button down collar. It could stand to be a little bigger and have a little roll.
Try Suitsupply. They have long sizes within your price range and might stock a fabric similar to the one you like here.
Has anyone had any experience with Private White V. C.'s stuff? Some of the outwear looks pretty sharp if your into the whole modern-takes-on-WWII aesthetic.
I see what you did there.
Normally just in jeans/ chinos, sneakers, and a hoodie, though lately I've been wearing my kamigata. Comfort comes first on 5+ hour flights, but I would never wear sweats.
Looks a little short to me, what's your budget?
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