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You'll be fine, in my experience the hip stretches slightly but not as dramatically as jeans.
The search continues...
Reedo, where'd you grab those buttero side-zips, I've been looking for a non-black pair but can't find any.
You will.
You're not alone.
That's brilliant. What model is it?
Unless I'm mistaken, doesn't the garrand offer a more generous fit?
Frank, I'm a big fan of the brown on cream combo, that said there's something about the proportions of most of your fits that seems off to me. The top portion often appears to be smaller than I would expect in relation to the bottom. Maybe the camera angle is just a little low.
Thurston, How long would you say the extended break in period is on the default leathers in comparison to the Italian hides. Also, once broken in would you say that the default is still stiffer than the Italian?
Gonna say it again, the kamigata is the bestest, that said, I'm not sure how I'd style that particular shade of grey. I'm a fan of the no northern lights rule of thumb. That said, a pair of wilshires in that denim would be an insta kop.
New Posts  All Forums: