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I'm actually considering getting a liner for my ashby at the moment. What I'm hearing is that it's no substitute for real warm wearing outwear. That said, it still seems to me like a good idea for layering purposes. Could those of you who've had experience with the liners comment on what temps you'd wear a jacket + liner in?
This thread can be summarized into two questions.   1) How do the shirts fit? 2) When the hell are they going to make more OCBD's in anything other than pale blue, white and unwearable?
Like Fok said, the fish tacos are generally good around here.
The quote's a couple days old but I'm catching up in the thread and just posted a noragi fit. Personally it's my favorite piece. Unsurprisingly if you go to the epaulet thread you'll find unmitigated praise, thought I'd say most of it is merited. It's comfortable, wearable, sizes easy since slouch may be desired and comes in a variety of interesting fabrics. No if only they'd make it more colors than blue...Here's me in mine: [[SPOILER]]
I went on a cruise with my folks last week. Never again.EpauletTaylor StitchWolf vs. Goat [[SPOILER]]
I went on a cruise with my folks last week. Never again. That said, here are some fits.Taylor StitchEpaulet(Unseen) GATSTaylor StitchEpaulet(Unseen) GATSThe noragi is my favorite piece ATM. For those on the fence it's easy to wear, you just take it off the hanger, put it on your body and profit. But seriously it's a great light layer that goes well over simple tees with most pants. You'll dig the robe vibe.EpauletTaylor StitchWolf vs. Goat [[SPOILER]]
Mike, First, I love my wilshires. Second, do you think you could make a light weight light wash model? Something that's still blue but a sky blue turning white for a pale blue effect over all. It'd be great for summer, and it's the ideal bottom for light casual sportscoats like the chinolino flax colored Lbm.
'Nother forest last lover here, it's a great medium between blobby and over chiseled.
The Kamigata is easy to pull off. Just think of it as an open cardigan.
Fitted tees are one of my favorite things. They just feel so right.
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