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The official thread is open again, no need to bump.
Cords in traditional cord colors also work.
What eve happened to the EPLA suits?
Get it anyways, it's a great coat. I just broke mine in this weekend hiking in the Scottish highlands.
The highlands shirt would be a welcome re-run.
Vox posted this recently, it made me think of MoK.
I wear denim by putting it on my legs.
Is the subtitle a play on the Evangelion reboot? Because if so, I gotta say SF (or at least SWD) always surprises me with how many anime fans it has. (Edit: continental philosophers as well)
Does anyone know of Uniqlo manufactures it's clothing ethically?
The best members are the ones who come back after the initial hazing. And, as the above poster have implied with their tongues in their cheeks, trousers probably can't be made into a vest.
New Posts  All Forums: