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I got my FF sportscoat the other day, navy wool-cotton-cash. The fabric has a good hand, light but not flimsy. The fit is perfect everywhere except the sleeves which need minor shortening. I am consistently satisfied with my purchases from Epaulet.
CPO guys, what kind of weather would you feel comfortable wearing the jacket in? e.g. How windy, how cold? Is it good for rain?
Hi all, I'm a southern Californian whose going over to Scotland for a year. I was considering getting a Barbour as an all purpose foul weather jacket. Are there any particular models I should consider and particular shops I should consider buying them at?  
If anyone is willing to proxy drop me a PM. I'd be happy to pay for your services.
I'm really sad to hear that the west coast is losing its brick and mortar. Though the worst part, at least for me, is that that's my birthday, I'll be in LA , but still can't make it. I never got a chance to make it in person. I do hope that Mike offers something for those unable to attend that specific day.
What's the code for the highland shirt?
Hey Mike, how are the FF sportscoats from January coming along?
There is a meermin thread. Instead of creating new threads for one-time questions try posting there or in the have a question get an answer thread.
Dat beige Cantarelli...
As a rule of thumb pinstripe should only be worn as a suit. However given the many associations people make with the pattern I would avoid it altogether. Try FlyingMonkey's advice, he knows what he's talking about.
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