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Post more NOBD. I admire your approach to CBD, especially your simple but versatile blue, brown, cream color palette.
I would but my iPhone camera is shot and I don't have another camera.
My brown trucker arrived today. The fit was spot on and the canvas looks even better in person. I can't wait to break it in.
That red detailing is too quirky for my blood. Sharp reds in general seem hard to incorporate well.
I do like Mike's copy.
I'd be all over that deal if I didn't have to pay international shipping and VAT.
I don't think anyone's said it yet, but a bit of saphir reno would do the job maintenance-wise and brighten the leather without altering the lived in appearance all that much. Of course, Nick might prefer not to spend any time durdling with his shoes at all in which case scratch that suggestion. That said all this acquiescence to subjectivity seems lazy. Everyone comes to SF because they think that clothes can look good, even if they disagree about the way in which they...
Does anyone know what color the shorts are coming in?
Yeah, I guess what bothers me isn't so much the lack of roll. Something like what Kamakura does wouldn't work for TS. However when you do have such a small roll the collars got no breadth, the individual collars just stick up flat. You see a similar phenomenon with skimpy BD's on mall brands. I guess the solution (or at least what would make me happy, since being in buisness proves their customer base doesn't mind) would be to make more shirts with California collars that...
Get some pics of the more interesting swatches if you can!
New Posts  All Forums: