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Flared pents kid is doing it right.
I've been using Crew forming cream for a while now and am looking to upgrade. I'd like something with a little more hold that's less likely to clump. Any recommendations?
Hey Mike, I'm not sure if you're aware, but the new design for the shoe boxes posted on Instagram is a lot like Grana's.
@Rais deets on the tee?
Thanks, I'll look into it.
Query: how do you all clean your waxed canvas trucker jackets? I wear mine a lot and it's starting to get some dirt stains in the places where it creases heavily which I'd like to remove. 
I also believe they use the workshop to test-run how certain products will sell before they make them in-bulk for sale right off the shelf. It makes a lot of sense to do business with customers that want an underfunded product while scaling back the factory order while there's still time or canceling it all together. 
Lately I've really been appreciating the forum proverb: outwear, footwear spend more dough, for all else uniqlo. Unless I'm really conscious about what I'm wearing on an individual day I end up wearing the one of 3 pairs of jeans, and handful of more or less identical white/grey/natural tees.
Nope. White tee's work well as layering pieces because they contrast well with jackets that tend to be darker colored.
Ah, to clarify I thought you were talking about a commission for yourself. If I had infinite monies I would be in, colored leathers are under appreciated. But...
New Posts  All Forums: