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Deeply superficial sounds like a contradiction in terms.
Why is it that fashun models look so punchable? I mean, there's got to be a reason. Are you supposed buy the product because you feel you could pull it off less punchable-ly? Is it an intentional reaction to the classic marketing tactic of having not-punchable looking people model clothes? Is punchable the new black? I does not get.
Carmina might have something like that in their women's line.
Let them cry.
I don't believe in the existence of shirts which can be worn both tucked and untucked. They're a marketing myth.
The epaulet noragi is getting a lot more flak than it deserves. I'll grant that the shirt sleeves are sub optimal, but it looks good with the sleeves rolled. Also I'm a fan of the pockets, they're good for shoving your hands in if you wear it open all the time like I do. The pics on Epaulet's site do a really poor job of styling the thing. The fit B!CD posted is much better.   
I'll rep Taylor Stitch. They have a good fit in a soft fabric that holds its shape. I get most of my tees from them. However, they're not the place to go if you want tees with a deep neck. Speaking of which, I'm interested in hearing where people get good deep neck tees. Is a quality tee that shows a little collar bone at around $30 too much to ask?
Really been digging your recent fits cyd wid it.
Yeah, similar advice is par for the course here on SF, though it's less common in the affiliate threads.
Will there be any chambrays in the IS MTO line up?
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