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The major difference between CM and SWD is not that the former has rules and the latter doesn't. It's that in the world of CM, the world of the professional, of men 'on duty', a certain standard of dress does in fact exist and those who go about in that world must conform to it. Not only that, your reasonably educated CM guy understands why the standards of CM exists. In fewer words than the subject warrants every 'rule' in the CM book is in place to project an overall...
The general consensus around these parts is that you need to put down at least 1k to get a good leather. There are exceptions, but those are for the lucky, not the thrifty. As you can probably tell Styleforum is a place where people don't think twice about dropping serious dough on clothes. If that's what you want to do (and can afford to do) then hang around and lurk for a while before making a big purchase. However, if you just want a leather jacket within your budget SF...
How about this, what's your budget?
I hope he doesn't trip in those shoes.
So I've been eyeing the RO Bauhaus. Can anyone whose familiar with the brand comment on the sizing and leather quality? Also, how hard is it to come Rick's jackets on sale in the elusive smaller sizes? 
I agree with superb0bo on the sneakers. White trainers are a real good swiss army knife. Also not digging the cap. I like flat caps but the age of head gear was gone before most of us on this forum were born. Hats always seem to stand out a little to much in my opinion.
Why'd you choose a button down collar for the Hawaiian? That seems pretty non-standard. Both fabrics look great.
Wow, I hope the deal with LBM goes through. By any chance will stone be returning for the rivet MTO?
Seconded, any non-sneaker projects coming down the pipeline?
Indigo Asuka pics please.
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