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Hey, is this jacket still available? 
Waiting on my TOJ purchase at the moment and expecting a tracking number soon! Excited    Also, i'm seeing alot of MA-1 talk. If one pops up for production, I'll be the happiest man aliveeeeee
Purchased geobaskets couple weeks back, just wondering how you guys would send some tips to clean the soles/the whole shoe! 
Big thanks man. 
Spam, sorry internets being weird
Thinking about picking up a pair of Rick Owens Geobaskets and i was wondering if the shoes fits true to size (cause from the look of the shoes it seems as if there's more room in the toe area that might add extra room). I wear a size 44 in Common projects Achilles low, but usually i wear 43. The 44 just gives my foot a bit more breathing space that im comfortable with.    The store im getting them from is giving me a sweat deal on them but they only have a 42 and a...
Anyone know a place where i can get my APC's repaired? I'm beginning to see places where holes are about to occur, mainly near the crotch and knee area. 
I agree, i've used my black wool filson duffle bag for about two years in college and it's a great all around bag. Looks great as well
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