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Non stimulant fat burners include: 1) Alpha Lipoic Acid 2) L- carnitine (or acetyl-l-carnitine) 3) Chromium They all work by increasing fat transport to the cell mitochondria. All fo them are considered "safe". Alpha Lipoic Acid is alsoa strong antioxidant and liver detoxifier. Some other substances such as chitosan bind to fat in the stomach so it does not get digested, but they tend to causes stomach upset.
That was a good one.
I love Paul Smith suits. The cuts are slim, and fit well.
I recently picked up a very nice vintage crombie style coat at a antique show in NYC. It is very well made. It is from a brand or store called Paul Scott and is made in England. Has anyone heard of this brand?
I hate that site. It's supposedly designed by Slimane himself, he should stick to clothing design.
I own a few vintage ones. I love them.
Quote: Good idea. Incidentally, do you have any photos of your Merc coat you could post? Thanks, Nick. and
The Gucci suit is much higher quality although it says it is unavailable. I would try looking at for a similar suit.
Crombie also makes a good one. Origional Crombie coats show up on ebay for very good prices.
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