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Allen Edmonds Amok Chukkas: what color for the most fall versatility? Chocolate, Snuff or Tan? I'm usually a jeans & OCBD guy, with the occasional cords or chinos thrown in.
I'm going through the same process, but am a bit further along (I'm 27.) Replacing t-shirts with nicer casual shirts is essential. Polos, OCBDs, and casual gingham button-downs are where I started. Paying attention to fit is huge, too. Most dudes look sloppy because their clothes are a size too big, especially when it comes to pants. Finally, invest in shoes. They'll make the difference between looking put together and looking like you're trying too hard. I started by...
The anise/licorice flavor is a product of the Belgian yeast. Belgian yeast throws off a ton of fruity/spicy esters, which are a signature of Belgian beer in general. Usually if you see an American beer with "Belgian-style" in the name, it means they're using a Belgian yeast instead of an American or British yeast, which are cleaner in flavor.If you like Goudenband, try Rodenbach Grand Cru. That stuff will blow your mind.
Same as regular Chimay blue, they just vintage date the 750ml & larger sizes.I'd highly recommend cellaring a few bottles. After 4-5 years it's absolutely phenomenal!
This is awesome.
Firestone Union Jack and Sculpin are go-to IPAs for me. Always reliable, assuming they're fresh.
Shock Top is sort of a dumbed-down version of a Belgian Wit. Try Allagash White for a more true-to-style American interpretation.
Really good stuff. A bit heavy on the barrel character, but insanely drinkable for 12% abv.
Started the night with a Sazerac (herbsaint and High West Double Rye,) and had a Bruery Saison Rue with dinner. Yum.
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