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My favorite place?  i don't really have one. It's all nice. There is such a variety of things to see and do.  every City has their own flavor. You can pretty much choose anywhere randomly, for a unique and authentic experience. I really prefer the more slow paced cities. -The people have more time to talk.   Wherever you would choose to go, I recommend exploring solo. And interacting with the locals. 
There are things that need to be sold.  Also, Congrats @highvoltorb on being the 110000th poster.
+1   One fool making a fuss, And many fools being racist.   Edit: oh, i see them now.....   Marriage help????   Seems reputable.....
No scratch back? - No Back scratch.        
You need to be in the "in crowd" to get thumbs.
So true....
Listen here Fuck sticks, the man said his piece.   Cut him some slack. And for the Australia haters........   @Piobaire  You are Waaay out of line.    A member pissing you off? sure. A Country?   = out of line.    
Japan. outside of Tokyo.     Do it.   ask about "Recycle shops"
Yes.......  Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!! 
For a young man upping his game,  This is brilliant!   i feel light grey pants. or Tan chino's would really work.    And.......  you should grow a beard.I also agree to switch out the button collar for a regular one. But +1 for effort. looking good.    Well i'm glad you can see the slight humor, and influences in my fit pics .   Style is subjective, like art. I am always trying new concepts, and pushing the boundaries.-Not to everyone's taste. but neither is a lot of...
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