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The goodnews is.... They are made in Japan. and those are genuine tags. And HOLY CRAP!!!!!!   i just managed to get on, after getting some DNS error thing. for 3 days!!!!!!!!!still can't login on my Ipotato.    but i got some deals and stuff going on, and just wanted to say i've been having technical difficulties.
Sorry Piobaire, it's still funny.      
Voted for Stitches, and Deadangle.    -Nice shot, nice fit.
^^^   #Winning.
There needs to be some sacrifice on both parts. Where you can be entertained, and still be perceived as "well dressed" by onlookers. Just supposing that "Brown Tie/Blue Blazer" is the Optimum, and I want to dress like one of the Wright brothers.....  Concessions need to be made.     Yet "Optimum" is a difficult thing to pin down. is it the distillation of a wardrobe into a single uniform look?  or is it the maximization of every items collaborative potential?    The "Here...
My favorite place?  i don't really have one. It's all nice. There is such a variety of things to see and do.  every City has their own flavor. You can pretty much choose anywhere randomly, for a unique and authentic experience. I really prefer the more slow paced cities. -The people have more time to talk.   Wherever you would choose to go, I recommend exploring solo. And interacting with the locals. 
There are things that need to be sold.  Also, Congrats @highvoltorb on being the 110000th poster.
+1   One fool making a fuss, And many fools being racist.   Edit: oh, i see them now.....   Marriage help????   Seems reputable.....
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