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How it looked after drying for a while... Not bad for chocolate milk on beige carpet, and only one treatment.
A Barrel fit pic. Choo Choo!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you are having a good thrift Bro.      Also, a Special thanks are in order for @1ofTheCoolKids For sending some cool stuff that included a Blackwatch Pendleton vest. @GMMcL for quality suiting. (Think i found what you need)  And to @div25sec9  for being awesome!!!  - he sent me some patterns for making my own waistcoats, that date back to the 1950's.   all good stuff coming your way!
Next level thrifting in 36 hours and counting down.   As for the recent crap? there is only one way........   Be ready, more Comme des Garcons,Rare sneakers, and Denims than you have ever seen.  
Great stuff so far, best i've seen on here to be honest.  digging it.      so the "Furriners" are winning stitchy??
Thanks for not being a snob, and responding to the best of your knowledge. perhaps i will drive a porshe, to try one out.  they are becoming more affordable for the late 1990's ones.  with low mileage etc.      Honestly,  a tuned R34 might float your boat more than the new R35. as a few guys on Skyline forums have complained about them not having "Feel".    Wow!, the GT3 is a pretty sweet ride. and will put my car away.  easily.    though not too many others would. money,...
I guess you are out. And all talk.   - And no, unless you want to bow out gracefully. the challenge is what it is.   whatever your excuse. you sir, are all internet talk, =a Troll. By your quoted definition.  As are a few others.  Either post 3 fits or just SHUT THE F#CK UP!!!!   Jeeez.........
Fried chicken Battle?  wrong thread, but i'll play.Karaage, or Nihon fried chicken.   soaked in soy sauce, crushed and chopped garlic,sesamie oil, ginger,and fresh chopped chilli for 2 hours, then dropped both sides in flour and deep fried in rice oil.  - you can hear the crunch, and squeeze the juices.  spicy!    Ate with Beer.  And wasabi mayonaise.
Down for either the Fit battle,or the bare knuckle boxing.   Trolls should put up, or shut up.    how about it inspector gadget??   For the Fit battle,  1 week to take pics of your best 3 fits for that week.  - That show you can display more than one look. 3 diverse fits, each fit voted on.  The most fits with the most votes wins.   Others are free to join in. if they got some sack. it is encouraged.   A 4-5 way fit battle would be interesting.     it's the only...
My response to your trolling. @eazye  Only the good stuff, just not at U.S prices. also i thrift to buy, not to sell.
If Troika only got $132, then he threw in a bit more, he could get one new pair of Ironhearts. or 2 "Thrifted" pairs. But the difference between dollar figures? well, i only shop on ebay. And can only say it's a sweet gig if you can get it. it's just a lot of work to make money i guess.
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