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Have a khaki one , very versatile jacket .. Can be worn as a smart jacket or casual ..
Top button done up, leave the tab hanging down as a feature .. Look I like ..
I ordered from online Cabourn .. Went into shop last week , Herieta Street , to check out some items .. Not many other stores seem to take Cabourn anymore .. Foul weather smock was also a piece I'd like , but not in the navy .. Shame there isn't an orange version , that would be something ..
Size is 54 Measurements on Cabourn site are close enough .. Thin jacket I'd say ..
Had this arrive today, very nice indeed ..
Visited Army Gym store , Covent Garden , Wednesday .. Foul weather smock is nice, plain, but at £500 no thanks .. The Indigo Cameraman was my pick, feels quite substantial and material is really nice .. The INdigo denim utility was very nice but just a bit too short for me .. Always enjoy visiting the store and is worth it to check out items that a website can't always show you prior to buying ..
Hood on zip parka is too small for my liking, plus sizing is weird, you need to be round for it to fit ..
Those in the know ... Is there any Camo pieces for UK market ? Spotted some on Japanese sites .. Also is the foul weather smock heading to UK stores, or again just Japanese market ?
Red Wing , Viberg , McKinlays are my choice with EG ..
Lot of what I've seen so far of ss range , has a very cheap look to it .. Smocks look terrible ..
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