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Anyone interested in this brand ? In Uk only seems to be two stockists, Oi Polloi and End clothing. Are there any in the US or Canada. Sadly Xl biggest size and it's not that big either. Some very nice pieces I had from Inventory before sadly they stopped selling clothes.
Thanks .. Think Xl be just right .. Not seen the blackwatch version other than Japan ..
Measurements would be great please, cheers !
Anyone bought or tried on this seasons Pathfinder jacket ? Like to hear review on it, also looks just that bit too short for me at 6'2" , again any comments ? Is my stand out looking piece for this season especially in Blackwatch ..
Pathfinder is my kinda thing !
And a pile of shite so far ..
From where ? ^
That CPO is lovely, is that released in a slight different look ?
Seen already some nice shirts on sale , looks an interesting season .. Appreciate the effort for the thread , great photo shoot ..
Has winter thread started ? Has winter stock started filtering in ? Had a quick look earlier on Independence Chicago and saw some shirts looked like aw range .. Very nice too ..
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