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Just had the light Parka in from Kafka , in dark navy , and certainly is light .. Large I had, just over 23" pitpit, sleeves a tad short, but nothing to worry about .. They are nice ..
Cheers, I took the navy lightweight Parka in the end ..
Seen some pictures on Instagram of the green with good selvedge, and must say they don't look to bad, not for me, but they do look ok ..
Complete misnomer regarding the skinhead movement. It was born from SKA & Reggae music, black origin music, and as a 70's youth from London, there was no rascist agenda from the Skinhead movement originally. As time moved on some certainly had that persuasion, but not the founder movement ! Rasicts are not born to one movement, but are people of complete ignorance .. I despise any form of racism, there is no place in society for it .. but original Skins were NOT racist
Count me out, horrid looking things, reminiscent of Skinheads in U.K. During the 80's ..
Camo Cameraman smock landed , very nice indeed !
Looks great that Al, colour looks lovely, you go for your not,al size ?
Any pic s or info on the coveralls for ss17 ?
My last purchase of the aw range for 16 ..
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