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Not much exciting on there ..
Has anyone been able to size down on this seasons Cameraman ? The old style Macintosh and Harris fitted quite neat on me , but I have a s&s Ventile in 56 and that was definitely big ?
M65 sounds sweet !
Any EG in XXL you want to shift pm me ...
Not really buddy these were quite small , I'm 56 in Cameraman , if I can find one from this seasons offerings ..
Any Collab with Eddie Bauer is gonna be good .. I had the work style jacket , was too small even at 56 , but oozed with quality .. Am tempted with the Camo Koram ..
uShowu very hit and miss when it comes to response , they used to have big Cabourn collections and big sizes , shame as not many stores carry 56 in Cabourn , I'm tempted by that lovely blue taffy , we'll see ...
Seen the Camo Kahoolawe on eBay , £999 , not sue I'd get away with double fur collar , I'm bit too reserved in my dress sense ..
Not as disturbing as Steel28 jeans !
I see knock off Nigel has introduced an ' archive ' section online , in other words sale items , and he's banging out the crazy cameraman for £1250 , what a friggin rip off , even you most hardy NC fans can't justify this , utter bullshit ..
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