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Crazy Mallory looks like a court jesters coat , it's awful ..
Ends measurements are naff .. Crazy Cameraman is appealing ..
Cold weather / taffy , same one .. Lovely in that blue ushowu have .. They used to run a code so you avoid 21% added on at the end , otherwise what's the point in buying items in sale .. The taffy twist has caught my eye ..
Top post Blaugrana , I had the Camo Mountain in a 54 and it just didn't fit so sadly passed on it , the. Cameraman went back as the material wasn't for me at such a price , piece I'd love is the cold weather taffy on ushowu , blue is lovely colour , and marked down well , but when I went to check out had to add a further 21% I think it was so took price up , and wasn't prepared to pay that , this seasons taffy certainly does appeal to me ..
How about this seasons Field Parka ? Seen many overhead parka's yet to see the Field. Parka anywhere ?
Aircraft first issue = £250 This season , £700+ , Yeah , I really like what they've done to this seasons Aircraft too .. Phish !
Yes but if in Europe need to add 21% on , so hikes price up a bit ..
However nice the coat is , the collar is absolutely ridiculous ..
Pic from superdenim , doesn't work for me navy & brown , Ventile does though ..
Rancid looking !
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