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I see knock off Nigel has introduced an ' archive ' section online , in other words sale items , and he's banging out the crazy cameraman for £1250 , what a friggin rip off , even you most hardy NC fans can't justify this , utter bullshit ..
Certainly does look good , no doubting that ...
No worries fella , buy what you want , I just detected all wasn't rosey with the Everest , having owned one I don't feel they justify the massive RRP , not going through all that again , one thing I will say is they never feel bullet proof , there's something flimsy about them and I don't think they're all that durable .. Ink blue was the best colour released I reckon ..
I don't blame you , 2 coats for 5 k , who wouldn't ..
I'm stunned you've paid £2500 for a coat you never tried on and test drived , your money mate , but fuck me ..
Ok , so when is s&s 2015 thread gonna get started ? Any pics knocking about ?
Chill man .. I like Cabourn , and I'm not trying to knock him , what he does , he does with a labour of love I don't doubt that .. Timeless pieces he's made , and I love the Cameraman , and Swedish Parka .. My statement originated at the Everest , enough said on it really .. I feel it's overpriced massively , and not practical ..
Ventile is approx £25-£30 per square metre , so not expensive ..Think you need to get your facts correct on wholesale pricing ..Makes a loss ? Get real ..
Smith and Morris 20% off Cabourn right now ..
My comments are from knowledge not opinion , my mate carried Cabourn for years , not Debenhams old chum , Cabourns Mark up is what I've stated , fact , not opinion ..
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