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if the shoulder measurements matter to you at all (they did to me) they told me : M 17 7/8, L 18 3/8, XL 18 7/8. i am more of a 40R in the chest but a 42R in the shoulders of most jackets, which is why i asked them; i wasn't sure between M and L. fwiw i ordered a large (but i don't have it yet).
and it sounds like one. unless it's the same fabric, it will look different. even black. maybe especially black.
i'd recommend emailing them to ask about the shoulder measurements and compare that and the other measurements to a well-fitting jacket. either way the XS is going to be pretty tight with only a 2.5" difference between your chest and the coat's.
and that's not my experience. i also have a 33 waist, ordered a pair of 32s that were too big in the waist. the 31s seem to have the right waist for me (they are a little tight but stretching to the right size).
i think they might have passed it down. my impression of people who work in the field: they change a constant and publish a new paper; it amounts to basically what you're describing! it's why they can churn out so many papers. (i'm not an expert in the area, but it doesn't speak well that this is what first comes to mind).
 i don't see the ambiguity of "well-behaved" as a huge problem in certain contexts, but i don't think it is something that should stick around for any length of time. in my field it is often used to describe sufficient conditions for something to do what the speaker/writer wants. this is annoying for reasons you cite, except in the circumstance of cutting-edge research, where it is really being used to say "ThiS is good enough to get what i want, but i'm not sure if ThiS...
 I can only offer comparative remarks, since I have a PRL with a similar looking label (and several others with the more recognizable Corneliani tags inside the pocket). It looks similar in format to a blue PRL blazer I have (but mine is in English, not German, and where that is light blue, mine is more grey). It otherwise looks the same, including that it looks like the label is intended to be cut (so as to separate the portion with the little boxes at the bottom). Maybe...
while that is quite good, if I had to choose a best it would be Heady Topper (which is significantly better than any IPA I have ever had).
6 weeks. By "placed order" I assume you mean "I want this fabric with the following changes -2cm waist etc.". Otherwise more like 7-8 weeks. I had to wait for the trial suit, try it on, take pictures, get feedback, etc.
 well the broken link pics only work for me if i click on the original. if it shows up in something someone quoted, i can't get anything. still annoying.
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