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while that is quite good, if I had to choose a best it would be Heady Topper (which is significantly better than any IPA I have ever had).
6 weeks. By "placed order" I assume you mean "I want this fabric with the following changes -2cm waist etc.". Otherwise more like 7-8 weeks. I had to wait for the trial suit, try it on, take pictures, get feedback, etc.
 well the broken link pics only work for me if i click on the original. if it shows up in something someone quoted, i can't get anything. still annoying.
 yes. but if you click on the broken link the actual pic will appear. still annoying.
While this isn't an answer to your question, I will say that I had very good success having a Harrington jacket made by Luxire based off of shirt measurements (they had made about three shirts for me at that point). I only described how I wanted it to fit and the length in the back. It came back about perfect. Seems like a shirt-jacket would be even easier, depending on how similar to an actual shirt you'd want it to fit. I am very glad they had shirt measurements of mine...
 yes, you can have them lined but unfused. and yes, you need to be explicit about what you want.
 brown. or another navy.
 You might find it helpful to know that the chore coat in medium measures 17 7/8" across the shoulders while the large measures 18 3/8". I inquired about this over email once because I was also unsure about sizing between medium and large. I'm not sure why it's not on their fit chart; it's certainly more important than the chest measurement.
 There are places where students don't pay tuition at all and some still have this attitude, so I'm not sure you can say high tuition makes students/parents feel more entitled, though I understand where that comes from. I have taught at several institutions with tuition right around that 50k mark too, and I've never once heard a student or parent complain about a grade I gave with a comment along the lines of "I pay $50,000 and I expect better". And I've never had a...
i agree going with your best fitting pants will produce good results. my first pair fit great in the hips/thigh/butt. i will say that i discovered that i like my cotton odd pants to fit a little slimmer in the leg than my suit pants (or my odd wool pants for that matter). so it's worth thinking a little (but not overthinking) about how you'll use them and how you like different sorts of pants to fit. that said, i only ended up decreasing the leg by about .25" for...
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