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i agree going with your best fitting pants will produce good results. my first pair fit great in the hips/thigh/butt. i will say that i discovered that i like my cotton odd pants to fit a little slimmer in the leg than my suit pants (or my odd wool pants for that matter). so it's worth thinking a little (but not overthinking) about how you'll use them and how you like different sorts of pants to fit. that said, i only ended up decreasing the leg by about .25" for...
yes, including the cuff.
Speaking of sizing, is there any chance of getting shoulder measurements for the shirts/coats, and hips for the pants (esp. chinos)? It would help people ordering certain items for the first time make a choice, especially those of us (me) who tend to be between sizes.
i have both the black and navy knits, and they're easily distinguishable. the colors on his site are pretty true.
I agree about the KW houndstooth being too small. I also prefer something more on the scale of his shepherd's check. Sam Hober has one that looks to be about the right scale. But even beyond these three ties there are plenty of ties in the silver family, if we just restrict to that, that make great wedding ties. I'm starting to think there's a glen plaid gestapo when reading this thread of late.
 I haven't heard anyone mention shepherd's check or houndstooth in awhile as equally good options. I actually like shepherd's check the best between these and the glen plaid. 
And whether or not our patterns are automatically adjusted.
Yes. I have two (navy, black), and trying to resist buying a third which I don't need but do want. I have many silk knits - these are crunchy, light, and airy. All good qualities for a casual tie. I wear both frequently.
 No, I measured mine brand new and unworn. I wrote to them and they already replied asking me to send them in so they can measure and help me either get a better fitting pair or a store credit if they are outside their tolerance. I'm glad to hear from people they are good with exchange. It also doesn't hurt that they replied so quickly to my request for help.
I only own one pair of Gustin jeans. I have no idea what others' experiences are as far as accuracy of measurements, and I don't know what their accepted tolerances are. I wouldn't expect each measurement to be perfect, but the waist is off significantly.
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