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Agreed.  I put my name on it, but more just for the fun of seeing how it would age.  How often do people check out your keys?  It's just for you IMHO.
Just picked up a pair of S0500XX from a member on a different forum.  My first pair of Samurai jeans.  Wicked excited to throw them on and see what they are really like.
Those are some sweet spectacles.  Putting them on the wishlist now.  
Received a pair of Gray 8152's for Christmas.  I've been wearing them daily to break in. The right foot (which is bigger than my left) is almost comfortable, but a huge difference from day 1.  Love the color and the left is now wicked comfortable.  
Just shot you a pm with the info. 
Here's the evo of my key hook bought in July.  It's been banging around on my motorcycle through summer and fall.  Definitely looks broken in.
It's a 877 and selvedge kind of day  here in Utah.  One of the last motorcycle riding days of the year.  Love these boots.  Man are they comfortable.
Eek, Thankgiving mishap! My wife dumped a whole pot of dirty dish water on me. My Red Cores are only about 4 mos old. Washing them right now. We'll have to see how it turns out. That's life right???
A little over a month and the indigo from my denim is really adding character to the wallet.  The leather has darkened slightly handling it daily.  Really digging the wallet.
Excited to get my Unlucky wallet.  He emailed me this picture and is dropping it in the mail today.  Pretty cool to find a local guy with great quality.  He was really nice to work with as well which makes all the difference in the world.  
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