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Just received my RJB argyle dobby shirt from Self Edge.  Love the fit & the feel of the fabric.  Great stuff.   
Recieved my 1950 Service boots today.  They fit better than I expected.  These are 11 on what looks like the 110 last.  The fit is almost identical to my 11.5 US Alden Indy boots.  Hope this helps those looking to buy in the next rounds.       
I've been looking at Viberg for a while. Read a lot of advice on the sizing of the different lasts. When the pics went up I recognized the last & size I wanted. We'll see how it works out.
Ah yeah, #23 found a home with me.
Congrats on the new repair shop.  Love the name.  Totally buying a few hangers with my next order.  
  I've had my eye on the OD as well.  I went with the superblack III jacket.  One day I'll pair it with the jeans too. 
I got it a little wet and used a leather stylus tool.  It wasn't too hard to freehand.  
Agreed.  I put my name on it, but more just for the fun of seeing how it would age.  How often do people check out your keys?  It's just for you IMHO.
Just picked up a pair of S0500XX from a member on a different forum.  My first pair of Samurai jeans.  Wicked excited to throw them on and see what they are really like.
Those are some sweet spectacles.  Putting them on the wishlist now.  
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