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My favourite "less is more" Lange, and the third of my Lange grail trinity:     *sigh*
I had a linen suit with flaps that was only buggy lined.  Seems to work OK.  Also, you could have non-functional pockets so they weren't flapping about inside.   Iso, Black linen 3r2 jacket?  I don't like that at all.  So it would probably work on you. :) And that mohair sounds ideal for your previous suggestion.
 I have a plain black silk tie for funerals, worn with navy or grey suit, and usually a white shirt. I wouldn't say this tie is unacceptable for a funeral, but although common in SF world, a PoW tie is sufficiently novel to stand out.  And personally, I'd say understated is the number one rule for funerals, so there are better options than this.  Can't see any rule against flap pockets on a summer blazer: on a tweed jacket it would be perfectly normal, so I don't see why...
 Ah...karma.  The Langematik Perpetual, right next to the Datograph on my grail list.  And equally irritating to Dino - teehee! You sure know how to pick a winner.  Magnificent.
Thanks my man.
Oh piss off!!!!
He is a very stylish gentleman.  But I think he's also an example of how dressing excellently for life and business, and projecting and marketing an identity from within the style and fashion milieu, is necessarily different.
I've hear that chaps who take their socks off to wear loafers, stick them in their underwear to adjust their apparent proportions.
Got you; yes I agree.  Personally I still don't go sockless with loafers unless I'm wearing shorts, which as I said tends to be by the beach or similar - and rare at that!  But yes, with linen trousers and a loose, relaxed look, I totally get it for a coffee with friends or popping to the shop for a newspaper.
Oh, stop it.
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