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Do we have an ETA?  Estimated Time of Arrival, obviously...no Basque separatist agenda implied,.   (Confession: I was late, but I have paid!)
That Lange tourbillon!!   @appoooh, sorry for calling you Moo, mix up: to be honest, I am drawn to the original for that reason - the extra interest of the blued hands really makes it special to me.  But that said, this is supposed to be the essence of Bauhaus design, so the more minimalist look is perfectly appropriate.  Also, those polished hands will really pick up the colours around them - as in your pic.   I was curious on the size because I'm seriously thinking...
Fine, I'm going to tell you my genius idea right here: The most SF tie ever is a black knit.  Total iGent.  Super crunchy, of course.  I suggest one of those.  Very black.  Very crunchy.  And perhaps with some construction quirk e.g. sewn by the three-balled grandmothers of Calabria with only their toes.   And the label, unknown of course to outsiders who would fail anyway to understand how iGent a black knit tie really is, is to read: "SF/SF".  [[SPOILER]]
Moo, is that the Orion "Weiss"?  Looks great - congratulations!  What size is it?   T&T, I would do bad things for a RD Monegasque, approved or otherwise.  One or two of the exotic Excaliburs are pretty exciting too.  FM hasn't pressed my buttons, but I can't say I've seen many.
Depends on the person - someone taller or with a bigger neck might be making the knot with a narrower part of the tie, for example.  But in general I agree - DFIH is great for knits and grenadines, and matches the more casual style I think.  But I do default to a neat symmetrical Pratt/Shelby for most things.   Now then, where's this thread about the SF-special tie?  I have an idea of rare genius.
It might be worth checking in with me at closing time...just in case.
I've only used neutral so far, very sparingly - they're still pretty new.  But depending on how I am feeling about the colour, I'd happily use burgundy or brown or both.
Got a new job, said "yes" to some impulsive treats to mark the occasion..and as usual, very little self-control!  Also have 2/3 of kids birthdays this month, six months' rent end of next, and was thinking of a new car...   Anyway, so the brown adelaide is rolling.  The burgundy museum derby is close.  The burgundy U-boot (haha) too?  I will have to enjoy those vicariously unless they get delayed a few weeks, but now I'm in, I know this is going to be a bad habit!
Someone was once quite polite about a Breitling.  It's not anarchy.   Jori, I also have wide feet.  Nicer shoes help - no excuse, those are horrible, sorry!  And I don't use Firefox so I'm afraid I can't help.  Welcome, anyway. :)
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