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@chobochobo did you ever hear from @Nick A ?
I think perhaps it's easy to underestimate the commitment Ford have made to the Eco-Boost V6 Turbo: it's replaced the 5.4 V8 in the Expedition and the F150, and will even replace the 6.2 V8 in the new Raptor.  It's more powerful, makes more torque, and with its improved fuel economy, Ford are gambling big that it is going to become the new standard for premium models: when truck makers dropped big iron blocks for aluminium alloys, some said it was a compromise.  GMC shrunk...
Congratulations @UnFacconable; that looks great!  I know it's only marketing fluff, but having all that inner and outer box going on, the bits and pieces alongside, etc, really adds to the sense of specialness and occasion.  Maybe OTT to some, but I think they did a great job of making that look exciting.   For my part, today I give the medal to the Richemont machine: FYI @BostonHedonist Vacheron Constantin and Roger Dubuis catalogues both arrived in my office...
 I would swap that tie for a burgundy madder neat, go light blue on the shirt, and tell you to go back to your wedding. 
I've had good experiences with both, though I think ET's ties are maybe a cut above.  Maybe if you only want a couple, think which are easiest for taxes and shipping.  But most of all, find ones you love.  Check out also:   conradwu.com henrycarter.com.au pantaclothing.com   Excellent products all.
 So a shoe that's half a size smaller and a width narrower is harder on your toes?  Who'd have thought it?! 11C in AE would be equivalent to a narrow 10 in Meermin - New Rey last or Vil, maybe?  Your 10.5 Meermin Hiro is like a 11.5 D in Allen Edmonds, last shapes notwithstanding.
No way!  The gunmetal was the best!  But maybe you can bring it back as part of a higher range of solid mechanicals with similar styling - if you do, I'll buy it myself.
Sometimes you just have to walk your own road.  The DSSD turned out to be a favourite, didn't it?
Hmm..some very respectable ties in there.  Attention will be paid.
 Small metallic object. :)
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