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It's not the tie in itself, it's the combination of Noodles' fresh face and infant-like proportionately large head, his preference for plain mid-grey and navy jackets, and his seemingly pubescent wonder at the world.   I agree, as stripes go, it's perfectly understated and tasteful.
By the way, I'm not sure about more stripes for you, Noodley, especially in bold colours like the red/white/blue you have in mind: you're young and have a boyish look, and are, I think, wanting to project a more adult and masculine kind of personal authority in your business dress.  With your proportions, stripey ties and grey or blue suits will always be somehow reminiscent of school uniform.  You don't want to look like an Asian Harry Potter.  The neats work better for...
There is definitely some spill over from AV selling into SF orthodoxy, that's for sure.  And some are just brand ho's.  Noodles has a LV handbag.
If your dressing up as the lawn guy works for her...
Definitely worth two squares.  Pimptastic. :)
 Welcome words; I need add none.  "Proper" hats are almost inherently vintage.  But I think you can and should rock them, traditionally, contemporarily, or just to be irritating.  They are all valid.  However, there is something of a science to getting the proportions right, and I think you could use one with a little less volume.  But definitely worth experimenting.  Yes, certainly slighter than that, but a break nevertheless.  You should be prepared to lose your balls...
Check out the sale at herringshoes.co.uk  They have a lot of casual styles from Church's at half price - rubber-soled suede derbies etc., just the right kind of thing for walking around Italy in the Autumn, while a suitably English (Italian-owned now, of course) prestige brand to appeal to the shallower tendencies.
 Cometh the hour, cometh the man?  You were the one out selling this!  I think you might have something of a "Catch 22" here!
 I mean stuff like having to manage your music through iTunes instead of using your iPod or phone as a simple external drive, and that it all shares info whether you want it to or not...that kind of thing.  But they're all headed that way I guess.  Apple just made it normal.
Right, Noodles.  Ten ties.   Firstly, you're doing OK.  I'm not keen on the TF check, or the pindots, but that's just my taste, there's nothing inherently wrong with them.  You've also got a couple of lovely burgundy neats there, and have no fewer than three greenish neats, which look OK.  That Drake's burgundy neat is the pick of the bunch in my view.  But I would say that.  Now, three things:   First, you like blue ties, and they are perfect for your environment,...
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