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 On which note, today's tie (includes complimentary nostril inspection):  [[SPOILER]]  (Not shown: Cali tux issue beige trousers; light tan museum monks.)
5'11". 215lb.    I think it goes back to what I said a page or two ago, about the tie's being consonant with a medium to narrow lapel and/or a slightly more casual style: the higher button stance on this "Havana" cut makes it look fatter.  Anyway, glad you like it!   As I have a massive head, I find a medium spread collar suits me best so I don't think a smaller knot would work - with either head or collar.   Also, I don't like the skinny asymmetric four-in-hand in...
@garland: What's the latest?
Haven't been here for a little while.  Hello. [[SPOILER]]
Returning to the subject of ties, this is the one Ed is selling direct from his site, at the Massdrop price:  [[SPOILER]]
Warning: Wikipedia page contains images you do not want to see!
+1   I generally have a broad and consistent appetite for knowledge of all  kinds. This evening has demonstrated an exception.  I really did not want those details (or images..bloody hell, Wikipedia!), in my mind.   Think of madder neats.  Madder neats make it all better.   Don't ever tie them round your sack, though...
For a business environment, the burgundy would have been a perfect contrast to both *sigh*.  Brown or green are nice, but I'd say for just one, go with the rust, either pattern, or the light blue direct from Panta at the same price.
Me too.  Then had regret and went back for the brown one too.  Rust and green I have already.  And the light blue one that shows in the ad!   Thanks for adding that one guys.  Come on, hands up who wants the burgundy one for the full colour spectrum!  
I normally go for a wider tie, but as all three of my Pantas came at 8cm, I'm used to them that way: my new one will be the same.  Different moods, suits or jackets with narrower or different shaped lapels - I think there's room for more than one tie width on the rack. 
New Posts  All Forums: