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 For sure.  But please note that the "humblebrag" is something to be avoided.   My eyes...MY EYES!  
 Well, now that @ShawnBC has built it up, I'd better deliver!  Chronographs under $1000, for wearing everywhere.  Mechanical, of course, because...mechanical.  And this puts us firmly in the domain of the Swatch Group: they own the ETA/Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement that's powered millions of great watches for about forty years in one guise or another, and their accessible brands (Hamilton, Tissot, and Certina in this case), have some really pleasing designs.  I seem to...
Wow..quite an entrance!  What colour dial is the 5035?   I can see why a simple dress watch might take the place of a second Panerai, but is the Saxonia the only option?  I'm thinking with your wrist size, if you want a Lange then an original 36mm 1815 might be an option.  There are plenty around used for about the same price as a Saxonia, but I think they have a lot more personality with the blued hands and deck watch style Arabic numbers.  The proportions are also...
In the end, no. But I'm thinking a boot version. Because...boot.
 Yes, definitely 6319.  Get out of my head!!!
Here it is, with my Spezimatic Weltzeit.  You're right, it's a very chunky case, about 40mm and deep.  But with no lugs anyone can wear it - and she does! Both early seventies, I'm told.
I think GUB used the same case for a watch I bought my girlfriend a few weeks back. I don't have a pic on my phone but there are some in the thread.
What kind of style are you looking for? There is a lot of freedom and quality in that budget, so tell us a bit more about how you want to wear it.
 You might be thinking of the "Military" ones that are Bambino sized.  The dressier ones are a modest 37mm across and 11mm deep.  Both dimensions will impact a lot on how they slide under the sleeve.  The mostly come on bracelets, but as they're so cheap, swapping in a strap if you prefer it is a reasonable proposition. Anyway, if you like the Bambino, all the better: moving the button on your shirt cuff up just a fraction will also make life easier.
I feel an F-word coming...   And if that is the case, I'm fascinated to know the hows and whys.  Knowledge is power.
New Posts  All Forums: