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 If anyone can pull off that look it's you.  And I agree, blazers with denim jeans make people look like Jeremy Clarkson.
@kimmo I think that's where my mind is headed.  I'll pay a premium for ETA over Miyota or Seiko, but on an entry level watch, it doesn't seem to be worth twice the money.   @Kaplan that is an interesting looking thing in its own right, even though I am more interested in historical rather than fantasy swords. Mine only criterion really is that they have to be designed to be fully functional - stainless wall decorations are not for me.   @crdb I rather like the sound of...
Welcome back @Jazzmenco, be well!
Obsessing over other hobbies is clearly a common facet of watch lovers. My latest weird hobby kop:
Oh I see. Well I'm sure it's well known in the Canaries! Great engine anyway.
You could be right, I think it was just the yellow gold and platinum. What a loser. (@no frills) Anyway, back to ETA vs X: I think the question is more like whether it's worth paying 900-1500 for a base ETA over 3-500 for Miyota, if everything else is equal. Emotionally, I'm quite drawn to the reliable universality of ETA, and that its humble standard is trusted by many much more expensive makers. But I wonder, do they also choose it more because of the consistent "Swiss...
No doubt the best Touareg yet in specs, but what a truly awful name. What were they thinking? Anyway. Watches. Let's leave the dick measuring for the car thread? Cheap watches in fact, and a simple but controversial question: is a simple ETA movement worth the premium over a Miyota,in a poor man's watch? Yes, there is another thread specifically on PMWs but I want to know how the big boys think about brand Swiss in standard movements. Have at it!
I don't know what the BenTouareg is like, probably very good, but it's a spectacularly awful name isn't it?
How many more do you think he needs?
Yeah, just spreading the question around. That Squale looked good, but a bit nearer the 1k PMW threshold than I was looking for. @alpyigit those two are both outstanding.
New Posts  All Forums: