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Actually that's not really what I meant: Sinn keeps coming up as a suggestion for a high quality product, often at an accessible price.  I've thought about them as an option many times but never quite jumped on one.  Are they pretty enough?  Maybe that's it.  There's a lot of subjectivity in what we love and what we don't.     Conceptually I like them a lot.  Aesthetically there are quite a few that I "get".  But maybe it's because I've never been able to get them on my...
Depends where you travel.  I take it all off, and either put it in my bag or in the pocket of my jacket if I'm wearing one, then that goes through the scanner.   Hmm...Sinn again.  Funny how that name keeps coming up.  
Hmm.  Not feeling the love.  I'm sure it's great value, but not exciting.     I will wait for true romance.
Lovely choice on the Ballard.   Further to what Culverwood said, bear in mind also that Justin pays for his shoes in Euros, not Sterling.  At some point costs will catch up with the exchange rate, and right now the Pound is only going further south.   So, buy lots of J Fitzpatrick shoes.  Soon.  It makes perfect sense.
TWAT is always at its best when enabling. :)   There is more to come.  I can feel it.
It's a great watch, but not that chunky, knockabout bracelet item I had in mind.  And I've never seen one that cheap.
It's certainly one I've looked at a hundred times.  And in that configuration, too: for me the "Burgundy" one is the definitive choice.  And bracelet > strap, as it's easier to add the latter when you want to change things up.  Most desirable watch?  Not sure.  But certainly a lot of high production and design values for a reasonable price.  Yes, there are cheaper ETA-driven divers that are worth a look: Oris Aquis looks nice to me.  But the Tudor really feels a lot more...
I have to recommend a mechanical one as a matter of principle. But if you do want a quartz/digital watch, I believe Casio rule this segment with the G-Shock.
I find it very attractive, especially in those colours. But I can't help thinking that a vintage Heuer (or Navitimer, you bastard enablers from previous page), would offer more authentic wonders for fewer pennies. I would love to wear one, but I can't see that I would ever buy one.
But there are enough.The Gorilla is a turd.
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