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 It seems there are some differences between the European and US sites.  I guess you could ask if you're able to order?  Otherwise check out the SS thread, and you might find someone willing to proxy.  I am in neither region, so order from Europe with a forwarding service.
 That is a lot of sugar right there; really mouth-watering.  The dessert and BLNR aren't bad either.  I don't know what to say or where to look.  Why would you say such a thing?!
Brilliant kop, I'm envious! I think Omega's up-branding over the last few years has created a monster in the used market, so picking Zenith as a lower profile serious maker was masterly. Love the blue dial and 60s case. Beautiful pick.
Thank you gentlemen.  I've found it difficult to locate examples online.  I think she might end up with a small selection!
  I bought a shantung quite a while ago, and it's not the most precisely constructed item.  But it is lovely, and as it's a stiff old shantung, it doesn't matter much.  A more recent raw silk number is tidier, but they are both among my favourites. I got the brown neat myself a few weeks ago, and it's gorgeous.  Feels a lot like a madder - similar in weight and texture to my beloved Panta madders - and it's a joy to tie.  Shaving ten bucks here and there in a sale is...
Come along now, TWATters, I need your help here quickly!   Three hand gold watch with bright red dial, 40mm so will wear large on lady...need a strap suggestion.
There is a massive range of quality in cloth of the same composition, and the bottom line is that usually, you get what you pay for.  I've had linen for $10/yd and $50/yd and it's not the same.  "Super 100s wool" can be anything you imagine.  The type of weave, the quality control, the length and "crinkle" of fibres...there are a thousand variables.  So good cotton is better than bad wool.  But good wool is better than most things.
 Suit yourself; I take my jacket off at work too, but usually wear braces either under a DB that I never take off, or a three piece.  By showing your braces, you're making a big bold statement, which is fine.  But then worrying about whether they blend with the tie doesn't make much sense.  Wear bright red ones if you want to be cheeky, burgundy if you hurt fewer eyes, black or white or navy...whatever. But I'd say contrast with everything - showing the braces to the world...
In my limited experience, yes.
 Yeah, basically what I thought.  And $7-800 is two simple Suit Supply numbers that I know are perfectly serviceable, and will cost me $20 to adjust locally if need be.  Just wondered if there were any hidden gems but it seems I should just ride an elephant and enjoy the beaches.  None at all.  Your beaters are beaten.  If you love them, you could send them to Luxire or something for copying, and let them burn them for you?  Forget linen.  It's fun, but wrinkles like a...
New Posts  All Forums: