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To ensure that you didn't buy it before I did. Duh.
I'm in Oman, not the UK. They don't sell the Camaro in the UK, or the Challenger. They just brought the Mustang, surprisingly, this year. I believe they do make a right hand drive Camaro for Japan.
Not really. Just going to give it a good service, possibly replace the steering that has a little play,new tyres etc. The only "mod" I really want right now is a custom upholstery job - this is dull charcoal cloth inside - and a couple of accessories. Oh, and a salaged front wheel for a spare! Then I will daily drive it to my sensible government advisory job, in my 3 piece. Because.
I was agonising about muscle cars for a while, settled on a 2012 Camaro SS. A metallic red one. Needs a little work, but I'm looking forward to it.
I like the Cambodian oud oil. Not the most expensive, but rich and special. Mine is from Ajmal.
Bah. One solitary pair left in my size. Sold, PM coming.
Whoah...been out of this thread...Creed, Carmina, St C sale...where?!
The car I'm planning to buy tomorrow will make people point and call me a dick. It is worth it; one of the joys of heading into middle age is freedom from giving a shit. I have a question: any of you guys in the US have a law enforcement connection who can check a partial VIN? I came across a car with a fake VIN. Last six digits and one letter before are correct, I think, I'm assuming because the faker wanted it to still match the engine block stamp. I didn't buy it...
It's also considerably more expensive in French.
Ah, these are dark times.  Noodles may now have to talk to his wife.  I feel for her.
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