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 You think?  I've worn two, nominally identical, 43G goyser welted shoes from new on consecutive days.  They might as well be completely different sizes - yesterday's was massive over the instep and generous around the toes, today's rather close on both counts.  They also have slightly different sole and heel arrangements, though supposed to be the same.  And neither what I actually asked for. The joys of hand-made shoes and Vass communication...but damn, I love them! 
 Not sure where you are, but I know some dealers in Germany will export VAT-free via Chrono24, etc.  Nomos charge higher prices for Asia, I've noticed - even more than the VAT that they don't deduct!  Bastards.  I really think that's a great-looking movement for the money.  Maybe blueing the column wheel is a bit cheesy, but I like it.  And I like how they put the Geneva stripes on the rotor and the perlage all over the place.  Really smart.  Does yours have a display...
Or just polish our shoes.  Wax is waterproof.   Alternatively, we might also recognise that getting wet isn't the end of the world.  Particularly when we might have thirty pairs of shoes in rotation, tree them religiously and clean and polish them rather more than they really need.  It rains.  They get a little wet.  Never mind. :)
Understood, that's why I tagged them!  Hope they will reply to us all here: I'm travelling in three weeks, for my only opportunity to wear them this year, so I want to make sure they're on time!
I'd go Bambino for a similar price, myself, but each to his own.   @SurakiCrim , I don't know what your budget is, but I think that watch is very cool: totally distinctive.  
Sure, PM me, let me know your configuration and dates, and I'd be happy to help!
 @Meermin , December is here - any news on these?  
Why have I no self-control?  The last order of ties isn't here yet, and bang, there I go ordering crazy accessories...but these sales are just too good!
 The 70's chrono is delicious too.  But I have to say, for a modular column wheel and a nice case, Roger's Longines is a lot of gorgeous for a fraction of the price.  Would be interesting to see both movements close up, and how the overall finish compares.
He is a wonderful fellow, selling wonderful things.  A shortage of desirable things to buy is not a problem that I've come across , though...
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