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When is the shell sale?  Can't see any great prices on the Shoebank, or is $399 it?   Anyway, very happy with my new MTO:  
    Like the matching shoe bags.  Love the boots.
Yo Steve, green monk MTO!
There's a bit of a backlog of late GMTOs...I think I'm not the only one who's cautious on ordering more until they come through.   Anyway, I want green ones. :)
10E, fit a little big.  And will do!
I have three calf shoes in the same pattern and allegedly the same size on the same last, made at the same time.  They are all different sizes.  Welcome to hand made by mail order!
I have a fantastic Norvegesse tan wholecut on the Park in a 7.5 if anyone wants...bought it as a gift for a buddy, but too big for him and too small for me.  I'd best take pics, eh?
Black shell Daltons, double Rendenbach sole.   Very simple, considering the exotic wonders available at the time.  Alas, I didn't have the cash and it was all up front for the shell trunk show, or I would have done more.  Anyway, they're lovely. :)
 I loved its platinum twin, on my wrist.  Did I mention that?  *sigh* one day...
New Posts  All Forums: