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 Oh, I know.  I don't even have a gun, I'm just English and therefore am compelled to express my innate pomposity.
 Or not shooting anyone; better. But on a point of principle: a shotgun is entirely inappropriate for stalking, therefore the picture on your shotgun should perhaps be of a grouse or pheasant.  The stag motif can be applied to the lesser of your two rifles (the greater showing an elephant). :)
On the plus side - not for long!   Used Datograph for half that?  No brainer. :)
 I'm such a fraud!
 Also, this.
 Just stumbled across this on a Google search for a high hunting boot.  What happened with these?  If you're doing anything like this again, I'd appreciate a PM. :)
Truth. Although that VC is awesome!
Did read that briefly as "witch hunting" while skimming the phone...
All you shoemakers and super-bespeakers, I have a question: A knee high boot for hunting, offering hard wear and protection, but with maximum breathability. What would you suggest? Light leather like kangaroo? A canvas shaft? Perhaps this is like asking for a waterproof dress sandal, but I'm sure your hive mind can muster some innovative solution: I name this The SF Safari Field Boot.
Paging @Hayward...   I like it too.  Along with the Ananta Moon, I think it's the most interesting and appealing of all the Spring Drives.
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