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Thanks a lot chaps...Mr PMW finally joined the Crown Club. Special thanks to Belligero for hooking me up with an amazing deal, then sitting on it for a year while I sued my previous employer to pay for it. Been a tough year, but things are looking up. Some people would put a down paymnent on a house, or improve their miserable pension provision or the kids' college fund. But this is not the TWAT/SF way. Twelve suits, seven swords (yeah, I like swords, don't judge!), a...
Hey, cut that out, this is my arrivedtoday day!
RTC, that's a proper versatile bike. Just got my new old car home temporarily while I wait for some parts from 'Murrica. Parking shade at home is a bit tight...
What bike do you ride, RTC?
Yes but apart from that, they're great.
Good news for buyers....glass half full,eh?
I suppose you have to be English and over 40 to think of it. Anyway, great watch! Old, smaller watches are such classy dress watches. My steel 1970 Omega thinks so anyway, even if it wasn't originally a dress watch.
Are you THE Bobby Davro, though? Been wondering for ages.
It absolutely belongs here. Consider your watch, appreciated.
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