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I don't like it so much on the standard strap - croc seems to work because of the scale somehow..  I think Hayward's horny croc kind of sets the bar: something about having sufficient visual interest to tie all the texture together with that busy dial, maybe a worn leather or suede or something would be good too.   Anyway, who cares what I think? I haven't even got a Speedmaster.  :) 
Gammarelli over the calf in the most luxurious Merino wool.  As worn by the Pope, we're told.  From www.meschaussettesrouges.com  Their service is excellent, the socks about $20 without VAT.  I love them.   Cold machine wash seems fine.
 Indeed.  It is definitely in my top five <$10,000 Rolexes!  Seriously, for me it's the definitive Rolex, so if I ever buy a Rolex, it's the most likely choice.  But there are so many other things in that price range that I can't say it is the choice overall.  A possible choice.  But the list is long.  It might not be TWAT-loved, but it's the pick of the bunch there for me.  I don't mind the strap but it's underwhelming.  The one with the blue markers comes on blue croc...
Much like yourself, Frillster, I rather like all of them!     - The DSSD is a big monster and appealing on a very primitive level - it's just "more of everything".  That's not a sophisticated appeal, technology aside.  It's just a base, man thing.  I like it for the same reason I like full size pickup trucks.  The seven year old boy in me grins.  That is all.   - The SD4000 is the purist's choice as already established.  It's a tasteful re-edition with all its elements...
In all seriousness, deep sea divers work in many time zones, and often have a phone down there, so at least they should know if it's the right time to wake the wife.  But more realistically, dainty-handed investment bankers do like the combination of a chunky watch and knowing when the VP is about to call from the London office. 
Mine too, and I did.  
What's all this commentary without pics business?  Do you know where you are?   Show us the goods, dammit.
I don't like the burnishing myself, but the last is stylish in a casual, youthful kind of way.  The leather wrinkling like that indicates it's come from a cheaper area of the hide, and the pattern alignment (facing to toe cap) is off on the right shoe.  You have displayed a cut or scratch on the inner quarter of one of them.     If you do like that painted patina style, and there's no reason not to, then there's definite potential here.  But I'd caution that at this...
If so, I would venture that none are wearing them better than that.  Brown croc rules Speedyland.
^^ Also a really great guy to deal with, and always ready to cut a special deal to a regular/SF buddy, especially if you're buying a few different things or e.g. a mix of full and sale price stuff.  Worth an email or PM; I can't say enough nice things about this guy.
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