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 Assume you're dealing with idiots here.  Cheap idiots.  Would you recommend replacing the harness too?  Anything else?  I'm assuming the cheapest option will be an old part off eBay or something, unless you know a better source.  I'm wondering if the same part from a Prado, Fortuner or base Landcruiser would work too, as it's the same engine?  This is a very regular occurrence with me - that and fish-tailing during hard acceleration off an entry ramp.  Like Dino says, be...
Car Q for a friend who's just partially drowned his ve-hicle (seriously...):   Where to get a complete ECU for a '08 FJ Cruiser (the standard 4.0 six)?  New or from scrap, but cheapest option. 
Argh!  That would drive me insane...all falling over to the right like that.  No. No.  And thrice, no.
Sweet mercy...that is beautiful.  Though, practicalities aside, it surely deserves prettier grips.  But really, if you were going to cheat on your 586...she would make an outstanding mid-life crisis.
 Athough I handed my Baumuster B off to my son, I'm still a big fan of Stowa, and the Marine Original (white dial, Arabic numbers, of course) was next on my list.  That and a Pro-Diver. I had two reservations: firstly, it's reasonably large yet as a simple, white dialed watch I'd probably want to wear it with a suit.  I'm in two minds about it.  And secondly, would I rather just save up and get something more "special" as a new regular dress watch?  But it is a damn good...
I'm starting to think that @Belligero is a virtual assassin hired by Swatch.
 That deep tuck thing looks extremely efficient at the "concealed"part.  But two questions from the curious: where do you carry it exactly (I mean where on your waist, not "to the supermarket"), and is that solid, knobbly lump of Kydex comfortable?
"Liquid meal" - Freudian slip?! Some good looking stuff there - though why make a Speedy look like a Planet Ocean?! And true about Seiko. I still love mine.
That's the one I was trying to remember - thanks!
 (Plus a few visits to Barcelona).   I had the great pleasure of meeting him at his shop a couple of months ago.  Very friendly guy.
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