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Basically, the waist has been reduced in a narrow vertical range, and the unaltered skirts are now pivoting around the tightened button and swinging into the centre.  I would suggest that the "suppression" itself is a tad too much, and that the tailor should relax it a touch, while taking the area below in a little as well to keep the relative proportion and balance.  I hope that makes sense.   Cue: someone more knowledgeable than me to straighten me out.
 Very likable; congratulations.  Less is more.
Have you considered re-training as a plumber? The fit issues will be so much less time-consuming, and these sweet babies are only $29.95 at Walmart.     You can have a whole wardrobe including boots for the price of one F****sa.  Also, you could grow a moustache and pretend to be Korean Super Mario, which surely would make anyone happy.   I should get paid for this shit.
 Yes, the Deep Sea is a top-heavy beast.  But it's a real diver.  So what are you saying about the PO?  You're waiting for the new model?  But isn't the existing one the size you wanted in the first place, and now much better value? That's a daft thing to say about Tissot - proven movements, long history, silly to dismiss a brand purely on the basis that ordinary folks might buy it.  But you're right about Panerai - a very personal matter of taste, and so recognisable at a...
 Tudor is a third of the price, and the size you want.  But I get you on the "Rolex but not" thing - it's why I can't quite love the Pelagos, or even the great-looking BB Black.  The red one sings to me as being more its own man.  The one Rolex that meets your spec is the Deep Sea then, with a bracelet considered by some to be too small for its larger case.  No looking inside though.  But, I think this is an interesting challenge: apart from the Bathyscaphe, I'm struggling...
It is a good price, but I do have a couple of issues with the bronze: making the dial and the bezel brown, plus the unusual case, plus the unusual strap, and the size inflation...it's perhaps one or two steps too many at the same time.  I like the idea of a bronze BB a lot.  But this feels just a shade overdone.  Bronze also makes me think Helson, which isn't a bad thing, or Archimede, or something.  Perhaps that's just me.   I don't hate it, and I almost really like it,...
But all of Rolex's divers are smaller than 44mm, and can be worn on a strap...is a Submariner ever wrong?  And the Planet Ocean comes in 42mm as well as 45mm anyway, doesn't it?   I'm still very taken by the Tudor Black Bay in its (modern) original burgundy form, and a pretty reasonable price too that seems to have dropped another ten per cent (used) since the black one came out.     Perhaps if you want something in the Bathyscaphe price range that's a bit more...
They are priced competitively after the inevitable 30 per cent discount.
Pansy. 43 for me. Should I consider a linen dial?
I do love that Galet Micro-Rotor with shameful passion.
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