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Yes, I can see where you're coming from: the stuff I liked could be considered quite ragged, I suppose.  But I liked how thick and fleshy it felt; a really lovely piece of full-grain leather whichever way round it was going to be used.
 Good to great.  The thing I noticed when I was in the shop was how much their stuff varies.  To be clear, it's all good.  But as a smaller maker, they do have erratic supply from various brokers and tanneries.  When I was ordering, they had some fabulously hairy full-thickness "proper" suede there in most colours.  People often remark on how their suede looks rougher than some others, but that's the real deal as far as I'm concerned. However, I noticed that the black...
Much better climate for those fancy Eye-talian automobiles, too.
In tribute to Roger's fabulous Omega, a rather scruffier version today:     Though this has plenty of sentimental value to me, it's had a pretty rough life for a relatively sprightly 45 year old.  I'm amazed at how fresh and modern Roger's looks; lovely size too.
Phaaaak!  Pics now!
Just saw this in my Facebook feed.  Probably only works if you're wearing a DSSD on a rubber strap.... [[SPOILER]]
 15400 silver dial is bestest. Blue for the 15202, black for the big mean chrono.  So say I.  Yes indeed.  TWAT is the nicest thread on SF, shoe threads are less bitchy than clothes threads, and car threads are the worst.   Step into the light...  Argh....want that Sub so bad...  Welcome!  By coincidence, this evening is a Stowa evening: 
Damn that Conrad Wu's a nice guy!
More pics later, and yes it's a bit of a "mental" experiment to put such a shoe on the blobby P2 last rather than the F.  But I rather enjoy a heavier-looking dress shoe as an option; it's a personal style thing.  They do fit a tad large though (size 43) so I might have to move them on.  Will ponder.   In the mean time, here's an F last semi-dress shoe.  Or rather, short boot: grey Radica calf and black suede.  
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