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 I guess you're lucky they pick passengers based on credit card confirmation. :D
Surely "New Peter's sake", or even "Pete 3's sake" by now?  Whatever that is...
I think there may be some confusion there between the chiseled tip of the toe box on the U, and the shape of the welt around the toe. The U last is quite angular and sharp around the toe, the K even more so - very Italian.  But as this was described as "more of an English" shape, I'm imagining it less angular and smoother over the toe box, while with the "squarenes" coming from the shape of the welt/sole - like the English lasts mentioned above.  Anyway, it's a little...
I was just thinking the other day that I'd love to see a more English-styled soft square.  Looking forward to seeing this.
Well, one would hope so...travel safe, Noodles.
I find that last pretty generous - which last do you get from Septieme Largeur?  I'm also a G width for Cheaney and I'd always thought SL's lasts looked too narrow as they don't do width fittings.
For normal MTOs, wider fittings were an extra 50 Euros on top of the normal MTO charge.  I imagine the same will be the case here, but I'd like to know too. Over to you, @DavidLane! 
@Ironist: you do have the options of all calf or all scotchgrain - those two leathers are options, and you can have either, or both in any configuration. 
1.  Colours of tanned leathers, and cordovan in particular, tend to be within a range of variations, so one "cigar" shell wouldn't necessarily be identical to another, just close.   2.  "Cigar" in Alden's shell cordovan terminology.  It might be Horween's too, though I think they actually just give their colours numbers.  Vass have their own colour terminology, so they will call their shell colours by the name of whatever is closest in their (more consistent) calf...
My own rule broken: jeans and sports jacket.  Also breaking the "madder ties are for Autumn" rule.  Lecturing to students rather than talking to actual humans, so I thought it would be OK.  Amazingly, my teenaged daughters also approved.    
New Posts  All Forums: