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@steveyoo1983 what is the current shell situation?  I think it's clear that the collective hunger remains!
Is it my imagination or is that a surprisingly reasonable price?
Oh, I thought it might be the word that you'd been thinking of.
 Any man who "turns his passion into his profession" has achieved something greater with his life than most.  But you hit the nail on the head above, I think.  Everyone finds a different value in these discussions - even if it's only to be a more informed consumer, as you put it. I enjoy the creative side of conceiving and planning things I want to exist.  Sometimes, in the mood, I can even enjoy caring for my shoes (though I am lazy in that regard - the bare minimum is...
Ah that's the stuff, the "I had no idea" stuff that makes it all worthwhile.
Yes, I see, not a very long toe cap from that picture.  But what I do notice is that there is quite a lot of wrinkling in general.  I wonder if it's just the downside of a very fine, soft calf leather?  I defer to others more knowledgeable.
Interesting.  I'm not sure that's fair about the toe cap, though: if the stiffener were long enough  to be where the shoe is bending, it would chop your toes.  Seems to me that the modern fashion (and my personal preference too) is for a longer/deeper toe cap, and creasing within it an inevitable result.  It's a "complaint" I've seen about other shoes unfairly - especially common on shoes with a longer extended toe, or worn by someone who really should have a wider fitting...
 That is  a great looking watch.  I really like that case: although it's clearly rugged and sporty in concept, I'm sure it flies well with a jacket and tie, while also not looking like it needs to be babied.  Great kop!
Whodathotit? The post-Travers period is worse.
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