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+1 - I don't have to want something personally in order to admire what it is, or even just to enjoy looking at it. There is plenty of stuff here that I think is inherently marvellous, but that I would never think I could wear myself. Fair point, I say.
How long, Ref?
Why so quiet? Alright, 375. *crank*
Fortunately, the likelihood of a sophisticate explosively formed projectile while tasting in the Napa Valley, is slim.  Good luck to you.   In other news, I've just cancelled my Land Cruiser and booked a used Nissan because I want to buy a watch, and already spent a lot on shoes.  Styleforum sucks.
Nice.   Also, Mr Shopthefinest, you should put that up to "original retail of $1200" so I can get what I want.   But no matter: $300.  
Not for the little guy: DW was just marking out the pattern there before he clicked my monkey loafers.
www.meschaussettesrouges.com   I like the patterned Brescianis, the plain cotton fil d'Ecosse Mazarins, and the wool Gammarellis - very luxurious.  All over the calf, of course.   I'm waiting for a fresh batch at the moment.  
There are a lot of nice APs - the Jules Audemars are really attractive. But when you head to big three prices, I think the question is where to get the maximum "wow".  Dress watches by definition tend to be simple, and the differences in character very narrow and subjective.  I don't think anyone loves Patek Philippe best because of their most traditional Calatrava.   Making a luxury watch that leaps out from the rest while retaining some dignity is quite a trick.  I...
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