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You're such a tease...
.338? What a monster; congrats.
Been out of this thread too long...so, tell me about size 9 bargains, Steve. :;
Spoo. Dude. Size of those crazy toitle boots? And the lizard tassels while you're at it?
Well, not many deals here but still a handful of half price Mosers left. Red gold Henry, platinum brown dial Monard, palladium fume dial Monard, a couple of others I can check.
Someone had to take the piss...
Yeah I was referring to the notorious Hodinkee piece in which she referred to it as such. It is of course the classic, actually larger, men's size, but now listed on Rolex's site under both men's and women's: the trend for large watches having reached the ladies too.
I am hoping someone erased if from your mind for your own benefit, like Men in Black.
I was wondering...where the heck is Frilly?  
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