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Shaya never fails.  But made to order products from Italy sometimes operate in a parallel universe.
I agree that there should be a big discount available, but it's a lot more than a fashion brand.  I have tried the bigger ones and I think the 38mm would wear plenty big enough.  The case is totally distinctive and the manufacture movement is pretty too.  Half price is realistic, or personally I'd look at used deals. But I'd wear one proudly.
Wait!  What?  You started without me?  What's happening?  I'm here!
@MrVenneri, perhaps something in shell cordovan? The right mix of classy and robust? And burgundy goes with shell like ice and lemon.
I don't see the need to go bespoke for a burgundy leather strap unless it's an unusual shape. I would try Hirsch first, Panatime for something cheaper.
I would say go with chinos or something instead.  But if you mean those green cordovan derby brogues then I hate you and I don't even care. :)
 Every last fits people differently, so there is always that caveat.  But yes, I would make the same assumption.
Edward Green, Crockett & Jones and Gaziano & Girling use "E" for medium and "F" for wide.  Though I do find G&G lasts quite narrow.  C&J also do an extra-wide "G". J Fitzpatrick also calls his (only) medium width "E". John Lobb also uses "E" for medium, but "EE" for wide. Church's, Cheaney, Barker, Loake and Grenson use "F" for medium and "G" for wide.  Church's have an extra-wide "H". Tricker's use numbers, just to mess with you.  If I remember rightly, 5 is...
All antennae pointed your way my man!
Hey there, any Black Friday etc. offers coming?
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