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 Or maybe just gain forty pounds?  Could be worth it.
Noodles, Panta's madders are unlined, and light as an angel's kiss.  
Spoo, you really put in a shift man - it amazes me the times you're online working. I really respect anyone who puts everything into a small business. You go, guy.
Measurements are the only way of guessing with any degree of accuracy.  44" is more like a 56 (x2 = 112cm).  But the variance between makers on how much room the actual measurements allow, is even bigger than the distortions caused by the"just deduct 10" fallacy (which works for 38"/48, just about, but is increasingly off the bigger you get).
Don't see why not.  I like a little more colour myself, but as you're not a pasty gora like me, I'm sure it would be fine.
 PM Steve, if you're the sixth, this is on...
Noodles, most of your suits and shirts are solids, and you only wear a white PS.  You don't need more solid ties.  Start with a couple of those madder neats.  I promise you, you will feel love.
Vass use Rendenbach soles exclusively, Allen Edmonds use them on their shell cordovan shoes only.   And I want WEIRD COLOURED SHELL MONKS!
  Yeah.  My beloved, by coincidence, has just sent me this link, with the comment "very pretty"...I'm wondering if she should marry Frilly.
@Krish the Fish Good call on the Black Bay - buy it on the bracelet and get a strap or two to swap in. I think for a younger guy who's not confined to strict business dress, it's a beauty.  I like the idea of the Speedmaster too - maybe the date/day-date with the silver dial and polished bezel, which I think make it a bit more subtle for dress use i.e. no sporty contrast in the dial.  If you like Omega, I think it might be worth going up a notch to the Aqua Terra,...
New Posts  All Forums: