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G or H mean different things to different makers: "G" is extra wide for Crockett and Jones, for instance, but only wide for e.g. Church's or Vass.  Be careful to know what each maker uses as standard.  I think you'll find a lot of European makers have a higher instep as standard than AE: Italians seem to have a very steep vamp, and Vass's Italian-inspired lasts are very tall, for example.  Depending on how much toe width you need and bearing in mind that all feet are...
I hear you; my 43 P2 fits a touch long, too.  The Budapest has a deeper and less extended toe, for future reference.
That's some fancy gear there.  More details on your pistol and rifle builds?   However, cargo pants are a no-no on SF.  I'd recommend a 12oz Minnis Fresco, as you're into custom orders. :)
The P2 is pretty generous in the forefoot.  Making it not only wider but double extra wide is pretty wide!  The budapesters on Luxeswap are the Budapest last, not the P2 - similar proportions but a deeper toe box too.  
Now live on Luxeswap's eBay auctions:    Wider-footed gents might like to note the extra wide Grenson triple commando sole scotchgrain boots for winter, Loake suede brogues, Crockett & Jones extra wide Dainite soled scotchgrain country bluchers, and the standard size but very wide fitting last Vass "Budapester" brogued bluchers.  All about a US 10.5EE.  And all starting at ten bucks with no reserve.  Boom!
Spoo, what size is that crazy leather coat in your sig please?  Shoulders, P2P and sleeves would be enough info, if you don't mind.
Measurements sound a lot more like a 42/54-ish - can see why it didn't work out.  Did you sell it?
Original, retro AND a big bang.  300 Win Mag or 7.62 NATO for you?  More Connery than Craig perhaps, but a brilliant idea - thanks for playing!   What are your other two choices for that competition?
 The Black Bay, but in red.
Whacking someone through a glass window from 30 yards with a pocket .32 would certainly be something.  But even JB didn't fancy that one.
New Posts  All Forums: