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Thanks a lot - I saw a thread a about a blue museum austerity brogue but guessed that was stillborn!  Gold or brown I'm down for...
Thanks!  Is there a separate thread, or someone in charge of this?
Are there any non-suede group MTOs for Meermin at the moment?
Stuhrling is a Chinese brand with a contrived German identity.  Emporio Armani watches are also Chinese, with a label that is increasingly tragic.   Not that everything Chinese is bad, and at least Stuhrling are incredibly cheap.  But really, you get what you pay for.  And in the case of Emporio Armani, rather less than you pay for.   Basically, they are both irredeemable shit.  If you want a watch under $100, get a Seiko 5.  If you want one under $500 or $1000, the...
I think this thread might bring about the end of the world, so everyone might as well take tomorrow off.
mimo - budapester, budapest last, dark cognac, 360 goyser, steel toe taps, size 43.5
This thread is hideous.  It's like a Jeremy Clarkson lookalike contest.   I think Butler has been drinking.
Asshole.   Butler made me do it. 
You get one shot.  
If you want to be thorough, get someone to draw around your feet on two pieces of paper, then measure around your foot at the ball, instep, and instep again but going around from behind your heel in front of your ankle, and draw lines on the outlines of your feet to show exactly where these measurements were made.  Scan them, perhaps with centimetres marked out on the side of the paper to ensure they print to correct scale, and email.  Along with your AE comparison, they...
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