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I think the current Sub is stunning, and I love the fat lugs.  Argh...resist! So many things to want, so little excuse to buy them!
Yeah, I've been searching around for comparisons.  It seems to me that there are two issues: one is the assumption that all the things that could need replacing, will need replacing - before looking at them - and the other is that the guy didn't know how to answer my question and started making shit up.  Which has made me suspicious, perhaps excessively?
There is only one AD in this country.  Which is why I want to make sure I'm exactly right in the complaint I'm about to make.   I agree, the service price seems perfectly reasonable, if not low.
Monkey, cf. my comment above about shipping, I might take you up on that: I can use a forwarding service from Germany to get the same price, but with those massive boxes it costs me almost the difference in courier fees.  So yeah, if you can confirm, I'll take a few suits off you, and you can stuff them in an envelope without ceremony and send them to my forwarder in the UK or elsewhere.  Please drop me a PM if you do decide to do this!
The difference in colour is most likely due to a difference in colour.
Using stuff to remove stuff before applying other stuff seems rather unnecessary.  Brush the damn things, and wear them.  If there's any excess polish or finish on them, it will wear away just fine.   Anyway, going back to the OP's main issue, that one part of the shoe was a different colour to the rest, that's just the natura of the beast.  And removing the finish will probably emphasise the variation rather than reduce it.  Shells do not have even colour; that's part...
 Real life pics always tell a story of their own.  Loved the bike one.  Anyway, nice job.
 Well that's that, then.  :( On the plus side, my U-boots arrived today.  Extremely elegant.  They will be worn to the office tomorrow, 37C and all.  Because...new boots.
Either way, this is a kop of significance.  What a fabulous box - worth a picture in itself! Keith T - definitely near the top of my list too, bar one.  OK, maybe joint top! Talking of Rolexes, I wish to engage the specialist expertise of the Twatterati: I fear a friend of mine is getting burned by a Rolex AD on a repair.  He dropped the watch (right in front of me) and cracked the crystal.  It's a DJ, about six years old, never serviced.  I took it for him to the AD, who...
Shell varies in colour.  It's shell.  Brush it, wear it, enjoy it.  Some of the recipes in here deserve Michelin Stars, but are best ignored by anyone who intends to leave the house.
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