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Sweet mercy...that is beautiful.  Though, practicalities aside, it surely deserves prettier grips.  But really, if you were going to cheat on your 586...she would make an outstanding mid-life crisis.
 Athough I handed my Baumuster B off to my son, I'm still a big fan of Stowa, and the Marine Original (white dial, Arabic numbers, of course) was next on my list.  That and a Pro-Diver. I had two reservations: firstly, it's reasonably large yet as a simple, white dialed watch I'd probably want to wear it with a suit.  I'm in two minds about it.  And secondly, would I rather just save up and get something more "special" as a new regular dress watch?  But it is a damn good...
I'm starting to think that @Belligero is a virtual assassin hired by Swatch.
 That deep tuck thing looks extremely efficient at the "concealed"part.  But two questions from the curious: where do you carry it exactly (I mean where on your waist, not "to the supermarket"), and is that solid, knobbly lump of Kydex comfortable?
"Liquid meal" - Freudian slip?! Some good looking stuff there - though why make a Speedy look like a Planet Ocean?! And true about Seiko. I still love mine.
That's the one I was trying to remember - thanks!
 (Plus a few visits to Barcelona).   I had the great pleasure of meeting him at his shop a couple of months ago.  Very friendly guy.
Seems to me that even if a Royal Oak is your grail "one-watch", there should always be room for something less delicate - whether it's a Seiko or a Rolex.  RO for everything, Sub or GMT for everything else? :)
Ribbed OTC's, large, one of each plz.  Or whatever is left. Whichever is the moar.
 On the first point, my personal experience with fully bespoke shoes is limited to a couple of pairs, but there are some things you might like to consider: - It takes a long time.  If it doesn't, the risk of poor fit/quality increases exponentially.  Read the same for bespoke shoes that are made on the basis of mailed drawings, self-measurements and impressions in foam.  Whatever methods are used, even repeated personal fittings, it may take more than one go to get a last...
New Posts  All Forums: