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*raises eyebrow and opens ears* Shell sale, you say?
And do you do finance plans?
 Hmm...the tattooed Radiomir? But somehow it makes me think how much I love that case shape and dial.  If you'll forgive the sexism, I guess I'm looking at it like an attractive woman of low manners: I sort of would, but I probably wouldn't tell anyone about it.
U is more, er, "FU", than F.  But I think if anyone can carry that off, it's you.  Just one final comment - the U looks a lot more extended than F in real life.  But again, you're not the shy retiring type. :)
I'm so glad another cheap bastard member asked that before I did.
 And the scotchgrain derby?   Wasn't that due by now too? That's pretty annoying, actually...I mean..if they didn't have the stock, they knew that some time ago: telling us it's delayed when it's due to ship is pretty inconsiderate.  I mean, have they started making them yet or not?  The time to tell you/us this was at the time of ordering, or when they were going to start making them in Novemer, and couldn't.   Winter is almost over, and with it the time for country...
  Vass U last.  They were all supposed to be "G" width, but in reality, I think they only increased the width for the blue ones.  As you can see, they don't look much different - though the "goyser" welt on the centre and right does make them look wider.  I would caution that increasing the width did make the already generous instep quite high volume.  It's only a millimetre or two too much, but I'm thinking of popping in an extra bit of leather on the...
F is standard width for Vass (also Church, Cheaney, Grenson, Barker, Loake...). So I guess you mean G? Will post a pic when I'm back in my office. Also, Cocks: U last toe isn't as narrow at the tip as Carmina Rain or Meermin Park. I like it, but it's too bold to be formal imho. F last is the winner for business shoes I would say.
Heimat's where the heart is...
Both. Duh. 43.5 will definitely do for F.
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