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Maybe impressed is the wrong word, but of course I notice people's watches, and they tend to like it when you do.  Sure, there are some who are remarkably ignorant of the trinket on their wrist, but generally speaking, people who wear fine watches are people who like watches.  It's a nice ice-breaker, and a strong signal if you know.   The exception is probably Rolex, simply because it's such a strong brand: I have met several people wearing them who didn't even know...
And we are in thr Belligero zone...!
Buy a Bathyscaphe and get an upgrade. Chicks dig Bell & Ross. Breitling is your accessible pass to the world of luxury. And they all have great marketing budgets. Well, Bell & Ross is the watch of Satan, but I confess that I still rather like the Bathyscaphe, even with its silly date and unforgivable fonts. And the Superocean Heritage with its overpriced generic movement is lovely. However, everyone knows that shop assistants and receptionists only recognise Rolex.
This is Styleforum.  Recommending the cheap, practical option is generally considered bad form.
Gallardo "Balboni" - manual RWD.  And a stripe, which probably makes it faster.   But the Camaro SS was cheaper, and I'm 44 and not ashamed!  I did think a new set of Michelins would last me longer than 2000 miles though...
A friend of mine is looking at a heavily-discounted Daniel Roth.  I know it's owned by Bulgari now and nothing to do with the original maker. It seems they're all being cleared away, along with Gerald Genta, to be replaced with a unified Bulgari brand.  But does anyone know who actually made the most recent Daniel Roth branded models?
Thanks chaps...glad there's still room for some whimsical cheap-assery in TWAT!
Evening upgrade to a pink cotton shirt and croc strap. Pimptastic.
All that talk of timeless Rolexes and understated Nomos Bauhaus...I totally buy into both. Like I buy into ancient madder neats, hand made shoes and Drake's pocket squares. But I also drive a red Camaro SS and eat doner kebabs. We are all complex beings. So, 45mm Miyota-powered four hundred bucks of total wrongness for the weekend. White linens and a polo, oh-so-effortless Prince Albert loafers, and a wristfull of bronze steam-punk crazy. Yay Friday!
New Posts  All Forums: