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They are priced competitively after the inevitable 30 per cent discount.
Pansy. 43 for me. Should I consider a linen dial?
I do love that Galet Micro-Rotor with shameful passion.
Yes, I think we're saying the same thing on the glacial design evolution: it works - provided the design is coherent in the first place.  A Submariner or a 911 looks good because it's always looked good.  And even those conservative designers come out with the occasional innovation, be it an annual calendar or a Panamera (which is an ugly pic imho, but I digress).  Where I think MB are so far off is in trying so many completely different styles at once as their starting...
 Only changing up.  Stick your toe under the gear lever, a little pressure, roll off the throttle and it slides in with a satisfying little pop.  But don't try changing down without the clutch. :D
 Fair point.  Even those with a continuous line of production for however long have often changed hands many times and are led now by one of the brand behemoths that control most of the industry.  I am more impressed by history shown elegantly through the design than "Depuis 17xx..." And that is my principal issue with Montblanc: as much as it grates to see their unfamiliar labels, I've no problem with them, or Louis Vuitton or Hermes doing what they're doing.  They have...
  Not going to happen.  But I am awaiting news on something else.  It is about as far from the Oktopus, or Montblanc's Chronoswiss tribute collection above, as it is possible to get.  It's also cheaper.
I would genuinely rather own the "Oktopus".
 Yes, that's pretty much how I feel about it.  But it's also how I feel to a point about Urwerk, or Greubel Forsey.  It's a Linde Werdelin "Oktopus Moon Carbon".  Apparently it's also a child molester and a terrorist.  
But what you see on the RO are the nuts, not the screws, and the aligned slots are purely decorative. Still, point taken, it's definitely untidy looking.
New Posts  All Forums: