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 Like many here I would be biased towards a mechanical watch.  Generally I'd be looking at Tissot for a dress watch under a few hundred Euros.  I got one for my son and it really feels like a "proper" watch, from a maker with a strong history.  If you shop around for offers you might get a nice deal on Raymond Weil in that range - though some friends have had reliability problems - or I'd look also for grey market/clearance on Longines, you'll definitely find sub $1000 and...
Not sure about that one personally, though it's certainly got personality. Regarding discounts, the flip side is that deals on the current Senator are going to get even better when the new one arrives.
The Senator auto is very appealing. I feel a tyre-kicking session coming. Pretty much on the $5k too, grey market. I love the Senator Perpetual, though again it's the dark dial that gets me. Was my favourite, until I saw that crazy Seventies...
Absolutely. What sort of thing do you like? Sporty or dressy? New or used?
Lunch yesterday. Reminded me of @no frills. By the way, @pmeis, I went to try on the Sixties and Seventies after all the talk. And yes it's big, and bling as hell with the polished bezel and centre links. But that Senator Seventies on the bracelet just sings with charisma. I love it; now firmly on the wish list.
@pmeis how does the 70s wear? I love the retro feel but it looks like it wears pretty big. How do you tend to wear it?
Just been to visit Justin. Accidentally bought shoes. Pics to follow... (@sebastian mcfox - plenty of appetisers here!)
@chanoch   Not  a matter of "stepping in it" at all.  Yes, it's a watch that's been discussed many times and the elicits some strong opinions (cf. Dino, above!), but it doesn't mean it shouldn't be talked about.  If watches that a few regular posters don't like were off limits, then this thread would be a boring echo chamber like so many others.   One of the reasons I like the Pano Reserve is its odd asymmetry - the Lange 1 is vertically symmetrical giving a much more...
@peppercorn78 what size/last did you get the chukkas in?
Teehee. Please refer to the FAQ on page one! Personally I rather like it, especially the grey dial PanoReserve. But only at a big discount. It will always be seen as a poor man's Lange 1, and to many a straight rip-off, but get the watch you like if the deal is right.
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