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Oh bloody hell.
Something that is waterproof keeps water in as well as out. Not always what you want, especially on a hot day.
I am always a sport, just in the mood to be an ornery dick for the sake of it.  Must go home and post some fun watch pics to redress the balance. Maybe I'll post my lunch, too! 
I beg to differ.  It's bad enough on Facebook, etc.  Please, I don't give a shit what you had for dinner.  Want watches.   Oh alright, just sometimes then. 
Getting on the piss, being pissed, pissing it up, and piss-head, are all used in English.  But the actual beer is never called "piss".  You people are clearly barbarians.
@Coxsackie there used to be a joke in England:   Q: Why do Castlemaine call their beer "XXXX?"   A: Because Australians can't spell "piss".     Have to acknowledge that Australians are currently demonstrating an admirable ability to win at cricket, though.
I suspect that some of the confusion over VAT deduction from Vass might be a result of a rather...er..."Greek" attitude to paying it?  Wouldn't want to do them a disservice, but...maybe.
Vass use F for standard.  As do Church's, Cheaney, Loake, Barker, Grenson, Alfred Sargeant.   G&G, C&J, EG and some others use E for standard.  Easy to be confused - I bought G width C&J not realising that this was extra wide for them.     So bear in mind that different makers all use different designations - "E" is not standard size.  For Vass it would be narrow.  And in the US of course, wide.
That's a dangerous road right there, my friend!   But considering what I'm planning to do next month, I might see you in the ditch by the side of it.
I'd like to see some dress belts in your aesthetic: looking at your watches, I think this is an area where you could really hit your mark.  Nice vegetable tanned leather, on the wide side for a dressy belt but not chunky.  Crisply finished, perhaps with some contrast stitching like a watch strap, but not heavy stitching, no cowboy stuff. Maybe a flat, gunmetal buckle, with clean, understated straight lines.  I'd like tan, dark brown, black.  Styling cues: look at that...
New Posts  All Forums: