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@mosy that's such an open question, but...I never let an enabling opportunity slip by.  I wouldn't go for the second option, because if you've got $2k for toys, it seems a shame to only ever have a $200 watch.  Not that there's anything wrong with a $200 watch, or a $100 watch for that matter, but as you have the option to scale up, take it.   For $2k there are some incredible used options.  Personally I've been ogling a mint Black Bay at about that price.  But perhaps...
Only if you don't tell them about each other.
Ha!  Silly me; I forgot Carmina do ladies' stuff - and I love my Carmina shoes and so does she!   Nothing in the sale in the right style or her size, but it's a step down in price from Church's, so moving the right way.  Thanks.
Or just walking around the house in your socks because you're too lazy to go and get your slippers.  Anyway, maybe enough foot hygiene sharing.   I have a question, Noodlers:   If I want to buy my better half some nice welted shoes, I know she likes some of the more girly and colourful versions of brogued oxfords made by Church's or Cheaney (above).  But they're pretty hard to find on sale, and frankly I'm not paying full price or anything near it for something I'm...
 Unless the quoted price is already inflated, I've never known anyone quote more than about 5% off list for a steel Sub - even the greys barely move, so not worth discarding the AD warranty maybe.  The only trick available is with currency moves or sales tax if you're lucky. Anyway, I think it's fair to say for the say of a few per cent, that you are never going to lose on a steel Rolex.
 I have some Pantharella too.  My only dislike with them is that they have very few options that are fully natural.  I'm a bit fussy in my hot climate about having all natural fibres.  They've lasted well though.  I'd take MCR as I said, or blacksocks.com for bulletproof staples - they really are excellent value.  Bresciani are good too, but I find their OTCs are every so slightly too short to stay up over my calves.  Viccel look like fantastic value.  I found their...
 Is this the same Belligero who was thinking about a watch cull a few weeks ago?   
Now you're just boasting (that the standard sizes do not accommodate).
I like the Mazarin cotton and Gammarelli merinos from www.meschaussettesrouges.com - my daily staples. For bulletproof value, I also have blacksocks.com cotton OTCs. They have literally lasted for years; only limited colours at any one time kept me from buying more. They are coarser, but you could tow a car with one. Short socks for jeans or whatever, I admit have usually come from Marks & Spencer.
Socks of distinction.  "Actually, they're camel and Mongolian yak...".  I like that a lot.
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