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Now awaiting the "First Watch to Breastfeed on the Moon" special edition.   (@Dino944 )
Hearty congratulations, D!  Your life is ruined in a way you will never want to change.  Bless you and your family.
Good luck to Mrs DL, hope all goes well.
There is nothing at all wrong with those shoes: firstly, it's French calf leather.  It is soft and light and has a texture; even the good bits.  What's more, when you choose the artificial "Museum" finish, you choose a leather with a modified surface.  Still a full thickness leather, but one that has been artificially smoothed.  It will show small wrinkles on stressed/curved areas more than a normal full grain.  It looks pretty, but if you're the kind of person who would...
Yep, I can see your sports jacket vision there.  But a three piece would be bananas. 
Funnily enough, my current one is a Nokia (X2).  I still, on some level, hate touch screens and hanker for my Blackberry and the many simpler things that preceded it (a couple of Sony Ericssons stick in my mind).  But as concessions to progress go, this one's doing just fine.  I had the Lumia 920 before - given to me by their distributors for whom I was doing some work.  Both have taken a hell of a beating.  Seems Nokia still builds to last.  They just don't sell very many...
I've always been a sceptic of the Apple Watch, for the simple reason that I fail to see value in a small and portable remote control for a device that is already small and portable - and that you still need to carry with you in order to use the former.   But I agree with Belligero entirely.  Actually, a couple of months ago my phone broke after much abuse.  I decided to downgrade, rather than upgrade: I didn't want a bigger phone, I wanted one that fits more easily in my...
I would still take Tissot over Seiko at this price point. Though I don't love the Visodate especially.
Most cars imported into the Middle East are recent model insurance write-offs, repaired in cheap body shops in the UAE and sold there or to neighbouring countries. I was looking at Tundras recently, all of which are imports as they are not sold in this region. With a simple web search of the chassis number, every one I looked at came up on a listing from a wreck auction in the US or Canada. Same with a couple of imported Sierras I looked at.
New Posts  All Forums: