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I would choose the one with less taper, like the flat one above - that makes more of a difference as less/no taper makes it look more solid, masculine and utilitarian like the watch.  Cordovan would be cool.
That sounds like a great work of consolidation.
Anything larger is most watches; certainly all of mine. Bar one. My 35mm says hello, because I'm all man.
Knowing your taste a little by now, I did have an inkling when you posted the "new at Baselworld" teaser.  And "one watch" definitely pointed at this.   It looks fantastic on you.  I really like it: understated combination of historical reference and clean, modern styling.  Great kop, Frank!
 Doh. I remember MASH, from watching it about twenty-five years ago, but I forgot the name of the fashion watch brand from the previous page.  As I said, I guess I'm not their target market! 
Bah.  2/8.  Must try harder!   Anyway...watch list for next week is already filling.
Of course.  I also remember this thread is about watches...are we coming to a point somewhere? 
I am SO in.  Eight items running.  Hooyah.
In this price bracket, I really don't think it would matter much: you'll have the box and all the instructions, just not the dealer warranty card which might well have expired by then anyway.
 Honestly I don't see much added value in getting a TAG from the AD.  Unless your heart is really set on the latest model and/or an in-house movement, there is little risk in buying one from a grey dealer.  Jomashop is the obvious one, and the discounts are always there.  Ashford have them occasionally, and I'm sure there are others.
New Posts  All Forums: