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Is that Meermin's new shell?  Still looks like shell, just doesn't seem like the dye and/or finish is that stable.
In order to make some small amends, I have trained my sights on some quite preposterous things for next week.  I hope I win them just to amuse you that somebody bid.   In the mean time, why don't Maserati make a manual transmission for reactionary old fuckers? *sigh*
Agreed on all counts!
 Death to all denim jeans.* *Motorcyclists, cowboys and internment/labour camp residents, may seek an exemption   I am firmly in agreement.  A lighter shade ("tobacco@ etc., or light grey) seems perfectly summery to me.  I've been known to roll out a brown suede brogue with linen trews on a summer eve, too.  And they were oxfords.  It's a minefield, isn't it?
 If that 1921 came in Pt*...or steel?  Daydreams...anyway, you're clearly demented if you can't see that the Harmony is invoking just the same quirky asymmetry as the 1921, just in a different way.  OK, the 1921 is just tidy and smart.  You win.  But I still like the Harmony. Even in WG :) *Yes I know they made a Pt 1921 and it's a super fabulous thing...but I like the simple one, don't you? Marvellous jacket.  Nice watch, too.  Very striking!  Is it still technically...
 I see no reason at all not to wear these with a smarter sports jacket - something with warm tones but tailored and sharp, and with a tie and PS of course. Great shoes.  But don't get two more the same: make the black one a punched toe cap, say, and perhaps the burgundy a wingtip, or even a short boot.  Variety is the spice of life.   Exactly so.
He also does dumb, unexpected things when he gets agitated.  Which is often.  So it's wise to check.  I look forward to his reassurance!
 It looks like it.  A well-lit close up of the toe creases would offer a more definitive view, but considering the apparent absence of small creases despite their being well-worn, I'd guess at a yes.
 Maybe she's been reading and is now aware of how many Zara suits she can make him buy when he sells his Formosas, and still have change for a handbag.
Bill my dear friend, congratulations on your excellent new shoes - let's see!   In the mean time, I should be more specific: a dressy black cap toe would not be exactly wrong with e.g. a blue blazer and grey trousers.  But it's getting firmly into security guard/flight attendant/private school uniform territory.    I'd definitely wear a plain cap toe with an odd jacket, but a tan one - the lighter the better.  Possibly brown or burgundy.  But basically, dialling a...
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