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Is that what a Prius is for, then?  And are they AWD?
Yes to all that, though the Tanks are all very different too, of course.  It's certainly not as clean as the Solo.  But I quite like the edges and chunkiness of it.  Anyway, enough for now - one watch and several shoes paid for this month...next watch will be a while. I think.
U last.
 I liked the B-Uhr because it was so distinctive to the brand (while not carrying one!).  I get you about the strap, but at 40mm, it fits under a shirt sleeve very nicely.  It's not a dress watch by any means, but for now I just wanted to wear it a lot, and bending the boundaries with it, like some modern folks might wtih a smaller Panerai Radiomir or similar. I'm sure a 3 o'clock date is practical, I just like a very clean dial on a dress watch, and that always looks like...
 Alas, the truck is vetoed (this is the substitute), and I haven't had a bike for years.  But for what it's worth, I agree about the Prius' special place in hell. :)
 Just how the iGentry is rather selective in its choice of Bond-inspired rules, which are in themselves a nonsense in my view.  Fleming mentioned nylon underwear rather more often than the four-in-hand, for example, but Styleforum...not so much.  And others, like the Submariner assumption, owe a lot more to film directors' whims and fashions that year, than the books of Ian Fleming. Anyway, yes, back to the watches, and a question: Baume et Mercier is not a very...
I meant the one in Fleming's mind when he wrote that Bond always wore a Rolex.  But like his nylon underpants, short sleeved shirts and aversion to shoe laces, I would suspect that Fleming based this choice also on his own.
Honestly, it's still pretty random.  I just got some chukkas that I like a lot, but I can tell they really don't spare much of the leather: I literally put them on and walked down the stairs, after which the left in particular was wrinkled all the way down the tongue and vamp as if it were ten year old kangaroo.  I don't mind too much as they were relatively cheap, and a casual style.  But if they'd been more expensive and dressier, I'd be furious.   There is always a...
Glad you nagged and not me.   But, yes.  And the scotchgrain derbies too.  They were first. *innocent smirk*
I'm thinking of buying a used Toyota.  I will mostly be driving it myself.   BURN.
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