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Is the shortage for all shell cordovan or is it cognac only? Hope it won't take too long.
Any update on the navy jumper GMTO?
When is the deadline? 
Any update on the GMTO cognac shell cordovan jumper boot?   
Size seem to be on the skinny. Thigh, knee and leg opening similar to skinny fit.
Rain last or simpson
Loden with light tan crepe sole
Got 2 more from Jay, love the jade and blue chino. Blue Owl rocks!
Once again, two thumbs up for everyone at Blue Owl. Jay and his crew went the extra mile by having a pair of pants hemmed and shipped directly from the manufacturer 3000 miles away to me in california. My business stays with jay!
Gorgeous, they nailed it. But im looking for a jumper boot version of Gentlemen footwear vision. Gentleman footwear is offering great GMTO. im so temted on their navy split toe boot but im not sure of the soller last.
New Posts  All Forums: