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Is there a big difference between the supermoon and just the normal vest? thinking of using it as a stand alone over a shirt, or as a layering piece under a fishtail or something.
Ace Hotel x Alpha Industries parka   Or Carharrt WIP Clash parka
What do you guys think of the Ace Hotel x Alpha Industries fish tail parka? Not super technical, but some nice waterproofing, etc. Anyone have a quick review or thoughts?
I spend most of my year on the west coast, so for the four months or whatever that I'm in NYC, I usually just say fuck sushi because it's hella expensive and not very good, at least compared to back home. so nyc, halal carts and cheap pizza all day 'er day.   that said, I still get it occasionally. maybe i'll give some of these recs a shot.
Any chance they will reintroduce a parka? I'm guessing I might end up going 2nd hand, but a toj fishtail for next winter would be awesome.   Or does anyone have any reasonable alternatives to the toj fishtail? 
What are the price details? anyone know?
is that a black skinny tie? try a different colored 2.5" tie or something. that will work much better. 
Anyone have thoughts on this terrance cardigan?   I'm looking for something warm and chunky, but it's always so hard to tell how thick something is online. Do you think it's a good buy at $175?
Anyone know a good place to try on a stark in Vancouver? Tried Roden Gray but no luck.
yeah. can anyone give some comments on the print shirt? in terms of fit, and the quality of the print etc.
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