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I have a hard time deciding although the balance inclines more towards me being a summer. Here are a few pictures. My palm seems to have pink undertones, which means I have a cool skin color, but I can't decide when it comes to skin face, in some pictures I seem to have warm undertones, in others, cool undertones.    I've used an iPhone 4 to take the pictures, if that makes any difference.   Here are the photos: Palm Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture...
I always wanted to ask: what is your opinion on suede leather spectators? For me, they seem as a shy attempt to stand out, like a person with a flimsy voice demanding authority all of a sudden. I would much prefer going with regular leather, but I'm opened to suggestions.
Yes, I think that could be a good measure, to avoid stupid threads like mine... 
FlyingMonkey: You're right, I'm sorry. I've just used Google to search on this forum, something like site:styleforum.net + book and haven't found too many results, or at least haven't digged too much.
Hello everyone.   I've read Details Men's Style Guide, and I was not impressed - it's just a bigger magazine. Now I'm reading Men's Style - The Thinking Man's Guide to Dress by Russell Smith, which is good (in my opinion - one of a newbie). I also plan to buy the The Suit: A Machiavellian Approach To Men's Style By Nicholas Antongiavanni (who I found out to be a member here, namely Manton).    Do you have any other recommendations? What about the books written...
Obviously not all of them, but the incredible vast majority. And out of those who say they play for fun, I say the majority of them are as well doing it for the money. If they didn't want to play for the money, why not play with free chips instead, and not risk losing hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars?
Is it just me, or are the Brook Brother suits more serious? I see Suit Supply suits a perfect fit for people (or occasions) who don't take life so seriously.   I say this because most BB suits are mostly grays, while SS suits are brighter and more colored.   What is your opinion? 
  What's wrong with this guy?
Why do you do it? I know most of us will say that it is just for them, but that's just like saying poker players play for fun, when everyone knows they play for the money. So why do you give so much attention to clothes and style? I personally do it because I want to make impress people and it also makes me feel good.   So why do you do it?
I honestly think it's a size bigger than you should wear. Just look at the sleeves: is it just me, or are they baggy? I personally like a more fitted style, so maybe that's why I say this. And yes, the shoulders are bigger than necessary.  In the future, to get better replies, I would suggest you take pictures that show your entire outfit as well, not just parts of it, so we can judge better.
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