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Does anyone know how extravagant Suit Up's MTM fabric selection is? They say they have over 600 fabrics to choose from, but I haven't been able to find anywhere an opinion on them and given what I've seen so far in the Spring '15 collection, I wouldn't be surprised to find just a few decently-looking fabrics.
@Swy5: what leg opening do you have for the trousers? They look slim, but not gay-ish slim. Just what I'm looking for.
Is it just me, or is the Hudson fit so much better looking than the Havana fit? Personally, I think Havana jackets are a bit too short and the button stance too high. The lapels on the Hudson are also a bit wider, which I like. I think the Hudson fit is closer to the "classic" look than Havana is.   Hudson (left) vs Havana (right):               But I suppose that for jackets, Havana's length is okay.
Nevermind... the outlet isn't available for my country.
I can proxy orders from Europe to the rest of the world, if anyone wants. I live in Romania, so shipping is free over 350 euros to me. From my knowledge, all the major international express mail services are available here. 
I'm in a similar boat to Eviltimeban: I'm new to SuSu (I actually don't own any suit), and I can't tell the difference between SuSu styles/fits. They all look okay, to me. Maybe I need to go to a store and try them out?
 Very nice indeed. I'm very fond of high rise trousers without belt loops. (Belts peeking out from under the jacket are one of my pet peeves!) Looks very, very dashing. However, is it just me, or is the crotch and fly area riddled with wrinkles?  Who is this user, Timo? I'd like to see more of his suits, if possible. (Never mind, I found it: http://www.styleforum.net/u/65931/timotune)  Thanks
I have a hard time deciding although the balance inclines more towards me being a summer. Here are a few pictures. My palm seems to have pink undertones, which means I have a cool skin color, but I can't decide when it comes to skin face, in some pictures I seem to have warm undertones, in others, cool undertones.    I've used an iPhone 4 to take the pictures, if that makes any difference.   Here are the photos: Palm Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture...
I always wanted to ask: what is your opinion on suede leather spectators? For me, they seem as a shy attempt to stand out, like a person with a flimsy voice demanding authority all of a sudden. I would much prefer going with regular leather, but I'm opened to suggestions.
Yes, I think that could be a good measure, to avoid stupid threads like mine... 
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