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Can anyone comment on the quality of SS's bags? I'm interested in getting one.
An update on my proxy services: I'm no longer able to offer this service. More information in my (now closed) listing, here: Proxy service for SuitSupply
Not sure if he's referring to Meermin quality or to SuitSupply shoes' design. If it's the latter, then I agree: their shoes are very appealing, and as much as I tried, I haven't found something eye-catching from reputable Italian shoemakers. Maybe it's because they appeal to different age groups. I'm young, so I like the flashier style more. 
 Personally, I would never pay that much for a backpack. But then again, most people won't spend more than $200 on a suit and consider SuSu suits way too overpriced, even though they're probably the best bang for the back right now on the market. If you like it, go for it. Wtf, it's money, not days of our lives we're talking about here. Worst case scenario you don't like how it's built or color or something, and you return it and get a full refund.  I hear they're not that...
^ In the second picture, you can see not only that the lapels are arching a bit, but also that there's quite some pulling around the fastened button. (I personally don't mind the pulling that much, but some here do.)   Have you contacted SuSu regarding the wrinkles? They are uuuuugly. 
Judging from the measurements provided on their website for each of those two fits, yes, they are identical. 
 Would you mind expanding on this? Like how often do you think they should they be worn, in general, to avoid damaging them? I'd like to get a pair, too, but wouldn't want to be restricted to only wearing them once in a while.
@thefoxtooth Sure, no problem. Let me know if you need more information.
@patliean1 Thanks for the answer.   As a side question, to everyone: is it customary around here to click the little "thumbs up" button under a post you find useful, instead of making another post thanking the user, like I just did? I don't want to make useless posts and risk coming across as if I'm self-promoting my services via my signature. I know it is used this way on other forums, but I haven't seen it used very often here.
@patliean1, do you also happen to remember if the Jort and Hudson have similar trouser rise? I can't find this info on their website, just waist and leg opening info.    On another note, but still relating to the Jort vs Hudson comparison, I'd like to remove the belt loops from the Hudson's trousers and replace them with side tabs. Does anyone know if that's possible? I mean, yes, it would be possible, but would it be okay from a construction point of view? I'm thinking...
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