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Thanks for the recommendation. I've received the suit. I'm not an expert, but the suit looks like a more casual suit, rather than one suitable in a business environment, such as banks or law firms. That's all I can say about it, sorry. 
@LoKey - ask them via their real-time chat on their website - they're quick to answer.    @ammanati : Regarding your MTM shirt post, I have asked customer support about the prices for their MTM shirts, and they said that the maximum price is 219 euros.    Update: @LoKey, ugh, 51 seconds quicker and my post would have been semi-useful. 
@n2pua and @LoKey I live in Romania, Europe, and I already offered my proxy services here. I think I said it a few pages back. I already have a "client," and his order will arrive tomorrow. Please send me a message if interested.
Thanks for the photo! Yes, the prices are indeed quite affordable. 
@n2pua: do you mind sharing with us the cost of alternations done at Suitsupply? Or were they done by your own tailor? I'm curious about what to expect price-wise when having alternations done.   Also, does the "pua" bit from your username means what I think it means? :D 
Same as above. ^^ I see no reason for them not to accept it back. All they have to do is re-stitch the vents and put the suit back on the rack.
@ammanati Thank you, I've already read it. I do have a question, though: do you happen to know more about fabrics and their prices? And if they have more casual (like super 80's) fabrics?   And yes, I would like another post somewhere in the future on the topic of overcoats. ;)
@ammanati: Thanks a lot! I can't wait to read and enjoy it. ;)
Has anyone heard of Louis Purple? I ask because they seem to compete for the same target demographics as SuSu. I have just returned from the mall, and they just opened a new store here. I looked around a bit and they seem to have a made-to-measure program too, with fabrics from VBC and Ariston. A fully canvased jacket, in a VBC fabric costs around 550 euros, while one in an Ariston fabric is about 650. These seem to roughly the same prices SuSu charges, based on what...
mikeyam1975: I think it's a decent OTR fit, but then again, I'm really not an expert at this. If you're going to a tailor, you might also want to ask him to raise the jacket collar a bit, if possible, so it shows less shirt collar. At least that's what I recommend by looking at your pictures.   There's also some pulling around the waistline, but to be honest, I'm not so fixed on a perfect, clean fit as others here, so it's okay by me. I would comment on the back, too,...
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