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 Yeah I'm sure that this is the idea though it is very poor logic. Google will show you a million discussions on this exact issue, and I feel like it is has become pretty well established among people who know menswear that working cuffs on RTW really makes no sense and shouldn't be done. On my plaid Havana, I wonder if the Suit Supply tailor would have said he/she could make the plaid match while shortening the sleeves at shoulder.
^^^ Should there be a petition or something to get them to stop? I can't read through this entire thread, but is this feature not infuriating to others as well?
HAVANA REVIEW   I ordered a Havana sport coat in the brown plaid. My chest measures 42" and I am 6'2". The 42L (my usual size) was too tight and pulling. Going up to the 44L, the fit was really nice. The measurements on the SS website corresponded exactly to the how I measured the jackets - the 44L chest is 23" across.   The cloth is quite nice and I really like the light construction of the Havana. I am pretty traditional when it comes to fit, and I must say the...
 Yeah, I guess you guys have a point there. Though this one had more of an open-air party feel, less about getting nerdy about microbrews. I recently went to Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas - 3 days of punk shows in downtown las vegas. The combination of the punk scene thing with  downtown Vegas in general, it was pretty nonconformist and edgy.
The event was a large beer fest thing at the Nationals stadium, so it was a pretty representative cross section. It wasn't some specific interest group event or private party. But other than a few sub-culture people lurking in the woodwork, I maintain that the masses of Washingtonians are boring conformists, and delusionally self-important to boot. DC had some edge to it through the 90s - other than family weekends to see the monuments, it was actually a bit of an urban...
 I've noticed DC women are very much like this. I live in nearby Bmore myself, but  was at a large event in DC recently and a friend starting pointed out how all these girls were wearing the same/extremely similar items, it was to the point of being bizarre. It led to a discussion about DC people being very conformist by nature (everyone is looking "to get ahead" at some establishment job) as well as not being a very creative population of people. Sortof a different point...
Shane Macgowan looks really cool in anachronistic hats like bowlers. There should really be a thread on Shane Macgowan's style.
Wow, you're right. I thought when I checked awhile back I saw that Larchmont and Kenilworth were on the same last, but I just checked AEs website and see I was completely wrong.
^^ I have the chocolate Larchmonts too. The aggressively elongated and chiseled toe sometimes feels a little odd to me at times but overall I like the shoe. It definitely does fight against the criticism that AE makes bloby shaped shoes.    I also have the Kenilworth that is on the same last. While the Kenilworth also takes on a more elongated and sleek shape, the overall look of the upper seems pretty different to me than the Larchmonts. They also fit a bit different in...
I call the overly tapered pant leg popular among some #menswear types the "bird legged" look. I have to think people who wear that will later look back at photos and regret it as well as regret money spent at tailors ruining nice pants.   That said, having a tall/thinner frame and scrawny feet (size 9.5 at 6'1" tall), I like a moderately trim leg opening that still allows for the classic drape of mens dress pants (I think 8.5 - 9" usually works best).
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