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thanks dude. It's one of the 2 jackets from my collection launching this fall. Glad you like it!
long time no post
the creepy cop scene was hilarious
Quote: Originally Posted by mrjames what brand are these? black coated nudies Quote: Originally Posted by Knisse dibadiba -> just curious, how long did it take you to learn that freeze? can't remember, been a long time. start with head and feet on the ground until you're comfortable, then lift the feet, then lift the head and work on your balance a bit until you can nail the position you want.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roygbivuxg this looks good but I have to admit I find the freeze more impressive than the fit those pants look kinda uncomfortable to be breakdancing in also, I think someone before commented about how you never look the same in your pics...I totally agree these are the only jeans I breakdance in now. 3% elastic works wonders
Quote: Originally Posted by Ianiceman If that's the best you can tie a tie you better go ask someone! other than the fact that the back end of the tie is sticking out, I don't see much of a problem. I prefer to just take a picture without spending 20 minutes getting every crease right and measuring how much cuff I have showing
hackett random knit tie and shirt new & lingwood pants church's suede shoes
Quote: Originally Posted by ndw I agree on the comment about shortening the trousers slightly. Did you have a blog about your apprenticeship there? I think I remember reading it. Did you keep up the hobby? I posted it a while back during the month I was there but I haven't found time to continue shoemaking at this point. It's very time-consuming and labour intensive. I do work with leather as a weekend job, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by TrH The thousand-inch stare. great post
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