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Looks like nice leather with relatively amateur finishing and construction
I've worked with Horween cordovan as well as some cordovan from overseas. I like both. With that said, the Horween does feel different. If you bend it, it tends to hold its shape more and has a firmer temper, while the asian cordovan seems softer. Horween is more expensive, mostly because it's practically a 'brand name' now when it comes to leather, and people are willing to pay a premium for goods made out of it. With that said, those wallets do seem quite inexpensive....
Well, this just got extremely interesting...
How many card slots? Keep in mind the 'coin pocket' section typically takes up one half of the wallet, while the card slots take up the other half. If you want more card slots, it would either make the wallet larger in terms of width/height for more slots, or thicker to accommodate there being more cards on one side. Typically.
Didn't realize there was a wallet thread specifically for cordovan! I finished this full #8 Horween cordovan wallet for a customer not long ago; fully hand-stitched.
trying to start posting again more often... burberry prorsum sweater over RLPL cashmere sweater belt & stingray wallet made by self naked&famous 22oz jeans red wing boots
Not sure how I missed this post. Yes, yes it is!!! I've been treasuring it since it found its way into my mailbox 2 years ago
Haven't posted in a while. I'm not sure if I've posted a similar combo before, but whatever... edit: Brands: New & Lingwood jacket & pants Finamore shirt Hermes tie Koronya shoes
I'm actually just in Victoria, so Vancouver will be one of the first places I try for. Fingers crossed!
Lamb. It's not a look for everyone... I went for something with a little heavier finish. Really glossy but lots of surface area (no chest pockets, one-piece back)will PM you soon
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