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thanks!It's one of my first projects with alligator, so I didn't want to buy a top-grade skin. It's made from a skin that is likely older than I am, and gave me a bit of practice in conditioning and restoring the leather. Definitely vintage, in a way!
Not quite a briefcase, but here's a black french calf hold-all I made for my girlfriend recently. I've actually 'borrowed' it a lot the past few weeks, since it's a unisex design. I'll be doing an ostrich & calf version for myself with shorter handles very soon. The leather is a glossy, full-grain french calf (same tannery Hermes uses for some of their calf), and the lining is a thick red french lamb suede. Zippers are Lampo, and the entire bag is saddle-stitched by...
You may benefit from using an oval hole punch rather than a round hole punch to make the holes for the belt pin to go through. On thick leather, the buckle seems to sit better when a more oval punch is used, at least in my experience. My latest project: Alligator bi-fold with matching alligator interior, fully hand-stitched.
Is this your site? The bags appear to be available for purchase, alongside the same photos you've posted in this thread, and there's no mention of prototypes there . I'm not sure why you'd be looking for feedback on things like stress point reinforcement for a product you're currently offering for sale and marketing as a quality, finished product.
Was this told to you by the maker? I have quite a lot of experience working with leather, and that looks like a healed scar, as it's darker than the surrounding area. I honestly can't imagine how something that looks like that could be caused by a maker
I like the colours, and I've heard good things bout Hermann Oak leather, but the details and finishing on these look like they could use improvement, especially for $600. I do like the rivet detailing on the sides, both in terms of placement and colour.
Don't quote me on this, but yes, I believe that this is correct.
I may be misinterpreting what you've written, but this doesn't sound right to me. The 'scratch/damaged' section jwong6590 posted isn't from a mess-up by the maker during the bag's production; it appears to be a scarred/damaged section of the hide. This is not to be confused with 'character'. Character can come from natural markings and wrinkles of the animal, like those found in the shoulder of cowhide.For example, imagine two identical goods: one made by machine with a...
Might as well post up some of my work. Everything is completely saddle-stitched by hand. #8 horween shell cordovan. 3 slots on each side + a bill slot Brown alligator cardholder with orange shell cordovan slots and bone kangaroo lining Blue polished stingray cardholder Black french calf holdall with red french lambskin suede lining, Lampo zippers
I might be able to add to this discussion, as a wallet and leather goods maker. I personally hate fabrics of any kind in wallets. While I can appreciate fine fabrics like silk, I don't think they have a place in a wallet that one considers anything other than disposable. My experience is that fabrics are the first thing to go, and that all-leather construction is preferable. A wallet in your back pocket for years goes through quite a bit of wear and tear. A breast pocket...
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