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plenty of options. I make belts (Gallery), as does Unlucky and Corter which are both great options.
Quote: Originally Posted by ToruOkada s&s makes guys cuts or are those unisex? the daniel, david, and samuel models are all mens, but to be honest I have no clue if they're even being made anymore. the only place i've seen sling & stones these days are the new womens models @ selfedge, which aren't even selvage unfortunately from what i've heard
Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota ^^ What cut of S&S are those? they're the Daniel cut. I'm not sure if I'm a huge fan of the low rise or the heavy taper, I'd probably wear them a lot more if they were a mid-rise straight cut because the denim and color are great
matinique shirt sling & stones natural indigo jeans magnanni shoez
Quote: Originally Posted by WoodyStylee Looks great. If I were to change anything, maybe a less 'calculated' roll on the jeans, I think it would look better if the jeans were just rolled up quick and put little effort into. +1 on this. everything looks awesome otherwise. perfect fit on the jeans
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Can you elaborate? What is better/worse? What different cloths? What are the pros and cons of each? for example, selfedge sells both Iron Heart and Flathead denim. While they're both raw denim, they feel and fade totally differently. Iron heart denim is extremely heavy (21-22oz) while Flathead denim is typically a nice midweight (14.5oz?) denim. flatheads are noted for their high-contrast fading, while...
Quote: Originally Posted by avatar yes, the water companies all make a bottle less due to your courage - environmental impact avoided. great logic there, lol. the point I'm making is that if a million people had the same attitude, that would be countless amounts of less bottles used. every little bit adds up.
ditch the shoes. and why do you have a shirt OVER your messenger bag strap? looks too try-hard. jeans fit nice though
I found my RRDS to stretch quite significantly. much moreso than my samurais. if you're able to button them, they'll be fine.
michael, have you considered releasing socks? bamboo socks maybe? I really need socks
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