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Quote: Originally Posted by skunkworks +1 on the fit request. I'd like to see these on some feets. I found this pic on my harddrive, must have saved it a while ago. I'm quite sure these are the W&H boots...
Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce !!!full trendy!!! !!! The best look and feeling every moment !!! and all this time I've been looking for 7/8th trendy when I could have gone for the FULL TRENDY
I think i'll pick up another 2 pairs of the new underwear, I'm glad to see there's the new fit. my only complaint with the current underwear is that the thighs stretch too much by the end of the day and they ride up a bit.
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete I've sent in a request for stockists for: 1. Iridescent Shirts 2. Indian Block Scarf 3. Blue Floral Tie and Shorts I'll post info here as soon as I get it. If there's anything else people want info on let me know. Can you confirm that the blue floral tie and shorts are the same one's I've been looking for? (http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...&postcount=419) If so, what sort of price would I be...
Honestly, you pretty much answered the question yourself. When I dress according to what I think suits me and looks good, I feel 10x better about myself and my appearance. Lacking self-esteem in highschool was a big problem for me. After graduating, I decided it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself, and started changing the way I dress to reflect who I am and what fits well. Long story short, the problem took care of itself. Objective advantage? Who knows
Quote: Originally Posted by Zazamoot There have been some impressive remarks made regarding the longevity of Alden's cordovan shell shoes. Has anybody actually had a pair for close to a decade? How have they held up? I'm very curious. Saw these on superfuture a while back. 15 year old #8 cordovan alden chukkas.
I think this has already been done http://gizmodo.com/384643/body-armor...-security-suit
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 They are not anymore contradictory than a blazer with a crew neck t-shirt or a pea coat with nike's. It's not like wearing a suit with thongs or a tuxedo with a singlet. Sounds to me like you need to learn the art of transgression, if you retain consistency through shape, colour, pattern or overall style then it will look fine. Also, I think it's ridiculous that you want me to be quiet because you disagree with my...
anybody know where I can get these shorts? and the matching tie?
Quote: Originally Posted by Caveat dibadiba- How much do you charge for one of those guitar straps? $115. includes whatever color you want, your choice of hardware and stitching color, and a lined shoulder pad
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