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I haven't seen a clockwork orange, robbie, but thanx anyways lol Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo I like the vibe of the shirt and pants, but the shoes pretty much ruins it... wrong shape and color for the rest. any suggestions? I'm having way too much trouble trying to figure out what goes with the pants since I've been wearing jeans the entire past year
colt ann d random
I've had a pretty good experience with crest whitestrips. not 'movie star' white, but for $20 they made a noticeable difference. I plan on using them again
my best experience has been buying from Cultizm. A year ago I bought a pair of nudie regular ralfs from them, but they sent me slim jims (correct size, wrong model). I emailed them and they told me to just keep the slim jims, and I had the ralfs at my door in 48 hours. absolutely amazing customer service
Quote: Originally Posted by gabby11303 Which Sams are these? I wish I was skinny enough to get a taper that small at the bottom. thanks for all the comments everyone! they're the s710xx. I dont know if it's because theyre lot 10, but I'd prefer if they were an inch or two looser in the waist. they're not really tapered much though, they're just a straight cut that's too small for me
h&m AA diba leathers samurai clarks
just wanted to say my bamboo underwear arrived and it solved every problem I've ever had with underwear. definitely looking forward to ordering more items in the future. thanks again!
^ the collars look great on those chambrays
cultizm is probably your best bet. got mine from there, and they mark the value down so we pay minimal duties at the border. very fast too.
those look like they've been washed atleast once as well. sorry to hear that happened
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