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^ what he said. 5'9 150 and I usually wear a 30. I'm not sure how you could be a 34. you've lost a lot of weight and congrats, and wearing something that fits better is going to make your weight loss even more evident!
the ones on the far end look okay but the rest look as offensive as last season. metallic gold with thick soles? really? I think raf made doc marten his patient
great stuff guys. I really dig that short jacket Brutus
Quote: Originally Posted by MiniW it looks like you can fit a chopped up body in that thing^^ most i've put in there is a 22" widescreen + xbox 360, 2 controllers, and all necessary cables
I wore my bag in my last few waywt's...
ande whall does up to 44" inseams, which will be perfect if he wants stacking. other than that, some of the self-edge collaborations have 38+ inseams but they're definitely on the pricey side.
damn, judging by your thumb, you've got some really nice hands great jackets too
another day at school... parajumpers ande whall diba leathers x2 red wing 1906
I haven't seen a clockwork orange, robbie, but thanx anyways lol Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo I like the vibe of the shirt and pants, but the shoes pretty much ruins it... wrong shape and color for the rest. any suggestions? I'm having way too much trouble trying to figure out what goes with the pants since I've been wearing jeans the entire past year
colt ann d random
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