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You mean like 'cordovan', the burgundy colour?
I posted an update yesterday on facebook. Photos will be posted towards the end of the week! I'm currently in the process of making the wallet , so I want that to be done and photographed before I move ahead with anything.
Give-away details will be posted next week...Thank you kindly!Cheers, Rob. I appreciate the recommendation!
Thanks! As you can see in my above album on the alligator briefcase, I am obsessed with the 'process'. Whoever orders the first jacket is going to have me personally photograph and document it being made.Colour options: Essentially anything, and it doesn't even need to be suede. I can totally accommodate standard lambskin.I will post some colour options soon along with the measurements.In terms of customization, there are stock sizes (XS-XL). Sleeve length and body length...
Pocket flaps are fairly straightforward. I don't think there would be any problem accommodating something like that. It would be a simple adjustment.As for the collar, the jacket is unlined lambsuede-- it's very soft, so the lack of structure causes the front to lay more flat rather than stick up. The suede on the back of the collar is stitched over the ribbed section, so that part stands up a bit as you can see in some photos. It is a spring/summer jacket however, and...
Thanks! I would love to offer the dozens and dozens of colours from the tannery, but issues arise with matching the trimming (which I'm working on) and the limited colours of MOP buttons. Of course, colours like grey would look fantastic with the black trim. If you have a specific colour in mind, please let me know! I will try and accommodate. Sizing chart should be up some time next week.The slim computer bag is quite customizable (add hardware to straps, change width...
Okay, pricing adjusted and finalized for the cardholders, including free express shipping in time for the holidays! Base price, for calf, goat, kangaroo interior & exterior: $175 Add $50 for lizard, ostrich leg, or shark exterior = $225 Add $100 for stingray, ostrich, or shell cordovan exterior = $275 Add $125 for alligator or crocodile exterior = $300 Add $225 for alligator or crocodile exterior AND interior = $400 As always, if there's a particular or unusual colour...
Thanks! I decided I had done enough practice and training to be able to offer something unique to SF. Glad to see you're still posting here
So, I think it's time to do a give-away soon everyone. How does a black sharkskin wallet sound, with a smooth red kidskin interior and gold pigskin pocket linings?
I suppose I should keep posting here for the SW&D folks! American Alligator briefcase, saddle-stitched by hand. French Boxcalf lining. Here's how I made it! American Alligator belt, also shown in above photos. Soft sharkskin belt
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