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I'd like to add that in the case of shoes, the marks on shoulders may seem to be unsightly. Not using this part of the hide is understandable.With that said, shoulder leather is a good cut of the hide, and the markings make for excellent character when used in bags and belts.
Thanks for the kind words! I do sell items here and there...I mostly just peruse forums giving and taking advice where I can. You can check out my page here, if you like, where I post my recent work for family/friends/anyone interested.
Yes, they're card slots
Some more recent work French calfskin with a tipped-grain goatskin interior, fully hand-stitched lovely grain on this goatskin. the raised areas are slightly darker
Sounds like a cardholder might be something you could consider. Are you wanting something that can hold cash, or just cards?
The stitching does certainly appear to be hand-stitched, so that would point towards it being a legitimate Hermes piece.
There are actually 3 volumes. All have information you'll find useful. More than anything, I would recommend "The art of Handsewing leather", also by Al Stohlman, which focuses on basic techniques you'll use every time you sew. I'm fairly experienced and I still consult these 4 books fairly often. You can find PDF's online if you look hard enough, but a paper version would be useful to have in the workshop for quick reference.I'll do you one better. I'm going to make a...
You probably don't want to hear this, but learn it. You will better your skills by finding a way to manipulate the leather into doing what you want rather than compromising and labeling your work 'simplistic' (read: amateur). Read 'the art of making leather cases' by al stohlman, to give you ideas.Alternatively, find a local patternmaker with some experience doing bags. This is what I do, just to have a digitized file of basic patterns that can be easily modified by the...
Springfield leather I linked to above will have that. I no longer use natural. Dyeing is messy, time-consuming, and can dry out the leather. If you're looking for pre-dyed leather, send me a PM and I can help you out further.
Glad I could help!12-14oz is very thick. Leather in that thickness is usually tanned for purposes that require very firm leather, such as shoe soles. I understand brands like Naked & Famous have used incredibly thick leather for belts, but I think it's done from a position of ignorance and probably just for the novelty of being the thickest belt. A belt should conform to one's waist with time, and leather made for shoe soles is simply not designed to do this. Additionally,...
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