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cheers. I'm going to add one more item to the giveaway...stingray cardholder...and then we're good to go!
Thanks! Looks fine in pictures, yeah. It's like acne at a nightclub though...just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there.I will probably do a 'sample sale' in the near future for things with really minor imperfections...for example the seam allowance on one particular folded edge might not be as wide as I wanted, or the wrinkling of the leather at a particular fold might not be to my liking. Oh well. Such is the pursuit of perfection
Sharkskin wallet finished. I was going to put this in the giveaway, but I'm not entirely happy with it.
What colour are you looking for? Check out my thread. I work with cordovan fairly regularly!
Giveaway wallet one is finished! Green ostrich leg with tan sokoto goatskin interior. Next one will be done soon. I'll be making a separate thread for the giveaway
I'm not a huge fan of matching the leathers 100%, but a close to exact colour match in a different type of leather is very cool (smooth cordovan vs a textured leather).I have some whiskey cordovan laying around...I will see if I can find anything matching in colour!
Sorry for the delays in give-away details! I will get them posted up as soon as I can.
Thanks Tim, I appreciate it! Being able to converse with the person who made the product you're buying is extremely valuable, and is something I think all craftsman like me and you hope to provide.
Jacket measurements for the A-1 are up! I've left out waist measurements, as the ribbing at the waist prevents me from getting an accurate measurement (see photo...) Standard sizing from XXS to XL. Sleeve and body length can easily be changed, and any other details like pocket size, please just send an email to info@neonouveau.ca or PM me and I will accommodate it for you personally. Fit: The fit on this jacket is fairly slim, while still having the blousy feel of a...
Thank you sir!
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