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So sorry mate. The sharkskin wallet didn't turn out 100% to my liking, and I wanted to add another item (stingray cardholder), so I had to push things back a bit. I'll send you a PM when I get the giveaway thread posted up.
I don't believe this to be acceptable, but like others have noted, the bag is likely to get scuffs through regular use either way.
Tannery photo. Natural indigo dyed, vegetable-tanned alligator. I can't even imagine how nicely this will age. Wallet anyone!?
Just snagged this vintage leather and leather-lined tennis bag off ebay. Hopefully going to restore it for my own use, then re-create the pattern and make another one for my dad out of French boxcalf or something exotic.
A few shots of a wallet I'm currently working on for a SF member Green sokoto goatskin exterior with navy sokoto goatskin interior and tan pigskin pocket linings
I've used Saphir Reptan a number of times and have been quite happy with the results.
Due to a few requests, I'm going to be adding a shopping cart systemin the next few weeks, with various finished items available for purchase. Stay tuned!
I bet half the interwebs has seen this by now, but might as well post it here for those who love briefcases... matte American Alligator, solid brass hardware, French boxcalf lining, completely saddle-stitched by hand
Hi there. Natural veg-tan is a fairly straightforward material to source, but the price can change depending on a few things. For example, a natural, bookbinding quality goatskin is going to cost more than a run of the mill cowhide. Goods like tanner and corter go for under $100 because they use no-frills cowhide, little to no edge finishing, and generally basic construction. The wallet you linked to perfectly describes the above. For $255 for that wallet in a natural...
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