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Very nice work mate. I'm sure you can relate to the feeling one gets after giving it a good wipe-down and stepping back to see the culmination of all those hours of work. A lovely feeling exclusive to saddle-stitching! Great detailing and proportions too.The colours compliment each other very well...I'm actually doing a hold-all in that exact colour scheme but in reverse (dark brown body with tan detailing).Rock on!
Seriously. Did somebody lose their knife and use their teeth instead?
Lovely colour. I'd love to see some larger items made from that leather.Nice buckles. I like the leather piece on the end!Just finished this for a fellow canadian Styeforumer (is that what we're called?)This is a new colour combination for me. Pretty cool!Polished stingray in grey with a hint of green, with aniline kangaroo lining in 'benedictine' and antique brown shell cordovan slots. Hand-stitched with off-white fine linen thread.
If it's the guy I'm thinking of, I've seen his work on the leatherworker.net forums, where I often browse and occasionally post. Looks like very nice stuff, and primarily hand-stitched. I would expect something like that to run for at least a couple thousand dollars, but who knows...
I've heard similar sentiments regarding SAB. I had a chance to check out their (poorly lit) new location in Piccadilly Arcade in London. Seemed nice and the leather is gorgeous, but some of the 'out of sight' stitching like under the handles and such seemed lacking. Additionally, the recent complaint by a member in the Briefcase Porn thread , and the way it was handled by SAB, would give me cause for concern.I've heard good thing about JP Marcellino. Hardware looks solid,...
I recently made (what I hope is a very high quality) briefcase with a stiffener, so hopefully I can provide some insight.The first is, nice leather isn't always thick or firm. English bridle is something you see often, and it's typically both firm AND thick, and often finished on the flesh side too, so it needs neither a lining nor a stiffener. With that said, something like the french boxcalf I used is fairly firm but isn't very thick...Leather is a breathable material,...
Sorry, that's much lower than my range of expertise. Are you opposed to buying something used? There are a number of brands you could find used on eBay or on the buy/sell section that would have the higher level of finishing and quality that you want.
What price range?
Nonsense. I've seen so much poor finishing being passed off as imperfections of the handmade process. It's a real shame, because handmade should be synonymous with superior quality, not an excuse for imperfections.
Thanks mate! The natural grain is very nice...I thought it was a print the first time I saw it since it's unusually prominent for goatskin.I see where you're coming from on this one, but in terms of integrity, I have no qualms here. The straps appear to be functionally unnecessary, as many bags of simpler design are made without straps. Stitching wouldn't have hurt though, seeing as both rivets or stitching wouldn't even be visible due to the way the ends of the straps...
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