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I'm not a huge fan of matching the leathers 100%, but a close to exact colour match in a different type of leather is very cool (smooth cordovan vs a textured leather).I have some whiskey cordovan laying around...I will see if I can find anything matching in colour!
You mean like 'cordovan', the burgundy colour?
I suppose I should keep posting here for the SW&D folks! American Alligator briefcase, saddle-stitched by hand. French Boxcalf lining. Here's how I made it! American Alligator belt, also shown in above photos. Soft sharkskin belt
Thanks! I've been lurking too long so I decided to become an affiliate and give something back to the community!I'm located in BC, Canada.
A few people on mobile have asked for a few finished pictures to save scrolling through the album to the bottom. Here are a few:
Hi everyone! I'm a new affiliate, and I just recently posted an album on Reddit today that exploded, so it made sense to post it here too. Here is the link. It documents with photos and explanations the main steps of how I make an alligator briefcase from start to finish. If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! I hope sharing these photos will help give members an appreciation for the craft and hopefully give me a chance to share what really is my...
You're right about it likely ending up on clothing, but you may be able to find something that would dye the leather rather than cover it up. I'm assuming you're getting wear on it from when you're carrying by the shoulder strap?I would suggest either carrying it on the other side of your body to even out the wear (kind of silly but it will extend the life of that area of the bag), or having it repaired professionally at some point. As a bag maker, folded edges are...
Could you share a bit more info about this? I've heard from a number of old-timers in the leather industry that the quality of leather has dipped noticeably over the last few decades. Is this something to do with the raw materials? The quality of tannage? I wonder why something like the 64spi couldn't be replicated on leather like veg-tanned kangaroo
DWF already gave a good reply for this. Caiman is indeed inferior. The flanks are quite soft and are great for belts, but the centre scales are full of osteoderms that make them very stiff. They also don't take dye very well.Between alligator and crocodile, it mostly comes down to preference. Alligators have a larger head and tail, giving better cutting yields. I find the head to be really nice for wallets.The porosus crocodile (saltwater crocodile) is generally considered...
I can vouch for them too. I've used their boxcalf for briefcases and it's an absolutely wonderful leather. Beautiful finish, very little stretch, excellent consistency in thickness. Terrible with water though, as is most boxcalf I've seen...
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