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Nice, Marcell! I love the combination of eyelets and hooks for the lacing.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrhills0146 Olympus E-420. +1. I recommended this to a co-worker and she picked it up. It's the smallest SLR on the market right now as far as I know, especially when paired with the pancake lens. I use the e-520 which is slightly larger. There aren't a huge amount of lenses but the lenses available from zuiko digital are regarded as being very high quality, from what I've read.
From what I've read, he was a temporary worker fired for other reasons such as not doing duties properly and then driving over somebody's lawn. Either way, holding up mail and hitting a postal worker (read: government worker) is a pretty serious offence. This lady needs to get her ass kicked
Quote: Originally Posted by Gibonius Obesity is really not as unhealthy as we like to make it out to be. If you have an obesity related disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc, then you need to lose weight. But if you're otherwise healthy, that extra fat really isn't hurting anything. Apparently overweight people without other conditions tend to live longer than thin people without other conditions, for unclear...
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum how itchy are they? I got to handle them briefly in store and they didn't seem itchy at all, but Guy can probably give you a definitive answer. Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Can someone speak to the quality of these? top notch. These are just as nice if not nicer than last years and anyone who has one will agree the quality is great
the guy hating on kunk re: looking short because of ones clothing ...I've never been able to totally understand this concept. Some people seem to totally dismiss people's fits, saying, "the proportions make you look like you're 5 feet tall" or something similar. Okay, sure... in the context of a photo where there's nobody else in the frame, and nothing like a door behind them to give an idea of scale. Is it even really worth mentioning? It seems like the only time you'd...
the 'designer' calls out matt on his post via facebook. LINK While I don't have anything against the stuff he's making, the bag in question is probably as minimalist as a weekender can be. You can't 'knock off' something like that, just like you can't knock off a bomber jacket or any other timeless piece. I also get the feeling matt's post was more of a tongue-in-cheek jab at the lack of design and finising rather...
Really enjoying this game. I have to run every setting on minimum since my computer isn't great now, but the game is still great. feels nice to set up catapults on a hill and decimate their smaller cities and watch them send me shitty diplomacy requests!
this thread needs bumping. haven't seen the season 5 premiere yet but I'm excited!!
Quote: Originally Posted by bbaquiran Maybe it depends on the music? Definitely. We get teenagers to seniors coming in here, and just by looking at the numbers you can figure out that a very small fraction of people actually like any one song that might be playing. The rest, I assume (and the limited poll results reflect this), just find it annoying!
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