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Just in: iris blue ostrich
Is there a certain price range you're hoping to stay within?
Thanks! I'll have to make another one to get a more accurate price, but I'd estimate $300+
Horween navy latigo, orange linen thread, natural veg-tan liner with matching edges. Hand-stitched with a solid, heavy brass made-in-Italy buckle.
Whoops! Thanks. Fixed.
Yes. An excellent read, and one of the many reasons I'm outspoken against "handmade" goods that aren't hand-made at all.Don't forget me. The ideal you talk about does exist, but you're right in regards to the fact that you will no longer find it in big brands. That doesn't stop them from trying, though. Simply infuriating to me.
Just finished: Green sokoto goatskin exterior. Navy sokoto goatskin interior with v-slots, light tan pigskin lining and edges, hand-stitched with blue thread.
Navy latigo posted above being made into a belt: natural-veg tan liner, orange thread. Check out the hand-stitched detailing
Not sure how I missed this post. Thank you kindly!!It's coming along great! Such a good colour combination. No idea why I never tried it sooner.
Just in: Horween Navy Latigo. Great for belts, wallets, and small leather goods.
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