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gen·tleˈjentleadjective1.(of a person) mild in temperament or behavior; kind or tender.Will do Thanks to all bidders, and congratulations to the winner!
Seriously. If this goes over $1500, the winner will receive a photo of me shirtless with the briefcase on my head. I will be wearing Clark's desert boots.
You rock!Potential bidders, check out this album to see how one of these (well, an alligator version) is made.A range of thread colours, edge colours, and lovely options to customize. Truly an heirloom piece that you can pass down decades from now.
Cheers, Fok.To those unfamiliar with my work, I'll share about more info about this particular bag. As Fok mentioned, the winner will have their choice of calf or goat. I use the finest French boxcalf and a variety of vegetable-tanned goatskins in a range of colours. Additionally, the interior will be fully leather lined in goat or lamb and we will be able to come up with an interior organizer to suit your needs...and as always, completely saddle-stitched by hand.
I don't believe this to be acceptable, but like others have noted, the bag is likely to get scuffs through regular use either way.
Just snagged this vintage leather and leather-lined tennis bag off ebay. Hopefully going to restore it for my own use, then re-create the pattern and make another one for my dad out of French boxcalf or something exotic.
I've used Saphir Reptan a number of times and have been quite happy with the results.
I bet half the interwebs has seen this by now, but might as well post it here for those who love briefcases... matte American Alligator, solid brass hardware, French boxcalf lining, completely saddle-stitched by hand
Hi there. Natural veg-tan is a fairly straightforward material to source, but the price can change depending on a few things. For example, a natural, bookbinding quality goatskin is going to cost more than a run of the mill cowhide. Goods like tanner and corter go for under $100 because they use no-frills cowhide, little to no edge finishing, and generally basic construction. The wallet you linked to perfectly describes the above. For $255 for that wallet in a natural...
What colour are you looking for? Check out my thread. I work with cordovan fairly regularly!
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