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Haven't made a poast in here for a while. Lee 101, AA, and 22oz N&F and Red Wing 1906 both with a few years wear on 'em
Hi Eddie. I don't know the specifics but that looks like a chrome-tanned calfskin. I would recommend a treatment with a conditioner like Saphir and a vigorous brushing with a horsehide brush. If that doesn't do it, a small amount of black polish might do the trick.
Haven't posted much...interesting little project I just finished. Tennis bag in natural python, black milled calf, and orange baby calf. Hand-stitched.
This is a tough one to beat Church's custom-grade elephant hide derby. Nearly brand new... I don't think there are more than a few hours of wear on the soles. To my knowledge it has been decades since Church's used elephant, so these are a fine pair of pre-Prada shoes that I am looking forward to wearing. ...$35.
I find this pretty interesting. I work with French boxcalf, as well as Spanish baby calf that average around 8-9 square feet. As you are well aware, the leather from younger animals has a denser structure (one of the reasons I stay away from split cowhide, even when the grain is intact), but the leather is thinner. I'd like to get your thoughts on this. The calf is noticeably thicker than the baby calf, but how much more durable is it really?My question would also apply to...
Depends.For example, if someone commissioned a briefcase out of goatskin, a lining would without a doubt help it maintain shape. Even using the best part of the hide, some leathers simply stretch more than others. Now an unlined thick English bridle case...probably not so much of an issue.
Many types of leather including some kinds of English bridle, have a waxed, finished, or resined flesh side. Shedding shouldn't really be an issue.You could argue that it's simply a cost-saving measure to not line the bag which would be a fair point.I can't think of much of a disadvantage of lining. A fabric lining would be something that could wear out and I generally avoid them, but a leather lining wouldn't really give any sort of disadvantage.
Hi! I do custom work almost exclusively. No fabrics unfortunately, but I do use a wide range of leathers. Take a look in my affiliate thread here for some examples.
Is there a certain price range you're hoping to stay within?
Yes. An excellent read, and one of the many reasons I'm outspoken against "handmade" goods that aren't hand-made at all.Don't forget me. The ideal you talk about does exist, but you're right in regards to the fact that you will no longer find it in big brands. That doesn't stop them from trying, though. Simply infuriating to me.
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