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I find this pretty interesting. I work with French boxcalf, as well as Spanish baby calf that average around 8-9 square feet. As you are well aware, the leather from younger animals has a denser structure (one of the reasons I stay away from split cowhide, even when the grain is intact), but the leather is thinner. I'd like to get your thoughts on this. The calf is noticeably thicker than the baby calf, but how much more durable is it really?My question would also apply to...
I've quietly been reading through this all with interest and curiosity,but I feel the need to address your post, as it brings up a couple sentiments I've seen online with growing frequency in the past few years that are just plain false, and have a negative impact on bespoke craftsmen or shoemakers.First, the "meant to be beaten up" thing has become nothing but a hackneyed idea, put forth by the growing number of brands producing sloppy or amateur work using Horween and...
Depends.For example, if someone commissioned a briefcase out of goatskin, a lining would without a doubt help it maintain shape. Even using the best part of the hide, some leathers simply stretch more than others. Now an unlined thick English bridle case...probably not so much of an issue.
Many types of leather including some kinds of English bridle, have a waxed, finished, or resined flesh side. Shedding shouldn't really be an issue.You could argue that it's simply a cost-saving measure to not line the bag which would be a fair point.I can't think of much of a disadvantage of lining. A fabric lining would be something that could wear out and I generally avoid them, but a leather lining wouldn't really give any sort of disadvantage.
Cheers! It's not something I've ever seen, so it will be quite a task to take on, but ultimately it should combine some of the great aspects of getting a bespoke piece with the convenience of a click-and-checkout type of system.
Hi! I do custom work almost exclusively. No fabrics unfortunately, but I do use a wide range of leathers. Take a look in my affiliate thread here for some examples.
I am having my site completely re-done by April. It will feature a custom wallet builder, where you can pick your options (leather, colour, edge and thread colours, etc) and have a price displayed. I will also have in-stock items ready to ship. Go ahead and shoot me an email, info@neonouveau.ca or PM me on here and I will let you know rough prices for whatever you have your eye on. 20% off for you for the kind words too
LG Nexus 5 phone case in black ostrich leg and black kangaroo. Red kangaroo lining, red linen thread, black edges. Credit card slot on front
Alligator in 'nicotine' with chocolate brown vegetable-tanned lining, orange linen thread, and caramel edges.
Horween navy latigo, vegetable-tanned goatskin lining, gunmetal buckle, saddle-tan edges, off-white stitching new materials: black and gold ostrich leg!
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