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  IMO the Dark chocolate looks much more versitale.  You could pull jeans off with them, or as the picture shows, slacks. 
I would never 'offically' give my resume out unless I wanted to jumpship.  I receive calls from recruiters a few times a year and I am extremly blunt.  You would need to find me something that pays X, in X industry, giving X amount of vacation, allowing me to work from home, yada yada.  Thats typically where the conversation ends :)
Its odd your feeling this way after 6+ months of living together.  I have been living with my gf for almost 5 years and it is hard to stay away from someone unless you have a large house, but you shouldnt feel obligated to devote every minute to them.  Odds are if your feeling like this so is she.  When my gf and I are both in the living room I will typically be watching TV and she will be on her computer. 
Good thread for a newb   Looks, currently I'm probably 40lbs overweight (like everyone else Ill bs and say I carry it well lol), but everything else with my looks is pretty good. When I was in shape most people would compare me with Justin Timberlake, no homo.  So currently 6 out of 10.  Personality, career, work ethic, yada, yada bumps me up another point
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