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On second thought, what are the details? Where from? What type of sole?
  Details, please... I'm very curious.  On second thought, don't tell me.  I'm already in some trouble with my pre-orders!  (too many of them)
    Gentlemen,Exceptional boots!!! Well done...
Much thanks, Uncle. I enjoyed glancing at your whiskey and ravello NSTs.  Hope you enjoy your weekend...
Well done @tifosi  ^^^ Looks like most really needed a shot of whiskey today.  Must have been a long week.  I'm ready for a weekend...
Call J Gilbert.  They are the ones who typically order that make-up.  I would suggest reaching out to Leather Soul also, but it doesn't look like they are getting much of anything from Alden.[Edit: sorry for the repetition.  Should probably read ahead.]
Mighty fine pair of Whiskey bluchers my friend! They look very close to the shade of my wingtip bals. Enjoy!
Sweet looking gunboats DonL.  Enjoy!
I went with a shot as well... Whiskey Shortwing Bals on Tremont and striped socks -BB OTC
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