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^^^ My last purchase from NRO (more than a year ago) was a very pleasant experience.  It was during one of their big sales on Alden (35% off).  The months prior I had read about some horror stories on here.  Apparently they made every effort to clean up their act after someone had reported them to the Better Business Bureau.  I haven't done any business with them since, because I have not been aware of any sales.  If I find out about any, I will go back.
We must have a different make-up then.  I was hoping to get the structured, lined version you have.  thanks and take care... 
Not so.  I would take a picture of the insides, but I do not have them with me. The inside third of the shoe, from the heel to about the top of the tongue (where you tie the laces) has a light colored leather lining.  When untied, the tongue lays limp and flat at the bottom of the shoe (as do all unlined suede shoes).  The rest of the inside of the shoe, including the tongue has no lining.  It is as buttery soft suede as you will find (slipper-like).  I brought them to an...
It says they are lined, but I promise you, they are unlined.  I actually bought them from BB because I prefer a lined version.  I am disappointed that they are unlined, but still happy with them.
Thank you.  They are on the barriet last.
I was unaware that you actually missed out. Sadly, me too...
Actually they are unlined.  I didn't realize it right away, but they are.
Dude, I think I see a water spot on your left cap toe from the beads of sweat dripping down as you tied your laces (I hope the salt comes out)! [[SPOILER]]
You could try the BB version.  The eyelets though, are matching color (not sure they "pop" enough for you Burzan, but I highly recommend)...The color here looks a little darker.  I need to brush them in a different direction for a lighter shade.  I really like these and got them 30% of a few months ago.
+1, love them!
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