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Amazing, sunny day in Sedona.  403s make a fine fit for an Arizona Thanksgiving.  While I haven't been around much here recently, I'm wishing all of my SF/Alden Appreciation friends a great week with family and/or friends!
Thanks Uncle!  I thought I'd try to get a similar cobblestone background that another frequent participant of this thread uses! All the best my friend...
I happen to agree with DV.  I wore my J Crew PCTs yesterday.  I feel a little uncomfortable wearing them with jeans and some khakis also, but it has more to do with the 270welt/closed heel.  I probably don't wear them as often as I should because I usually go fairly casual. 
Oh dear lord have mercy! Well done DV!!
Thanks!  I haven't seen the plaza lasted Indy in person yet either.  Both look intriguing!
Beautiful! Really curious.  Can't wait to see these in person.  Are these the shell Indies on grant? Terribly underrated!  Enjoy them my friend... Outstanding!    Are they color 8 with incredible patina, cigar, or ravello?  Whatever they are, they are amazing!  [[SPOILER]] Wish I would have waited for these before getting my 403.  Is this the same as AoM's 403 on commando?  I think this may be the perfect rugged boot.  Enjoy them often old friend... @JSO1@sazon congrats on...
^^^Best chukka, hands down!
Sweet indies, Zippster!  I would wear the heck out of those!  Enjoy them during this perfect autumn weather....
I think this is probably the best shade of shell for the LHS!  Enjoy them often my friend!
Fabulous DV!  One of only a few regrets I have for not pulling the trigger after having the opportunity.  You wear them well my friend...(That lawn looks like it could use a trim!  )
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