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I was unaware that you actually missed out. Sadly, me too...
Actually they are unlined.  I didn't realize it right away, but they are.
Dude, I think I see a water spot on your left cap toe from the beads of sweat dripping down as you tied your laces (I hope the salt comes out)! [[SPOILER]]
You could try the BB version.  The eyelets though, are matching color (not sure they "pop" enough for you Burzan, but I highly recommend)...The color here looks a little darker.  I need to brush them in a different direction for a lighter shade.  I really like these and got them 30% of a few months ago.
+1, love them!
"Honestly, the AE Dalton in burgundy shell is the one AE shoe/boot that I feel competes well with Alden, in terms of look and quality, and honestly beats Alden's color 8 WT boot on Barrie (Unionmade) by a mile." My apologies Buddy.  I mistakenly thought these were your words.  They were from @sacafotos.  I think Roguls main issue was with sacafotos blasphemous post.  At least that's what I recall.  No harm intended my friend...
@thebeebs my friend, you are on fire today... First women with low-self esteem and last but not least, Mac's shiny sockless loafers with shorts! lol... Quite entertaining.
Easy there Buddy. Nothing wrong with critiquing the Dalton especially after you brought it up here, as a stronger wingtip boot than Alden (Kirkwood, right?). Many of us here frequently critique Alden make ups also no holds barred. Roguls has every right to respond. Some or maybe most would agree that he could turn down the tone. I am one to agree.
Sounds like the 1950s was your decade!
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