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Nice find indeed! I have to agree with Namor... those qualities make the aberdeen slip-on extremely difficult for me to size them comfortably without heel slip.
TBH, I don't know much about monks.  Are they suppose to be strictly dressy like a balmoral?  I've always seen the Norwich as most similar to a plain toe blucher.  In this case though, the last/shape of the shoe dictates its use.  I don't see anything wrong with the Norwich design for those that prefer a more casual make up like a blucher.  I had a pair in brown shell a couple of years ago but returned them because the quality of the shell was humiliating for AE... I would...
Not familiar with a pair with contrasting eyelets or shoe laces, but I really love mine from TSM... 
I think this may have already been said, but the Norwich serves a very different role than this Warwick. I doubt AE made it to "improve upon" the Norwich. The Norwich is a casual, chunky looking double leather monk, not a dressy option for a suit. This would be the equivalent of saying the McAllister is an improvement upon the McNeil. Both play a different role.
Wow, the Innsbrook Alt Wien is spectacular!  I think I like it better than my Innsbrook LWB.  Oh well... I think I really like the Navy Tanker also!
 Many of my casual shoes have some roominess.  The chupp socks will fill most of that roominess.
Indeed, he has enjoyed them often and apparently in good health. 
No doubt my friend.  It is quite expensive.  But if you can build the collection over an extended amount of time, I would recommend a snuff version first.  Tan and/or blue next; and then brown and maybe milkshake or green next. I love snuff!
TBH, if you love Alden suede, you need at least one of each... snuff, tan, and blue.  Brown would be a nice addition also.
Beautiful, sunny day for some tan suede bucks (PTBs), Alden for  J Crew...  
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