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I wish my (brown)-vello PTBs looked like these.  Where are these from DV?  [Edit: sorry, should have read ahead]  I like the commando soles for this particular makeup.
I should have known by laces; still sweet-looking!
You have been killing it these past couple of days dubsy!  @mdubs  (That's not to say that you do not normally kill it my friend)
This is a SWEET-looking boot my friend!  This may sound blasphemous but I think I prefer this to the Tanker (NST) with similar specs.  Won't spoiler bc I want to see it again and again and...
Looking great Saz. I'm quite tempted to snag this makeup. (I don't even have the color 8 version). Enjoy them often and in great health my friend!
I believe the Duckie Brown shells are made in India also. They should have the same Horween genuine shell quality, but the construction, finishing, etc... is not so good. If you try them and find a good fit, you can probably get them on eBay for a decent price $300, bnib. Otherwise I wouldn't go for them. @ace13x
I think I just pee'd my pants! @tifosi @mrfixit
Fantastic!! Enjoy them often and in the best of health my friend!! @wooksb
Out-freakin-standing DV!! Where are these from, and are there more available??
Looking outstanding DonL!! Enjoy the heck out of your new boots my friend!
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