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Lookin' great as usual @Don L!   It's been a while my friends.  I hope everyone is well.  Been crazy busy with work and family.  Thought I would drop off a spring-time shell favorite of mine...   ... and it is Whiskey Wednesday, right?
That comment was offensive to many outside of that group; not worth the time to respond (but glad you did).
Brown Chrmxl Wingtip Boots are awesome!https://www.aldenshop.com/Store/DrawProducts.aspx?CategoryID=177&ParentID=4&PageID=&Action=(on commando would be even better)
^^^ Looking good DonL  ...another one of my inspirations!
Color 8 Tassel mocs today...
@kwhitelaw and @Alcibiades are both correct.  Alden on Madison has a few not so nice/patient SA's, but I have personally witnessed why that is so.  They deal with a lot of overbearing, impatient, and  not-so-nice customers, that do not intend on buying from them (just visiting for sizing).  In any case, Anthony is the guy you need to reach if you do business with them.  He is AWESOME!  When my exotic boot comes in at the end of the summer, I will owe him a big thank you! ...
Thank you dubsy!
Ah Nashvegas... spring in Middle Tennessee is one of the most beautiful places one can find.  Your Cigar cap toe boots are a wonderful choice for that climate and setting.
Thanks DV.  You are my inspiration, my friend!
They look like they are lined.  I really like my BB version (unlined) a lot, but I would trade mine in a heartbeat for a pair of those!  Congrats and wear often and in great health my friend!
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