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 Many of my casual shoes have some roominess.  The chupp socks will fill most of that roominess.
Indeed, he has enjoyed them often and apparently in good health. 
No doubt my friend.  It is quite expensive.  But if you can build the collection over an extended amount of time, I would recommend a snuff version first.  Tan and/or blue next; and then brown and maybe milkshake or green next. I love snuff!
TBH, if you love Alden suede, you need at least one of each... snuff, tan, and blue.  Brown would be a nice addition also.
Beautiful, sunny day for some tan suede bucks (PTBs), Alden for  J Crew...  
Hurry, hurry, hurry....  Sweet indeed!  I wish we had SD winter weather!
If the kiltie wingtip monk is 10D, I'll take it off your hands!  That is a sweet shoe that I just barely missed out on.  PM me if you like.
Much thanks C!
Much thanks New Yawker!  Enjoy yours also...
Much thanks chipshot!  This is on the barrie last and there are several sizes in stock with Adam at Alden of Carmel.  Glad to help enable!  I love these, maybe more than my other barrie boots mainly because of the commando soles!
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