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You destroy me every time I see these DV!  My favorite saddles of all time (I should have had them years ago)... 
Is anyone here "pragmatic-icon"  on Ebay?  He has a number of nice Alden make-ups in 10D.  Looks like he is trying to trim down his collection by dumping a bunch of solid stock pairs (and one or two exotic shell colors)
I say order from J Crew if they have your size. Their returns are easier than anyone's, especially if you have one near by.
Lookin' great in charm city, my favorite city.
I think the lining of the tongue varies from boot to boot.  All of my boots are lined except for my J Crew PCT and my black shell cap toe boot on barrie.  I prefer the lined ones. The unlined feel like they might rip off eventually with a lot of wear; they seem very thin. Both of my wingtip boots (color 8 and ravello) have lined tongues.
I think the unlined models will only come with the single flex soles.  I too prefer the double leather or double waterlock. Wish I could have found the lined version in stock.
Any of the unlined suede PTB/Dover models are great for summer.  I personally like the one in snuff suede.  BB makes one with matching eyelets which I much prefer over the brass eyelets... 
Wise choice Saz. It's probably my favorite boot that I own. Lookin very good!
konbanwa...  hello and welcome.  I like your taste!  Your written English is better than many here!
Excellent blucher DV.  Highly underrated imo.
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