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While I am a big fan of Alden's tassel Mocs, they should make all of their tassel models with the foxing seen on their made for BB versions. Really cool looking...
^^^  That's a fine selection of Aldens!
@mdubs your suede this week was gorgeous and an inspiration!  Oldies but goodies...   Alden for J Crew Shortwing Bluchers (J Crew Ludlow Slim Fit cotton Suiting pants, red and white thin lines)
    Gentlemen, your Numero OCHO all look fabulous!
Dubsy, love these wingtips!! But the are not bluchers; they are the highly coveted BB wingtip oxfords (or balmorals). Had my shot at a new pair years ago and passed. Sadly, not sure I will have that chance again...
^^^ this, definitely. Stretching Alden unlined suede might tear the shoe if you are too aggressive. Better to be safe with a better fit out of the box.
Love my color 8 tassels. This cigar model is quite awesome! Where are they from??
Perhaps my favorite stock make-up that I do not yet own.  Looking fabulous my friend!  Hope you and your family are enjoying a great holiday weekend!
Alden classics.  Enjoy them for a lifetime my friend!
Indeed dubsy!  Fine looking tankers my friend...
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