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Mike,The only thing I'd say differently is that you can go with any combination of those three materials (brown chrmxl, snuff suede, and color 8) and those three models (Indy, LWBs, and wingtip boot) and have an awesome pair of shoes/boots for denim. Well done my friend!
@Starter, AE will not stock any of their cordovan makeups in store anymore. If you want a pair you have to have it made and shipped to your home or to a store. As such you will not find a pair of AE cordovan shoes "on sale." If you're looking for s deal your best bet is to look at their factory seconds web site, the Shoe Bank to see what's available but it is hard to project what will come your way. Many on the AE thread have good relationships with SA's at those factory...
It really depends on what you are pairing it with. If you're wearing a light colored polo that would look awkward. But some sort of button down oxford would work well. I wouldn't be so quick to throw out black shell with khaki/tan chinos. If I remember correctly @MrDV paired 9901 with khaki pants a while back and I thought they looked solid.
Black Shell LWBs from Friday...   J Crew Grey Traveler Suit Pants and BB argyle socks.
No wrist piece @wristandfeet??  Sweet boots!
Tough to say with certainty, but you can expect to pay at least the current retail price, approximately $800 shipped. I think it depends on the model. Some of the more popular makeups may take you over a grand especially if they are not currently available.
I prefer the traditinal double leather sole, but others prefer the other for a better grip on the surface.
The simplicity of the PT boot in color 8 is awesome. Looking great @Shawnc
I think you can. With that amount of broguing, I think it can go business casual even for an oxford/balmoral.
Thanks for the tips everyone!
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