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Looking good Cleav!
Awesome!  You don't need both, do ya DV? 
It depends.  The NST on aberdeen (2210) looks odd in the E width (which was what I needed for a comfortable fit).  I decided not to go with it.
+1 cool make-up!
I think that's because most would prefer a well prepared brisket to the beef rib. 
Cleaned up my Walnut Shell Daltons earlier today... Considering letting them go as I get so little use out of them.  I've owned them for more than a year and I can count on one hand how many times I've used them.
Didn't mean to offend, or troll.  I've had plenty of good brisket, but I would MUCH rather have pork (pulled or ribs).  I just don't get the obsession with beef.  I suppose it is the Longhorn state.
+1  They absolutely do it for me!
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