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Respectfully disagree, snuff looks good with more colors than dark brown, imo. Dark brown suede looks odd with light colors. Snuff really can be worn all year long effectively with dark and light color combinations. Dark brown suede is great and I highly recommend it, but snuff is very popular for good reason.
That cheap shot might have cost you a Super Bowl appearance.
Maybe the finest cigar shoe makeup I've seen! Congrats on snagging them. This one is fairly recent right?
Do Steelers fans hate the Bengals more than the Ravens? I'm a huge Mike Tomlinson fan, except for the time when he interfered with Jacoby Jones returning a kick the distance and then smiling about it. I love watching Ravens-Steelers games, but genuinely dislike the Bengals (would never pull for them in any scenario).Sorry for the non-Alden interruption. Whiskey doesn't seem like it should be difficult to wear, but I'm like you. I've had an amazing pair of whiskey lwb but...
Blue chrmxl as the starting point has got to be rare. Wondering if he even has a desire to consider shell??
I've seen a few random people in NYC sporting Indies. My boss has about a half dozen Alden makeups in his rotation but I don't think any are shell. Also, the Alden Tassel moc and full strap (calf or shell) are extremely popular among lawyers. It's almost a requirement for a barister's wardrobe (mostly partners at big firms). I have yet to run into someone with a similar shell lineup. I have never come across someone else sporting shell boots.
@Shawnc fine looking pair of whiskeys! I will be a rare Baltimorean pulling for the Steelers this weekend! Enjoy those NST's today and many others to come...
@Weyland search for John Varvatos boots. Not sure if that is it, but looks like something they would make.
Here are mine... (I couldn't take a pic clear enough). It looks just like I have laid it out here.10 D/B 35163186 823314
@sirsigsalot, TSM has a similar boot on commando with a few sizes remaining (10.5, 11, and 13) http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens-9-eyelet-plain-toe-commando-sole-boot-shell-cordovan-color-8-d5825c
New Posts  All Forums: