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I thought it was pretty significant, 30% off.  Most of Alden's calf/suede offerings were going for around $350.   I really like the Natty Chrmxl and snuff suede tassels (two pairs of shoes, not a combination of the two ).   I guess I'll wait and see for more savings (or spending)!
Ugh!!  The BB sale is over.  Oh well, probably best that I didn't spend more there...
Yet another DV acquisition that fell through my hands. Lookin' tremendous my friend!!
The snuff tassels look amazing.  I tossed and turned over whether to snag a pair.  I went with the lined PTB in brown suede.  Absolutely love this shoe...I may have to hit the BB store again for the tassels. This is incredible...  four pairs of new Aldens in three weeks, and not one is shell... never would have thunk it!
Great looking patina DonL!
Awesome, my friend... enjoy often and in great health, your cigar gunboats!
@Shawnc  Me too please!  Thanks!
Ugh... you and DV know my biggest Alden regret!  Well done Rydenfan...
Ooooh, ah... Are those Alden?  Fine looking white bucks, DV!  ^^^   Thanks @bkotsko !!
Easter festivities with my new saddles...   Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend...
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