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I pulled these out of the box for the first time this year.  They definitely need more wear... Whiskey LWBs from A of DC.
I saw the BB tassels in snuff the other day.  I couldn't agree more!
I definitely agree, but my ailing feet, ankles, and knees think otherwise.
There goes my theory...
I couldn't agree more.  It seems like the trend is to have a single leather or flex sole with the plaza last, at least in more recent make-ups.  I suppose the double leather suits a "country" boot/shoe (i.e. barrie last) as opposed to the dressier plaza last being more suited to the sleeker, dressier make-ups with a single leather sole. If the TSM plaza medallion cap boot were on double leather, I would have already snagged it.
I wish my (brown)-vello PTBs looked like these.  Where are these from DV?  [Edit: sorry, should have read ahead]  I like the commando soles for this particular makeup.
I should have known by laces; still sweet-looking!
You have been killing it these past couple of days dubsy!  @mdubs  (That's not to say that you do not normally kill it my friend)
This is a SWEET-looking boot my friend!  This may sound blasphemous but I think I prefer this to the Tanker (NST) with similar specs.  Won't spoiler bc I want to see it again and again and...
Looking great Saz. I'm quite tempted to snag this makeup. (I don't even have the color 8 version). Enjoy them often and in great health my friend!
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