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Very nice Burzan!  Have you used any product to condition?  They look considerably darker than my natty LWB.
Looking exceptionally well cousin!!
Oooooooooh... is this new?  I am starting to have a thing for the tassel moc.  For the first time I wore my color 8 tassels with a suit last night for a meeting.  Initially wasn't really sure how I felt about it, but ended up really liking it.   What's next, cigar, snuff suede, black shell, decisions??? Looking great MrDV!!
Thank you my friend! I just bought my first pair of Rivet Chinos on sale.  (hope that was okay to use the code)
With rain in the forecast I went pretty plain today...  
Great boots indeed! Talk to @mdubs about pacing. He'll fill you in on "speed-of-light" pacing!
nephew,that is a good choice!Thanks Uncle. Your ravello LHS are fabulous!
My favorite one that I own. (Ravello LWB)
Have you seen his feet?  His lasts wouldn't come close to the plaza!  Trubalance in EEEEE might work for his infant son... 
Horrible boot.  Ya got ripped off!  [[SPOILER]]
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