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Dubsy, love these wingtips!! But the are not bluchers; they are the highly coveted BB wingtip oxfords (or balmorals). Had my shot at a new pair years ago and passed. Sadly, not sure I will have that chance again...
^^^ this, definitely. Stretching Alden unlined suede might tear the shoe if you are too aggressive. Better to be safe with a better fit out of the box.
Love my color 8 tassels. This cigar model is quite awesome! Where are they from??
Perhaps my favorite stock make-up that I do not yet own.  Looking fabulous my friend!  Hope you and your family are enjoying a great holiday weekend!
Alden classics.  Enjoy them for a lifetime my friend!
Indeed dubsy!  Fine looking tankers my friend...
These are fabulous my friend.  Fine work by your cobbler too...
Uncle, great to see you back!   Unlined, tan suede PTBs, Alden for J Crew (I like the eyelets).  Great summer foot wear.  Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!  
Sweet tassels DonL!  A must have for any Alden aficionado!
No, but I will be in town in a month.  I have a friend that will take me out to the Country Club also.  I caddied for my sister at the CC in the US Women's Am back in the 90s, but  I haven't seen it since.  Looking forward to it!
New Posts  All Forums: