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Ha!  My eyes are going bad, part of getting older I suppose!  Here you go... [[SPOILER]]
I enjoy the shell wingtip boots on barrie.  The cap toe boot in barrie would be my next choice...  [[SPOILER]]
Awesome suede boots!  Was curious, is the tobacco waxed LWB the same or similar in color to the burnished tan?  I've been interested in the burnished tan boot and love my J Crew LWBs in tobacco.  IMHO, you have three of Alden's finest non shell make ups in this one post (very underrated)!
No gentleman's wardrobe is complete without one pair of balmorals.  Beautiful shoe @sazon!  I am the same way @chiggyv, I mostly wear casual to business casual, but I still recommend the 9015 especially if you can acquire with a a great deal on the Bay.  All the best...
That just isn't fair @JSO1...  remarkable looking pair of NSTs!
Love my cigar cap toe boots antique with double leather, but both of my wingtip boots (ravello and color 8) are freakin' awesome! But that's just me...
I'm also sporting J Crew's PCT boots in color 8... (J crew Ludlow classic fit suit pants and BB OTC striped socks)
Awesome...  really wish I had gone with the BB version like this.  You wear them well my friend!
This was my gateway to my Alden/shell cordovan addiction...  (Alden for J Crew waxed Tobacco LWB, basically the same as yours)   Enjoy your LWBs and give shell cordovan a try!
No offense to anyone here, but the LHS in standard color 8 imho, is a far nicer choice than either the color 2 or ruby shell options. Sometimes we get a little carried away by scarcity. But, I've always said, to each his own...
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