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^^^ Congrats on the new additions JR Magat; they look great!! ^^^
Most recent addition to my small but growing boot collection...     About to hit the road to see some Blue Devils kick some Utes @rse...  Enjoying my new (to me) Cigar Shell Cordovan Medallion Cap Toe boots.  Not sure that my size matching the bulk of Alden SD's limited stock of unicorns is a good thing!   
DonL, those are some finely aged Natty chrmxl wingtip boots! 
That-a-boy prez! Awesome
Simply stunning Zippster!
Fine lookin' cigar and combo my friend.  Also, thanks for the kind words!
I miss these iconic SF-images of Alden classics with the Oriental rug background.  Always a pleasure CTYGGG!
    I highly recommend these or the LWB.  Thanks gents!
Glorious spring weather today called for a spring-time go-to shoe...
Yes it is from DC.  Thanks bro...  You really should!
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