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The unused plain toe does look quite round, but should look awesome with a little bit of wear.  Great boot, enjoy!
That's a fine first pair my friend.  Welcome to the club.  Just out of curiosity, how did you size them, tts?  Also, if you have the time, would you mind a couple of more pics from different angles.  I have been on the fence with this boot for a while.  Not sure whether to go with the boot or the shoe (2210).  Enjoy often and in great health!
Suede brush does wonders.  A suede eraser or old school suede powder also works well with undesirable scuffs and marks from the clutch of my 6 speed manual.  I have no problems driving with my suede footwear.
Interesting, I've always wondered why they were called driving mocs.   Not a big fan of their look.
Fine looking casual work boots beebs.  Enjoy them my friend!
Very cool looking snuff PTBs Uncle.  They make for an excellent break from shell cordovan.
Excellent looking cigars.  Enjoy often and in great health my friend!
Yes sir!
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