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You and me both.  I have a black shell cap toe and a color 8 PCT.  No cigar or ravello cap toe boots.  I think I'd be pretty happy with Cigar on grant with commando for starters.   
Some one else can chime in here with more experience.  I've never tried the chrmxl LHS, but I suspect it will feel and eventually break-in with much a looser fit.  The unlined snuff will probably feel more snug.
Mike and the guys at Sherman Bros are great; very nice and helpful.  I hope you can get your chrmxl loafers.  Looks like a cool make-up!
My understanding is that many of these models that Alden stores sell are not available as standard stock for local men's clothiers.  They are considered special make-ups that retailers would have to order an entire size range (2 of every D-size between 7D and 13D).  I don't think Sherman Bros would be able to order just one of them for you. This is what a local retailer explained to me when I inquired about a suede LWB.  It may be though, that this chrmxl LHS has been...
Just looked at the J Crew website for the first time in a while.  The PCT boot is fairly well stocked, and for $691, it's a bargain relatively speaking.  Not sure you can find another Alden shell cordovan boot for under $750.
Much thanks my friend!  They are pretty versatile.  Gray wool works quite well. Thanks man.  I do not own a pair of Cigar Indies, so I couldn't say for sure which I would keep if forced to give up one.  As is the case most times on this thread, I'd keep both if you could!   Thanks DV.  My daughter is in bed and I'm about to hit episode 3 of season 3!
Pretty sure I'd keep the J Crew PCT boots.  It really is a wonderful boot.  Wore them today to a baptism...    
I actually did the exact same thing! Just when you think Frank is in the dumps, he'll make just the right move and just the right deception. Looking forward to seeing how he will get the DNC's 2016 nomination. Btw, your cigars look great DV!
Lookin' exceptionally well, RK!  Enjoy them my friend...
NST in color 8, ravello, and black  shell(I actually like these more than the PTB) Wingtip boot in ravello or color 8 (dark edge) is also a favorite of mine
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