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Same size for me also, but I have more room in the barrie.  I'm probably a 9.75D... tremont is definitely a tweener.
Great looking shoe!  ... but I'm not sure about the aberdeen last for a casual make-up like this one.  Nevertheless, very tempted!
I frequently wish I had gotten these instead of the 9901.  Still happy though, with the stock alden version.  Great shoe my friend...
mdubs, aren't you in San Diego?  Isn't it like 4:00am?  Hope you are able to sleep my friend!
Not sure about the red microsole, but here's the white buck, unlined dover cut...http://www.harrisonlimited.com/harrison_footwear/white-bucks-by-alden-shoes/
These look more like cigar... is it just the picture quality or are these more brown than burgundy?  In any case, they look wonderful!
Great posts of shell today Mike and Steve!   As mentioned a minute ago, I have fallen for chromexcel...
Great looking boot!!  Love that shade of cigar...
You speak the truth brotha...
I have become a big fan of Chrome excel.  Lookin' great BK... keep on enjoying your cap toe boots in great health my friend!
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