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DV posted his "not" Tankers...  whiskey Indies which look amazing!
Whiskey wingtip bals from Wednesday...  
@TO Tie Guy fabulous looking Wingtip boots! @mdubsyour plaza #8 work boats look too awesome to call work boots! @zippyh your LHS (whiskey) is perfect for the spring! @MrDV the whisky work boot has never looked better!   Those pics were inspiring!
ditto ^^^  @BenLeaman  Congrats my friend; greatest package ever delivered my way!  Daughters rock! 
My daughter's braces are taking its toll on my Alden collection! 
Waiting at the orthodontist's office... Alden for BB snuff unlined ptb.
@HenryIII sweet buttery goodness! Enjoy them often my friend!
@ClassyCanuck , thanks for sharing that Alden correspondence. Sorry about the misinformation. I repeated things I've read here for several years on this thread. It is nice to know. All the best... RTP
New Posts  All Forums: