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Welcome Adam!!  It is great to have you on this thread.  I'm sporting a pair of Cigar LWBs today.  I bought these from you a little more than three years ago.  
Ravello Wingtip boots tonight... Lighting wasn't quite as good in this one... I'm ready to challenge DV's lawn!
I've worn suede bucks since I was 10 years old.  I have coveted these shoes for several years now.  I would probably drop $900 for a pair of these BNIB.  Hell, I'd trade any pair that I currently own for this make-up (BNIB). 
BB does that version also.  LOVE them!
Are you kidding me... @MrDV and @mdubs are walking around in (or displaying in glass cases)  all of the make-ups I've longed for over the last few years.  They've cornered the market in 10D barrie and similar fitting Alden boots and shoes!  [[SPOILER]]
Gracias amigo!
Wear them bro!  Thanks... They are indeed.  Thanks man!
       Thanks gents.  Hope y'all are enjoying your Friday...
A little cigar medallion cap toe boot for an early Friday afternoon happy hour...   Thanks @mdubs.  Not sure how often I will be back, but I won't go six weeks without dropping in.
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