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This was my gateway to my Alden/shell cordovan addiction...  (Alden for J Crew waxed Tobacco LWB, basically the same as yours)   Enjoy your LWBs and give shell cordovan a try!
No offense to anyone here, but the LHS in standard color 8 imho, is a far nicer choice than either the color 2 or ruby shell options. Sometimes we get a little carried away by scarcity. But, I've always said, to each his own...
That is a fine looking blucher, @JSO1!  I nearly had my chance with these but I was #3 for a run with two per size...  ugh!  You wear them well my friend...
Cigar cap toe today...
Just sold a pair with a very similar shade; already starting to regret it... Perfect Dv, perfect! Congrats on one of Alden's finest suede make-ups! This shade is absolutely regal in the sunlight! Simplicity at its best... Simplicity at its best (in a slightly different lighting)! I want these in a big way!  Enjoy them often! Not sure why I haven't worn my pair that look just like these; fabulous whiskeys!  I will wear mine tomorrow!  (BTW, socks don't have to match pants...
Sounds like Barrie 10B might have been the ticket. (I believe that's what mdubs has gone to). If your shoe is shell cordovan, it will definitely NOT stretch. Calf is a different story. The other option would be to use a tongue pad with the 9.5D. That's what I do to get the perfect fit with my Aberdeen tassels; have had great results and no regrets. Good luck!
[[SPOILER]] I am a huge fan of the wingtip boot, but  I don't think you should part with either of these boots.  Just add that wingtip boot to your collection!
Incredible line up Mike!! Not sure where to start, but the cigar wingtip boots on commando are a close second behind those shell monks!!
Bourbon works nicely with the McAllister.  The shootings earlier this week is equally disgusting, esp in Tulsa.
Just sent you a PM
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