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On my way to Buffalo, sporting my brown chrmxl LWBs (Epaulet Innsbrook). Should be perfect for rain and 30-40 degree temps, as well as a long day in a couple of airports. Is O'Connell's the only Alden dealer on town?
The cigar Indy was starting to grow on me...  they have arrived!  Great looking boot my friend; enjoy often in great health!
Beautiful tassels Uncle!
That a boy Saz!  Well done friend... if by chance you can not find a spot in your wardrobe, shoot me PM.  I believe we are the same size!
He's been playing too much golf!  Now that winter is upon the great state of MN he has time to reach out to his show friends! Glad to see you back my friend!  BTW, your LHS and argyles look sharp...
Commando Soles = stealth mode (walking down a corridor and not a sound emanates from my gate; except of course for my broken-down knee and ankle joints)
 In his defense, said region is covered by the untucked oxford, but the bougainvillea petals elevate this to an entirely different level!
Funny, but sooooooo very important to recognize and observe its development!
Congrats and welcome to the thread!  Be forewarned, living that close to TSM could be a very dangerous thing!  When the 2nds lists come out, you could go straight there and snag their best offerings before the phones start ringing!  Great first boot too!
New Posts  All Forums: