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Indeed!  Fine looking shade of ravello Uncle!
That isn't a "natural" welt.  That is mid-tan antique welt.  I tried to show you examples of a natural welt earlier.  It's just like SFTG described it, raw and unfinished (off-white).
Right... doesn't look like Leather Soul is in good graces with Alden though.  Not sure what sort of Alden stock they will have in the future??
We may not be talking about the same thing.  Your picture does not have a "natural welt."  It has (at least in Alden's terminology) a brown welt with tan antique edge.  That to me is bearable and for many, appealing (still not my cup of tea).   This is what a natural welt looks like (with mid-tan antique edge)...403 (Indy) with natural welt...
No offense to you my friend, but I MUCH prefer not to have the natural welt on any of my shell shoes or boots (makes them much too casual for my liking).  I do have the 403 (Indy) but after a bunch of wear the natural welt turns darker with some contact with dirt. I almost pulled the trigger on the Natty chrmxl LWB with natural welt before I found it with the mid-tan antique welt and edge.  Very happy I waited! But, to each his own...
Soooooooooo very tempting!  Beautiful boots my friend...
Correct me if I'm wrong, but this monk-NST was an MTO.  Not sure that will ever be possible again??
Nice combo; looks like me today!
I wouldn't count on that.  Not sure I have ever seen the whiskey wingtip boot before, outside of the old (non-existent) MTO program.  This is the first I've seen of a retailer having it made in a full run.
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