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They are all quite nice and serve in the same capacity, but I have always had an affinity to the wingtip.  The NST would be a close second.  You couldn't go wrong though, with the cap toe.  Beautiful boot, btw...
Much thanks my friend!
Just tried on a pair of snuff suede J Crew knock-off Indies. I sized half down and actually thought they were quite comfortable. Wouldn't spend the $250 for them, but for $100 maybe. Eh, I think I would rather put the $100 toward buying the real thing! Not gonna fill my shoe closet with cheaply-made garbage anymore. (They are GY welted though)
    Thanks gents! @MrDV  I should just drown out the superfluous stuff (i.e. "my grandfather wore those shoes") when taking in compliments.  I just couldn't help but laugh... Kind of reminds me of the clip from Caddy Shack.  "...this is the worst looking hat I ever saw... oh, but it looks good on you though." (can't forget the bowl of soup!)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2MIcfYcyoI
IMHO, SNUFF by far! 
Fine looking shell today gents, esp the recent ravello make-ups!   I'm wearing my tan suede, blue chrmxl saddles from Leffot today...   A person at work today said, "I absolutely love your shoes!  My father had a pair just like them."  I was caught off guard a bit by the "compliment."  I started laughing and she said, "no, I didn't mean it that way.  I just meant those were my favorite shoes my father wore."  I laughed and thanked her. 
Well done!  Enjoy often and in great health my friend! 
Great boot DonL.  Very underrated, imo.  Enjoy!
Solid, DV.  I prefer your darker shade of Whiskey.
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