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NST in color 8, ravello, and black  shell(I actually like these more than the PTB) Wingtip boot in ravello or color 8 (dark edge) is also a favorite of mine
aberdeen would be the most formal imo.
Ravello NST today...
I know this will ruffle the feathers of many here, but I am not at all a fan of the color 8 combo with brass eyelets.  I would certainly go for the matching eyelets.  When the color 8 tends to be eggplant-like, the contrast with bright yellow/gold looks gaudy, imo.  I mean no offense to anyone here.  I suppose I am just a little more conservative.
He had his ankles and forefoot fused! JK, dubsie! You do remarkable work with ironing out those creases! I've gotta figure out how you do it...
You are good my friend.  That is an epic 2nd post though! 
Have been really busy at work and haven't posted pics or anything much recently, but I do enjoy looking and reading.  Love the Tifosi-Ryden humor (intended or not) and the recent shell.  This thread is a distant third on my list behind wife and daughter, and very much appreciated!
Hmm... should a criminal defense attorney strike a potential jurer wearing these beauties during voir dire?  I like the strategy Mike! BTW, wonderful shoes my friend!
A video would be even better!
Gotta hate the interception!  The last time that happened to me, I ordered a pair from Alden DC that arrived around Dec 15th.  My wife snagged it without telling me, wrapped it, and stuck it under the Christmas tree.  I had no idea, as I had lost track of which shoes were arriving and when!  Talk about a surprise for a Christmas gift, ugh!
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