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Indeed! All the best to you and your cohort. Love the gunboats!
Sweetness! Enjoy often and in great health my friend!
Another awesome shade of whiskey!
Simplicity of the unlined LHS is tough to beat.  Congrats! Wow!  Enjoy those boots often my friend... No idea, but that is a very underrated monk.  Enjoy them; the squeaking may subside with more wears. Beautiful color Zippster!
The J Crew boot is a sweet addition to any collection.  While I am not a huge fan of the AE Dalton, the Dundee is an excellent chukka.  I enjoy my walnut shell dundees frequently.  I will at some point acquire the AF18.  Welcome to the thread; enjoy your boots often and in great health my new friend!
Fabulous blucher.  Still regretting not pulling the trigger when I had the chance.  Enjoy often and in great health my friend!
http://www.styleforum.net/t/322795/allen-edmonds-vs-alden-which-american-great-do-you-prefer-official/210#post_7572235There really is no comparison.  Had the Dalton walnut shell, but sold them when I finally acquired the ravello wt boot.
  I've been trying to catch up with and read my favorite thread...  I can see nothing has changed!  I hope to participate again soon.
I've actually seen quite a few Alden's in the wild.  The Tassel mocs and full-straps are practically required attire for attorneys in big law firms.  There are several models that are extremely traditional (tassels, full straps, cap toe bals, medallion cap toe bluchers); these are the ones I've seen frequently in the wild.  I suppose these are the models that BB carries, making them fairly common.  The more unique make-ups (i.e. shell boots and various bluchers) are...
Trying to catch up with all of these posts. I actually prefer color 8 with black edge regardless of dress or casual models. I think the antique edge looks much better with cigar than color 8 with the various casual to semi -casual make ups. To be fair though, I do not own a color 8 make up with antique edge. Hope y'all are having a great weekend!
New Posts  All Forums: