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Would love this as well
I have a pair that offer me enough room between the end of my longest toe and the tip of the boot, however due to the toe box being so short, when I walk my toe runs into this. It isn't extremely uncomfortable but it's very noticeable and I definitely would not describe these as being some of my most comfortable shoes like some people here. Do I need to size up?
Thank you! Can anyone confirm that going from a whole size to a half size will only increase width?
I was trying on my size 11g comfort craftsman boots today which fit me before but I noticed they seemed to squish my smaller toes, yet I have adequate length between the end of the shoe and the tip of my big toe. Is this a problem I could solve by going a half size up or going up in width?
You get this with or without the belt? and if with the belt do you mind posting a fit pic of it with the belt on?
Got both in medium pretty easily, the guys talking about writing bots for these are exaggerating, this is nowhere near as difficult as copping a hyped supreme drop
I'll cop both black and grey if they drop, but I think the kake would look great in colors like charcoal, plaster, oak or dove
This man really didn't drop kake mocks after all that
Delivery 2 lookbook is excellent, disappointed to not see any kake mocks in it though
Some of the stuff looks pretty influenced by other designers, but it's a very good collection, probably his best and on par with other designers' stuff that costs twice as much. The pinkeye is freaking me out a bit though. And should we expect any kake mocks to come out as part of s/s 16 or will they all be f/w 16?
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