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Ordered my first TOJ a few days ago, 2013 DR in black calf. Now the wait begins haha
Will the duck selvedge ones stretch much? I wear a 29 in APC PS and was wondering what size would be best to get in the Duck Skinny Guys. Sorry if this has been previously mentioned but none of the posts on the Duck Selvedge have been very recent.
Well that's not me by any means haha. I may try some of their black power stretch jeans, as I want a nice pair of black jeans but don't want ones that'll fade
Do the indigo power stretch fade the same as any other raw indigo jean? And can anyone who has these comment on how they like them?
Thanks, not great news for me because I'm 5'7 and often find small shirts to fit me too long. Wish I could try some on but no stores near me carry RRL, might have to order and return if it doesn't work like you did.
Mannn my questions never get answered in here . If anyone could answer this it would be appreciated!
Really like the patterns on their plaid shirts. How is the quality/fit on them? are they worth the price?
When can you get their jeans online for the best price?
Wondering this too
Does Jcrew ever have sitewide percentage off sales this time of year or only around christmas?
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