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 Damn, thanks for getting back to me so quickly at least, perhaps I'll set my sites on a nice DR
Hey Charly, since I first saw a ToJ baseball jacket on here about 4 years ago when I first started getting into fashion it became my grail jacket but I couldn't afford it until it was no longer available, so I'm just curious if there's any chance of bringing it back in the future so I can put some money aside for that now
I ended up just ordering some since no one offered any advice after a couple days, but I got a 10G when I wear 10.5D in IRs and Wolverine's, so what you say seems to confirm that I likely got the right size. I ordered some brown suede ones which were made to order so they'll still take a few weeks to get here but I'll see if they're the right size then, thanks
Hey everyone I need some advice. So I've got lightly bigger thighs and butt from lifting, so I thought the PNS would be the best cut for me as I want a slim tapered cut. I ordered some size 31s from Trés-bien because they had a coupon and I was able to get them for 132. They fit me pretty big and baggy everywhere, looks like a straight cut which isn't what I want at all. So I ordered a size 30 from My. Porter and I can get them on and button them up but they are without a...
Hey everyone, I would really, really appreciate some sizing advice. I have been searching this thread for a couple hours but can't find anything conclusive enough as I've never tried on any AE or Alden shoes so I don't know my size in brands like that. I'd look to order a suede pair of comfort craftsman boots. I wear 10.5 in iron Rangers 10.5 in wolverine 1ks 11.5 in sperrys 10 in bean boots 12 in most Nike runners 12 in most new balance made in USA runners Any sizing...
I have a couple questions on the iron Rangers, these may have been asked before but I searched and couldn't find answers that satisfied me. I've ordered a size 10.5 and 11 but can't quite figure out which fits better. In the 10.5s I have just short of a thumbs width of room and in the 11s I have just over. The main thing I'm concerned with is how these will change shape as they break in. I always hear that these take a couple weeks to break in and get comfortable-but how...
Hey guys a couple questions, I just got a pair of FBTs and was wondering if you guys think I should waterproof them with a spray or not for suede this nice? Also I put shoe trees in most of my shoes but I'm worried they might stretch these too much since the suede is so soft and not too substantial, should I use shoe trees in them or not?
Thank you!
What's the difference between the gap "baseball tee" and a regular t?
Okay keeping that size thanks for the comments everyone
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