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I have a couple questions on the iron Rangers, these may have been asked before but I searched and couldn't find answers that satisfied me. I've ordered a size 10.5 and 11 but can't quite figure out which fits better. In the 10.5s I have just short of a thumbs width of room and in the 11s I have just over. The main thing I'm concerned with is how these will change shape as they break in. I always hear that these take a couple weeks to break in and get comfortable-but how...
Hey guys a couple questions, I just got a pair of FBTs and was wondering if you guys think I should waterproof them with a spray or not for suede this nice? Also I put shoe trees in most of my shoes but I'm worried they might stretch these too much since the suede is so soft and not too substantial, should I use shoe trees in them or not?
Thank you!
What's the difference between the gap "baseball tee" and a regular t?
Okay keeping that size thanks for the comments everyone
I like how they look but they seem really tight, I can lift my legs though because of the stretch in the denim
I tried some 15.5 cms and they fit fine in the waist but tight in the legs, would going up a size be doable or does the 15.5cm cut just not work for me?
Ordered my first TOJ a few days ago, 2013 DR in black calf. Now the wait begins haha
Will the duck selvedge ones stretch much? I wear a 29 in APC PS and was wondering what size would be best to get in the Duck Skinny Guys. Sorry if this has been previously mentioned but none of the posts on the Duck Selvedge have been very recent.
Well that's not me by any means haha. I may try some of their black power stretch jeans, as I want a nice pair of black jeans but don't want ones that'll fade
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